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Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9’s 2012 Birthday Bash [Pictures & Videos]

Sun, Jun 17, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Last night, T.I. brought out Lil Wayne as a special guest to perform at Hot 107.9’s Annual Birthday Bash in Atlanta, Georgia. You can watch some footage after the jump of Weezy performing “Bill Gates“, “Motivation” with Kelly Rowland, “John“, “The Motto“, and talking to MTV about his 15 minute set. I have also included photos from Tune‘s performance below too.

Lil Wayne performs “Bill Gates”, “John” and “The Motto”.

Lil Wayne performs “Bill Gates” and skates on stage.

Lil Wayne performs “Motivation” with Kelly Rowland.

Lil Wayne performs “Motivation” with Kelly Rowland and talks about his performance.

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Performs Live At Hot 107.9s 2012 Birthday Bash

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  • fuck little tunechi

    fuck tha nigger aka little bitch

  • siege

    yea boi.

  • No hater

    weezy got swag in these pics but he needs to drop that skateboard or at least not take it everywhere with him

  • Nalia x

    Wayne’s Tuney looks so cute xD

  • not hatin, just waitin..(diewizzledie)

    hate is all wizzle deserves. well that and a 2×4 upside his head.

  • usher

    any1 else spot the trukfit socks ??



  • the clock on the wall says its time for some action

    im not gonna do anything though, im just gonna skate sloppily and rap like a bitch TUNECHI!

  • Hitlane

    I thought Wayne and Dhea split up ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • groundhog

    he said sk8or die ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  • Katee

    Wayne’s kid is adorable.

    thats the first time i’ve ever seen Tune bring one of his kids to a concert.


    haha whores are so stupid these days, im sure a bunch of females would thing a wizzle concert is an appropriate place for a young kid… cuz pussy talk and drugs and guns are alll things a kid should hear from wizzle rap. FUCK SHIT IS FUCKED UP Go get shot by the birdman lil baby.

  • likeAtruestory

    his lil kid is so fucking cute hahah, that kid will come in the future with weezy swag and flow!!

  • Real Lil Wayne Fan

    Lol at him not knowing he was going to be performing wit Kelly Rowland


    eminem makes little wyne look like flavor flave
    jayz makes little wayne look like a little leaguer
    kanye makes little wayne look like a tatted up fucked up teeth having ugly yoda
    little wayne makes lilttle wayne look like an al queda-terrorist/addict/dumbass
    rob dyrdek makes little wayne look like a wanna be
    basketball makes little wayne look like a midget
    drake makes little wayne look like a punk
    birdman makes little wayne look scared
    mack makes little wayne rap like a angry little bitch
    nikki minaj makes little wayne look like the God damned devil
    trukfit makes anyone look stupid
    a skateboard makes little wayne look like he has no talent (the skateboard doesnt lie)


    the only good dewayne michael carter is a dead dewayne michael carter

  • MMG

    why is he not on #trukfit underwear???????????

  • @MMG

    what ? why do you care what underwear he has on ?

    what’s wrong with you guys ? lol

  • truth

    i think he’s trying to make the statement that he thinks so highly of himself that despite his own line of clothing he still prefers to have polo ralph lauren (a well respected and established company) on his ass.
    little wayne is a cocky shithead if u didnt know
    example:calls himself a skater/continually dissed and even told by other celebrities that he’s no good at it

  • truth

    another example is the countless number of times little wayne has called himself “god” this is not only false, its blasphemy. i would personally like to fist fight fagechi, then spit in his face, then chop his head off with an axe. the Bible tells us not to envy but i think there’s exceptions for killing devils.




  • weezy die stealth

    or just die….

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    That trukfit sweater is dope !!

  • WeezyF

    @kate that aint waynes son, its jacob christopher …

  • tunechi B

    Fuck all tunechi haters!!! Fuck you and fuck all your fucked up favourite rappers ..(Dark ass shades , I can’t see them haters) fucking with lil tunechi get your head smashed nigga .. Long live tunechi lee .. Rock on dude !!

