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Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still” Single Featuring Big Sean Now On iTunes!

Tue, Jun 5, 2012 by

Lil Waynes My Homies Still Single Featuring Big Sean Now On iTunes

The first single from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album is now officially on iTunes. The song, which we have already heard, is called “My Homies Still” and features G.O.O.D. Music artist, Big Sean.

Weezy will be shooting a music video for this STREETRUNNER and Sarom-produced single, but there is no word yet on when he plans to premiere it. His forthcoming album also currently has no release date, but Wayne is looking to drop it at the end of this summer.

Purchase Lil Wayne’s new single “My Homies Still” on iTunes ❗

Wayniacs, can we get this single #1 on the iTunes Top 100 Chart ❓

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  • Estitack

    First!!!! Weezy motha fkin babyyyyy all day errrdayyyy!!! Go stupid!

  • Mac Miller


  • LilWayneFan4ever


  • bang bang

    now watch this wack shit go number 1 on hip hop charts.

    do your thing Wayniacs aka white kids, buy away !

  • i got my shit for free on hdmixtapes

  • soon it will b #1 single on itunes!
    M buyin it.. N doin my share.
    YMCMB all day, evryday! 😀

  • Lil_Soulja_K

    Go buy it boyz !!!

  • imOn4

    Just bought mine!!!! YALL BETTA SUPPORT OUR GUY!!! #myhomiesstill

  • chris

    Good enough to download for free?:Yes

    Good enough to spend $1.29?:Helz no

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    ^.^Bunch of haterz…

    If u ain’t a fan wat yo wacked ass doing on this site ??

  • TJ Barry

    It’s in top 10 now Danny

  • Stylez

    I bought it and looking forward to watching the video xD

  • daless

    yo danny m do you know if lil wayne is going to give an concert in the netherlands this year ?

    • Nothing has been announced yet.

  • wayne

    song is fukin ill real talk fuk all yu negazzz hater on ma man wayne


    the niggas name is dewayne.. get it straight, he goes by little wayne

  • dopey

    is it number one yet ???

  • go tell your homies people we need to go on top and be the best

  • His is dwayne he just drop his D…it not dewayne…it dwayne
    I telll all them haters…y’all go stuip…best rapper alive always
    Go hard.

  • Jordan

    Pisses me off it takes weeks til it’s available in the uk!!!!

  • Tylo

    @ Danny M I think lil Wayne needs purple back cause really rap like he used to

  • Mj

    It’s at #6

  • ignaciourzua

    that is not available on itunes from chile?

  • YunG based god


  • imOn4


  • mo

    lol, the article title looked like “my homies still single” xD

  • ethan

    get a lil stupid and pump tht bass! (original concept)

  • Luv me or hate me,am d mutfckng rap pop.we scare d shit dwn,bt we dnt gve d shit up”we d niggaz of d ancient,present tym,we mak hell 4 ya bitch nvr mak u gain it up”(little lyrics ,by lil heesh)