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Shawty Lo – WTF (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Sat, Jul 28, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for Shawty Lo‘s “WTF” song featuring Lil Wayne.

The visual, which was directed by Mr. Boomtown, was shot two and a half years ago before Weezy headed to Rikers Island for an 8 month vacation!

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  • bilzzzzz

    First #madvideo

  • 1st

  • Tuna


  • Wayne 4 Life

    “I’m eatin pussy in a fuckin cafeteria” haha oh weezy

  • juniorcena

    top 10

  • A.street

    Weezy old style

  • Tha Siege

    wow what a corus…
    recycled rhymes from wizzle tho
    i love nigger muzik. and i dont mean black people i mean NIGGERS aka roaches aka wizzles.

  • The Siege

    Shotgun loaded.

  • ninA

    tunechi saved this song, shawty lo is terrible and his voice is horrible

  • mence

    Siege, why are you always the first to write a comment? Don’t you have better things to do like listen to music that YOU like? It’s a waste of time for you to know everything about someone you don’t even like. You’re basically a fan only you have more negative to say than good. Go listen to your favorite artist and leave. No one needs to see your negativity on EVERY post.

  • California Girl

    Do we know why it took so long to be released?

  • purple

    cory gunz on dat i am not a human being 2 album….look at lilwaynehq twitter

  • 504

    Wow after all of this time I thought they scrapped the vid lol

  • Hater!!!

    Wayne’s style in this video > his recent style like them zebra clothes in My Homies Still

  • steve-o

    yesssss did yall see what danny put on twitter

    LilWayneHQ It will be different than “6 Foot, 7 Foot”. Wayne raps “crazy” on the track and then Cory ends it!

    LilWayneHQ Cory Gunz is featured on a track on Lil Wayne’s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being 2 album called “Terrorist”!

  • Nice vid.. follow me on Twitter #TFB @_IAMROMIEROME

  • WeFuckBitches

    This use to be my shit. Oh yeah, @IAmMCBuckets follow to get a good laugh.

  • This Shawty Lo Is a Real WEAK Rapper!!!

  • Finally, after all these years lool !

  • Seems Like @Danny M Has hear That Whole I Am Not A Human Being II. I Hate Him Sometimes.

  • R

    Never though this video would see the light of day, taking almost three years.
    I wonder why they released it now, but it’s a great vid. Too bad the aspect ratio is kinda weird.

  • love

    BTS – before the skating = MUCH BETTER

  • Jaime

    This is when Wayne was starting to fall off. But this Wayne still much better than he is now in 2012.

  • Fuck Tunechi

    Mr. Fell off

  • Fukfit

    only white nerds and clowns wear trukfit

  • if you dont like wayne why you on his page ? but anyway this kinda old but still dope and trukfit is for skatin dudes thats why see them with it out side of the hats

  • Fukfit

    wat? fukfit is for posers

  • Realone504

    I’ll ware turk fit only bcuz a black man made it….y do haters hate

  • b4.

    this was before wayne turned into a faggot.

  • Ricky

    ^cosign. every rapper in the game is outshining this tuna guy right now

  • YunG based god

    u can tell by how bad this song is that “tunechi baby” was gonna take over weezy. it was only a matter of time. lil foreshadowing on yall fuk niggaz

  • Christian

    Lil Wayne’s next single for IANAHB2 is Probably Terrorist Feat. Cory Gunz

  • they sell trukfit so people can buy it and wear it??? it just so happens that my favorite rapper (my opinion) designs trukfit ..ok? ..than since i like the designs they do imma buy it ..right? but now you think im a poser? ..what im trying to say is shut up dont worry about what i wear or other trukfit fans …worry about yourself and stop commenting hate on a artist fanpage . ..your a loser that has no life that actually takes time to go to a webpage of a artist you dont like? hmm pretty stupid .