  • Mixitup

    Hot damn, I thought this was a fan site?

  • fuck this fansite, fuck tunafish(lilwayne), fuck any slut that loves him

    Cold-hearted from the day I Bogarted the game
    I so started to rock fellow
    When I’m not even in my harshest
    You can still get roasted ’cause Marsh is not mellow
    -EMINEM “No Love”

    now lets look at some rhymes from little tunechi

    All about my riches/ My name should be Richard
    Weezy F./ For ‘Fuck you
    The ‘F’ is for ‘Fuck yourself
    I put up a wall/ And they just wallpaper
    I got a bitch with me I call her miss without draws I go to the bank they call me mr withdraws
    Check my bio, I started high with 2 Oz, Just like Ohio
    what are you asking, if i don’t have the answer
    it’s probably on the web, like I’m a damn tarantula
    your like a bitch with no ass you aint got shit

  • fuck this fansite, fuck tunafish(lilwayne), fuck any slut that loves him

    and by fuck i mean, kill/humiliate/ignore

  • Man fuck this SIEGE, if you dont like nigga get out nigga.


    i will keep dismantling tunechi’s tiny little life raft until he is murdered by a real rapper or dies of a.i.d.s.
    sorry :p


    So yโ€™all can just get to blogging about bologna, Iโ€™m not gonna stop

  • iris

    not as Wayne does not realize that Dhea uses it to get out of their anonymity, as they had ended up Dhea had made contacts for a photo shoot for a racy men’s magazine, also made โ€‹โ€‹a twitter account and facebook to become advertising as quasi-famous for being the girlfriend of Wayne, so Wayne put this twit in response to what he had done Dhea:

    Lil Wayne WEEZY F @ LilTunechi
    Like my girl low key, no photoshoots, no twitter, no none of dat sh! T … just tune.

    ย  I hope Wayne reconsider this relationship.

  • Wayne 4 Life

    Yo what are those shorts Wayne is wearing? He wore them for the Macy’s Release too!! They are dope as fuck!!

  • How 2 Love

    Ok 3 things:

    1. I thought him & dhea split… :O
    2. Lil tuney is ADORABLE ๐Ÿ™‚
    3. Why the hell is everybody hatin on Weezy?! He’s actually a rap genius & I don’t care what u guys think… Tha carter 4 was beast. U say that Wayne should put the board away & stop rapping just cuz of one album… Fuck that tunechi is the best rapper alive & the best skater alive ๐Ÿ™‚ so anyone hatin on him should get a reality check

  • Meltunechi

    Wow!! Wayne the best!!! 4 a nigga to b up here dissin n sayin die tunechi n shits lyk dat,means wayne is grt a we see him!!! Hate on Fuctards..we wayne fans 4 life nothing can change that..go to ur best rappers fan site n say shit tho!!!

  • Rossi

    He’s rich,successful as fuck!!! Try n beat that n then hate!!! Now that’s how u show ur worthy!!! I want to B lyk u wayne!!

  • haha tunchi iz tight to the bone puro bloodz

  • AGA


  • One day he gone bust his ass on stage like Drake did lol

  • hahaha

    a reality is what YOU need if u think he’s the best at anything.
    he might have been the best 10 thousand years ago. if he was on pluto by himself.

    tunechi being adorable is the reason that rap sucks dick, simple as that.

    idk what youre hearing but tunechi is a fucked up rapper.

  • LOL

    @chan b, actually he already fell on stage back in 08. You’re not a real fan.

    And Wayne’s son is gonna have those big ass forearms just like him lol wayne has the best shaped forearms and they’re big. Shits weird.

  • hahaha

    and YOU love it?



  • hahaha

    i am proving you all wrong
    so keep giving me ammo
    that guy in the picture
    whatever his name is
    is not the best rapper
    he shouldnt even be called a rapper
    his songs all belong in a black hole when hiphop comes back his music is going to still be fuckin stupid.

    fuck wizzle
    tunechi fell off and im not hating these are just words

  • swaggking

    Does he got a Trukfit tee on? He copied alot of companies with Trukfit. Cuz he got the logo on the bottom left just like the Polo tees. And alot of his other shit people do with their shit. but I aint hating cuz Trukfit is pretty dope but come on dont go and do that same shit polo does with their stuff.

