Lil Wayne Visits Da Playground In Atlanta For A Skating Session [Video]

Tue, Jun 19, 2012 by

After performing at Hot 107.9’s 2012 Birthday Bash, Lil Wayne headed to Da Playground in Atlanta, Georgia for an early morning skating session. You can check out footage of Weezy, who was rocking his TRUKFIT apparel, doing some cool tricks on his skateboard in the video above, courtesy of Tay.

It’s dope to see Tune dedicated to this new hobby of his and you can tell he has got a lot better at skateboarding since he started last year!

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  • So retarded

  • JSPR

    He could have used his time better by doing what he really good at: making good music.

  • Fing Lil Wayne

    LOL he was so chuffed at the end screaming and shit

  • nice weezy!

    sick stuff!!

  • Abdull

    He looked tired….

  • Nobody better

    Shout out Tunechi!! He pulled off some cool tricks, y’all see when he skated over that red water pipe?? SooWoo to tha hive blood

  • jezz

    does lil wayne have a trukfit skateboard 😮

  • young moula baby

    wow he is talking in sk8 language and acting like we all know what it means smh

    steady mobbing is weezy best track period

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    HES GETTING BETTER BETTER! Lil nigga wit a thick bitch and before i fuck this bitch#

    Motherfucker I’m on my skateboard, watch me do a trick hoe#

  • I’m not a skateboarding fan, but gotta respect him doing what he loves and not just what the people want him to do.

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    Yea he is really getting better. Him and odd future should make a skating video or something.

  • I can’t lie he is getting better, thats crazy seeing him land the fire hydrant and the staircase so easily.

  • tha carter

    weezy be going hard at skating…..that trick he pulled off at the end in slow motion was dope as fuck

  • YMCMB !!!

  • swaggking

    Damn his voice is so high. It hasnt been that high since the first week he got out of jail

  • brian

    dude looks like he just started skating a month ago…what a poser. and before you attack…starting a skating clothing company and not knowing how to skate is a POSER. he’s learning now to cover his azz

  • @_GABBIE

    Yall super whack ! Who goes on someone’s website to talk trash ? Yall must like something about Wayne cause yall up here just admit it if yall think he cant skate then you put up a video showing him how to skate until then SHUT UP AND ENJOY !

  • ashley wise

    i wanna try skateboarding now and went to a skate board shop in the mall and found skateboard s that have big wheels and wide boards and look like surfboards and have grips so i can balance on one i want them all b9ig pink small and decorated out iam going to try board with the small pink one and buy the grip one to get the hang of the board vmovemment and then try a bgger girlie one thats really cute and looks like a skate board with palm trrees and breezy wheels so iam excited to learn butri have seen you practice and your aslow learner or kma7ybe not as fast as aleaner on a board or for skate but i grew up in a skate reation world so iam really excited to learn behind you and watch the moves you made to learn

  • ashley wise

    iam going to be the next sexy weezy nerd via with board and getting to fly high with my board as much as possible to and i might by your hAT TOO

  • darkmartel


  • teejae

    nicca doin wat he wants i respect that atleast he learning

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