  • Fukfit

    fedup u a fuk boy. cracka ass white devil. wsbc i pop white suckas like you all day fuk boy

  • SMH

    wayne sure has become a piece of garbage

  • lmao these same niggas was on balls last week lmao

  • Gucci

    Damn miss this Wayne, now hes a fag

  • daknite

    @Danny M did you hear the album?

  • Truksnap

    Trukfit is the shit, I spent over $1000 on them dope a$$ snapbacks

  • when dis video made 2 years ago or now weezy verse was sick

  • Ibrotunechi

    “Weezy headed to Rikers Island for an 8 month *vacation* ? ”
    @dannyM… That’s funny !!

  • yeah my homies still is a crazy song and work good but a dat same time i think is a thrash song so let’s see what got weezy f. baby on i am not a human being and weezy is calling himself tenuchi in I CANT FEEL MY FACE mixtape so it’s not new dat just saying more tenuchi in more songs dats all

  • w3ezyf

    No DouBt BoUt’ it wAyNe Is DoPe..oh and follow me on twitter @w3ezyf…….pEaCe

  • Rozay

    meanwhile in relevant news. god forgives i don’t is the greatest album since all eyez on me and ready to die. the hip hop game belongs to mmg now. sorry wayne you lost it

  • Wayne>Tunechi

    Please comeback to reality Weezy. Stop being a bitch. You were my favorite of all time then you went to jail. Most rappers who go to jail comeback even stronger. You came back a bitch bro.

  • tony_montana

    I bet if every1 sed all dis shit on twitter nd mentioned wayne,he’d get the picture and datt he’s losing respect 4rm every1 nd most importantly he’s phuqen losing Fans and we might jst get da 0ld Wayne back…jst sayin

  • tony_montana

    …Its useless saying all dis shit here c0z its not like wayne readz em or anythng…

  • G Shit


    IANAHB 2 tracks


  • Tony montana

    At that time he was real now he s just acting

  • Shout out to my family ymcmb we the bussiness new artist (meh) coming real soon blood rich gang

  • B

    Burn your house down, nothin left but the teeth…haha…can we just get some of dat dirty dirty again…no homo…man get mannie fresh back in the building…he’ll just be like wayne…ima give u fire…no more of these 2050 star trek sounding beats…ladies and gentleman…we bringin it back…still bump my homies still tho…it aint like that…just want a reminder as to why he once considered himself The Best Rapper Alive…he’s only said it 1x since gettin out of jail…literally…one time…shit used to be in every song…shit he even had a song called best rapper alive.

  • DOPE

    i’m diffrent gonna be awesome

  • Young Meck

    this weezy i love #no homo… they say its better to give, well i dont give a f… YMCMB FGM “flow!!!”

  • Dave Jr

    Back when Wayne got swagg . But at this time all ready, his lyrics start to fuck up

  • Danny C

    We want this Weezy back!! He fkin killed it with his verse, what a flow!

  • is dis is a message by lil wayne or shawty lo im sayin bekus dis weezy verse is a monster flow

  • Fredericko

    Weezy reppin CRAP EYEWEAR in this video! I got the same pair here –

  • tweakk

    went to jail cool wayne came out fag ass skatin wayne

  • SWJR.

    Weezy is the fuckin BOSS.. if you dont like him get the fuck off his Fan Page? #TRUKdaWURL

  • T-nasty

    This is back when Wayne’s swag was on point smh

  • K Dawg

    @Jaime- he wasnt falling off when this came out…..this came out a little after he made no ceilings (or before)… he was actually at his best then

  • Perry

    Is it just me, or is No Ceilings better than many albums he has made?

  • NewYorkSwagCity

    This was one of my favorite verses back in high school. Now he’s shit…

  • ineye gabriel

    @siege shut your pie hole, lil wayne is just fomulatingf a new strategy from making more numbers. im having a feeling that this dedication is gonna be dope as old weezy is .

  • tinaphooo

    Wayne killed him on his song I dont like the song but the video was hot to just the song sounds to much like other stuff lo did song sounds kinda tiered couldn’t even finish listening after Wayne verse

  • YM tunechi

    your voice kil this shiit

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