  • clothes dont make a man

    they make a #tunechi!

  • all day everyday

    i will destroy you tunechi

  • Demi

    Yea Tunechi You The Best Babe Remember The Best Relationship are when you both can talk like best friends & play like children & argue like husband & wife and protect each other like brother & sister

  • this is not a hatersite and weezy is still the best rapper

  • Chris

    Wayne going hard on stage again. Like always, energetic, hype as fuck, that’s why all these low key rappers know waynes the key to success inside a track and Ontop of a stage.

  • tha infamous

    boi i tellu waht u ought get his dick out ur mouth


    fuck off gay-z and white rat eminem fans ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ihatedumbassshit

    Siege WTF r u talkin Abt?? Well whatever it is u don’t know what the fuck ur talking about

  • fuck all yall haters yall aint nothin followers lol dumbass wayne was tight on stage and still is

  • Clankipad

    Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MiMi

    Why da hell is he back wit Dhea!!

  • weezy b sasaraf

  • highlifeswaggym

    these hating comments funny as hell lol you niggas lame af on the internet threatening the best rapper alive because he got it all and ya’ll aint got shit worthless lazy pieces of shit kill your selves

  • Real nigguh

    That mi nigga

  • your old friend u pissed on

    i guess you want to go out and mess around some more as usual you cant hold nothing down like a real man or a real girlfriend wayne and i cant stand everything about you to myour face right now i hope you can diss out everything that you have done to me in full maybe it will make up for all the ntimes you said that you could have had me as a girl and everything that mattered to me and you and have fun with your life from now on because you wouldnt be worth even talking to again after everthing that you put girls through just so much you can feel good about yourself and then you make them feel ,like they need you to feel better i get it your a joke its not really funny anymore and iam not going to fall for the bull again because you wanna make yourself sound good then it wasnt worth it first and now after all its not worth it to see you do whatever you want just call thatbitch it will make you feel betteryour the whore and ahorrible person ontop of everything you do

  • your old friend u pissed on

    a fucking hater and a bitch sounds perfect dont it

  • skullboi

    look at waynes shoulder, its got yellow tape on it…..he must of injured himself skating again

  • Cartman

    In the 1st video go to 5:25 and see how low Weezy is sagging his pants LOL

  • your old friend u pissed on

    and why fuck with some one you dont like in the first place right then make up excuses when asked about me i bet you said wonderful things like i dont know this girl or maybe shes crazy about me and maybe she just might fuck me over because of something horrible ive said or done to her to make her think she has been liked when really you only care about yourself and yor self esteem and however can be there for you in a time of need because you care about yourself and not me but really you do your just short man trying to allow yourself the benefit of the doubt by doing the right thing by being with the first thing you see why didnt you say that in the first place stay away from me if your worried about you and young money it wouldnt have mattered to me anyway if you didnt have or have nothing but i guess that would make me different wouldnt it

  • White kid

    Fuck all you haters, weezy worked hard for YEARS to get where hes at. So he likes skateboarding? just because you fat black lazy bitches who think your all hard and shit can barley run dont hate this nigga for wanting to skate. Do you lnow how hard it is to learn to skate at his age!? he HAS to be putting a ton of effort and time into it to be learning that fast.
    He has a lifetime of fun and all you can do it watch and hate.
    Eat a dick, Skate on wayne.
    Hateing wayne is the new bandwagon thing to do, improve your lives, dont hate on a very very very successful person learning a sport.
    Skate or die motherfuckers.

