Lil Wayne – Goulish [No DJ]

Tue, Jun 19, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Goulish No DJ

Flex just released the tagless version of Lil Wayne‘s “Goulish” song, which sounds a lot better than the version we got last month. Weezy dropped this record in response to Pusha T’s “Exodus 23:1” track where Pusha dissed Wayne and Drake. There is no word yet on if this Swizz Beatz-produced track will appear on one of Tune‘s upcoming projects.

You can listen and download “Goulish” below and view the lyrics here!

Download: Lil Wayne – Goulish [No DJ]

“Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love ’em”

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  • _ashley

    Lil Wayne goes in . Period

  • yolo974


  • lee

    First ..

  • First!!!!and colder!!!

  • WeezyKB24

    Still love this diss.. Fuk Pusha T and anybody that love em.

  • Lil wayne isnt beefin wit pusha t “it was jus a human reaction & i was defending Drake”

  • swaggking

    Damn he sure likes those shorts. Hes been wearing them like everyday

  • ymcmb

    There is no beef lil wayne said it himself “It really wasn’t no beef, it was just me. I just reacted. Just a reaction, a simple reaction. I don’t apologize for it because I’m human. But it was just my human reaction. I don’t take it back. But there’s no beef. Beef is a whole different thing. … I’ll move on.”

  • why do you dumb fucks ever think there is any BEEF. Your honestly not from the hood, beef is when niggaz are shootin and fuckin niggaz up, real-life beef shit. yall hear these diss tracks and instantly get the situation fuckd up. pac and BIG, thats beef(real shit happenin), so stay off the computer go back to your safe little lives, go to school and stop commentin on shit you’ve never experienced and have no idea about.

  • Chris

    I still love this little track. It’s nice and compact. Not to much, not to little in length. A nice fuck you to pusha with some solid lines and that’s that.

  • The best

    You are right it does sound better but surely it is not the full version cuz it is too short

  • Matt

    If you understand the lyrics then you will know weezy destroyed this beat

  • fuck pusha t

    pusha t still ain’t said no names or done a diss track back LOL

  • siege

    fuck weezy wee

    lilwayne=thenewwitneyhouston. how long till the coke dries up in his noise and he sufficates?

  • siege
  • nigga

    Yo that nigga Wayne with them South Beach LeBron 9’s I’m jealous as fuck nigga.

  • Real nigguh

    Fuck yeah that my nigga

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Its a diss not beef !!¡

  • rainez

    I think you should ban fuckerz like siege, He’s not a weezy fan! He’s a jealous bitch waiting for a dick in his ass..

  • Man i agree with @rainez.
    Fuck this @siege , is the second time i see this motherfucker talking shit here.

  • YunG based god

    its funny cuz i coulda sworn tunechi said in an interview that trukfit only comes in sizes small medium and large. but yet that is all that fat maine wears and he must be at least 3xxl

  • the infamous SIEGE

    ill always be here to roash little bitches cockroach ass. sorry if that upsets u i truely am. i’m just here to expose the devil and hopeful gather some support cuz i wanna see that motherfucker burn.
    jealous? no.
    standing up against a sidistic bastard with nothing good to say only pussy this money that and drugs on top. ill slice the skin off his chest and show u his only concern is money if thats what it takes to prove that that nigger is the god damn devil in disguise he’s using fake words that have no meaning which he does not even truely believe in in order to get women to follow him around and get away with using cocaine and codiene to feed his devil soul.

    lil tunechi is satan spawn, murdered on records by true mc’s but never man enough to admit his faults as a human only coward enough to conceal them when they are brought up and then “capatalize” off them when he is alone in a studio (when there isnt the threat of getting his jaw rocked by a real nigga)

  • the infamous SIEGE

    fuck weezy wee and anybody that love him is a dumb ass puppet, cuz his hands up there ass and they think they love it.

  • Real Life

    This little song was a solid warning and it served it’s purpose… Shut Pusha T’s mouth up. Anyway

    Fuck Pusha T and everybody that love em!

  • stay hate free~`

    ok so i jus got one question…. why do yall haters come on here and complain and stuff!?? I am sure Lil Wayne does not care what yall say n think so keep it 2 your self! He doin waaaaaayyyyy betta things.


    jjs ratz and weezys got tatz
    put it on ur back if ur not a loos TWAT!
    fuck bullshit
    please with three EEES just QUIT?
    #tunechilee fell off – out!


    i think you know who im talkng to,
    tunechilee. aka wizzle, BEST RAPPER ALIVE, tunafish, jr.



  • Gin

    Wayne won, Pusha got the L

  • Birdcall

    Brrrrrrrr, what happened to that boy?

  • This was sick, but I wish he wouldn’t did it to a better beat

  • passadia

    the full song might be on his new album

  • F.E.M

    @Adriano it means you r a newbie here boi caus he s been doing this for years every fckn day, got to respect this LMAO

  • F.E.M

    @ceej Paul Rosenburg LOL

  • F.E.M

    and by the way fuck nigerians and anybody that lov’em, shout out to my man DSK


    yea gin, wayne won alright. thats why he’s a scrawny ass bitch with aids and ghonorrea, a coke addict that cant form a coherent thought, so dependent on drugs that he cant do his easy ass job without them.
    u rite
    i love it when they put coffee in the milk so they cant fuckin sleep at night bitch read a book.

  • rainez

    Haha siege =D don’t they sell ropes over there? Give me your address, i’ll send you one but promise me that you use it, it’s for the better m8!

  • Flavz

    Fuck weezy haters and every body that love em

  • CEEJ

    what u want me to lasoo that nigger and then tie him up and burn him?
    i dont need ur fucking rope bitch.
    fuck wizzle wee and he’s a little munchkin bitch

  • CEEJ why you hating pussy ass motherfucker. I’ll clap yo ass. Fuck you on the website if you don’t like Lil wayne. Bitch get a life.

  • ytny

    lil wayne is a fucken joke period

  • ytny

    lil wayne is a fucken joke period…

  • weezyy f

    Fucken haters i dont get y yuu be on his website listenen to his music nd hatin on it something rong dere talkin to ceej nd ytny get a life niggas forrealll

  • F Pusha T

    Put a clap into that boy!