  • Rachel

    -“I ain’t lookin to compete with you,
    Or cheat
    Or mistreat you.
    Simplify you,
    Classify you,
    Defy or crucify you.
    All I really want to do, is baby be friends with you!”- bob dylan
    Every time the site gets like this, I like to quote bob Dylan, peace in the middle east,

  • your old friend u pissed on

    beside you do do know all about this new girlfriend anyway dont you and it really wouldnt matter if she just wanted you for something on the side or money any way while i just thought you had gotten to know me alittle too much if you know what i mean is its a cold bitch for the way you acted like you still liked me when you never really accepted my caring personality and friendly side you just needed to know me so that you could experience life while making fun of me and never gave me the time of day really because there had been alot of guys around that never really mattered if they liked me or not but what mattered is that i wanted to be with you but none of that mattered anymore so much for trying the next girl who just wants to sleep with you and be mad because you wanted to be with me and not her because of her many flaws too but now feel way better now that you messed around with her many times in front of my face yeah happy bday to me for trying to show my feelings for you after many years of not even talking to you because of that same situation because of greed where you think that its worth being with someone and not because of all the wrong reasons and you cant even talk to me again because of your attention being somewhere else is not my fault and well obviosly you could be with someone else whenever and have sorry honesty bites dont it

  • your old friend u pissed on

    you dont hate me but if someone may hate me because you read my quote for lil wayne everthing i say is true and does bother girls that he might sleep with people because of restriction to his penis he must have someone who is short and only likes him for his money because his manhood is not very long

  • your old friend u pissed on

    if he is seen in public his girlfriend needs to very trashy because he might need to hide behind her if theres a time where he has to make sense of her just jump right back in with her whenever he wants

  • your old friend u pissed on

    oh she makes abetter role model than me when you really look at how much shes wheeling to be with you for no charge what so ever and how shes just a brat cause you have four babies mommas you might want to check her out from the lower gate if you know what i mean to make sure she doesnt have your wallet steal so she can use you for everything you have from the time she gets you from the time she leaves shes all over you because she really doesnt know what to do without it

  • your old friend u pissed on

    could she be a good parent maybe if you look at it from the side view where her paws are all over you making you look like yall are sexting everyone who you come in contact and lays all over you and then does you dirty but you can except tthat because shes all over you in public and a perfect hypher that you can bring home to your mom and maybe next you can knock her up

  • your old friend u pissed on

    or maybe the perfect mommy that you carry around on your shoulder that way you have permission to do whatever you want with her because shes about the same age as two of your kids put together that you met a t a concert with her parents permission and money i bet you and her make a nice case of how you would like to love her and all over her crazy loosed on behavior

  • your old friend u pissed on

    any thing else i guess you can just ask me because you couldnt beat me off your dick gay ass

  • tammy

    Lotta haters on here, dats y he can’t do witout singin abt yuh faggots *Most of yuh ar HATERS, LOve or hate me I stay hate free. He dnt fuckin worry abt em bout, he says: โ€œhi haterโ€
    I throw you off the top of a skyscraper
    5Boro, we go bozo
    And Iโ€™d rather be poor before a popo*wizzy’s voice doe* hey yuh fuckin haters stop beefin wizzy hez still d best rapper alive!!!!!!!!!A GEnius, A star…fuck yuh haters and anyone lyk y’all..

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  • well maybe i should apologize for being mean but that starship aint never coming down and i hate the hater that he had become to just piss all over me and never really even tried to get to know me iam just on a roller coaster that keeps up and down moving faster and faster till it gets to the bottom again

  • i love lil dwayne carter or when you bring your kids with you there adorable n cute in every way but i also love the deweezy commercials that your on for mountain dew too. i thought everything did sound exactly like who you are and a complete opposite for me even though your not stereotypical i still very stereo typical and complete focused iam never completely focused withone thing also that you dont acept being average i do all the time from every body then they walk all over me to use me for any reason possible n a way it makes me stronger because i dont likebeing son typical i just am

  • thats why i feel like people walk all over me in away and then i will dewezzy to do me

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    thanks Danny M

  • anonymous

    nooooooooooooooooooooo who ever recieved that shit has got to be the luckiest human to hit the earth ๐Ÿ™

  • i am so proud of u wayne

  • jni cot


  • Emmanuel kpahn

    Hi weezy,I am one of your young money fan in liberia.I really enjoy your style of flowing,but with all that u must take your life seriously.