Lil Wayne Shows Off Skateboarding Injuries & Skates At Street League Championship [Videos]

Mon, Aug 27, 2012 by

In the video above, you can watch episode 3 of Lil Wayne‘s “DEWeezy” series that includes him showing off the injuries he got from skateboarding. Click here to watch episode 2 and 1.

In related news, check out some footage of Weezy skating at the 2012 Street League event yesterday in Newark, New Jersey after the jump below.

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  • first

  • Gabriel

    Nobody’s First !!

  • vampiroazteka

    fuck,nobody first?

  • Gabriel


  • WeezleFan

    I love wayne, but I hope he injures himself in a way so he cant skate no more. get back to rapping, sun!

  • Banned From TV

    This shit is old. Yall don’t remember these videos ?

    it was posted on this site like a few months ago. The only thing that’s new is the Street league video.

  • game

    This shit is old. Yall don’t remember these videos ?

    ^ only the part where weezy was wearing a red hat and arm sling

  • frank Lucas

    weezy really fuckin up his body with this skateboard shit

  • Girlfriend

    Skateboarding life is really dangerous 🙁



  • buddy

    man watching that clip wayne still kinda sucks at skating…..if he aint good at that shit now then he might as well give up

  • $tunnaman

    Wayne got swag in that video.

    That jacket and sagged sweatpants >>>

  • swag_kingkong

    Danny when does d4 offically drop wayne says the 30 but has a countdown saying 2 more days. Confused

  • SwagSoStupid

    I can now understand Wayne’s lyrics when he used to rap “swagga so stupid” and now it is stupid D:

  • YunG based god

    who sags their pants when skating? god wayne you are such a poser

  • Tony T

    Swag king Kong, 2 more days is the 30th you idiot

  • Fitty

    Black people like chicken.

  • Wecrackin

    D4 goin to be HAM! Sk8ing is for white ppl – Weezy need to stick to rapping and eating chicken and watermelons

  • WolfGanG666

    Well tune has change a lot what ever happen to the Wayne we knew in 08,09 well I guess that’s Wat happens when you drop the sope that should be a new titled drops the sope

    One more thing I hope D4 is as good as “No Ceilings” cause of not I give up on this guy

    No hate

  • Phillip

    Everyone on this blog is dumb as hell.. First!

  • Sons of slaves

    I hope u kill urself. And by the way I’ll have Reginae sucking my skateboard

  • omg.

    cant wait for d4

  • bigshot

    Yo I’m tired of niggaz saying I miss the old wayne every fucking post this is who he is now get the fuck ova it if u think he fell off stop fucking wit him instead of complaining erday like he gonna wake up on some gangsta shit again tomorrow I don”t fuck wit this new swag he got either on some real shit but I respect it because atleast he rapping bout what he actually doing eatting bad bitches pussy and skateboarding it ain’t like he frauding bout shit like most these rappers talking. Bout all there keys and bricks when the only thing they selling is records smfh the pussy eating and skateboarding raps are wack compared to his old shit but the nigga talking bout what he do on a daily basis and by him doing that he wack? So if he go back to the shit he use to rap about knowing he ain”t on that shit no more that would make him a fraud like 95% of these other rappers rite? Smfh understand the game ppl he nowhere near as good as used to be but he keeping it real atleast he 1 outta many who actually live the shit he rap bout

  • kick flip swagga

    i want another lak from d4 cant wait shit 2 days so long 🙁

  • Blow louds

    Why do u guys keep sayin hes not as good as he used to be? R u on fuckin meth? His punchlines r better than every other rappers evvveerrr! He has a bar in every song that tops most rappers best. Back like carter 2 and shit and stuff before that it was way more thuggish and unintelligent. And d4 will be homicide like usual. Stop hatin theres no other rapper that has had so many hits so many sick bars and destroys everybody elses beats

  • @WolfGanG666

    It is Soap bro….Haha Sope

    D4 going in yall

  • “Tune” In for D4

    Summmbboodddy please post what time on thursday its supposed to drop..I doubt it will be midnight. On the D4 countdown website it says 7 pm but idk if thats tru

  • <3 Sk8 Wayne!!! I love the fact that he is improving at his hobby. Plus it makes him happy, so bravo. Wayne taking some gnarly damage as well from sk8ting Fantastic! once you get some bumps and bruises but still get back up, that is determination! One last thing, Why is it kinda sexy that Wayne used Disney Toy Story bandaids to cover his ankle? I useDisney Princess bandaids myself : ) <3

  • polsonman

    any D4 leaks

  • YCsep27

    oh i remember ‘You are my favourite’

  • D4 bitch

    I dont lie and refill just leaked oh shit old ayne i back 😀

  • xBradathan

    I’m so tired of ppl complaining about Wayne skating. A famous quote by Wayne is “just do you” and he is just doing Wayne by skating. So stop complaining.

  • THA (turd)


  • junebug







  • Blow louds

    Haha lmao junebug is it u sound like a bussdowns name from tha hood haa all i was saying is lyrically he is a way better rapper now he says way more creative shit then he used to fuckin dumbass..ive heard almost all of weezy songs and no his real shit like his nino brown collection and waynes world finale..bitch i got his mixtape from 95 wit BG talkin bout a real fan fuckin idiot. Anybody that really knows shit bout wayne knows he says way more advamced stuff nowdays…he ADMITTED IT HIMSELF DUMBFUCK. Shit like fireman or go dj or paper cuts was good shit but alot more simple rhymes…he wasmt sayin stuff like “Your a dead man walkin, michael jackson, thriller” back then. Ur obviously not a real fan and dont know shit bout hip hop. I like his older stuff more too but his wordplay is definitely better now. And if u disagree u need to open ur ears. Dumbass get the hell outta here u prolly dont know shit bout Junkbox exclusive or any of his 90s mixtapes..faggggg. Real fan? Haha u prolly jumped on at tha carter 3

  • NOT tha siege

    yung mulLaA BaBaBbaBy

  • cornell

    No there are no leaks off d4

  • #FukWeezyHaters

    Damn,most of ya’ll r haters on this shit. yea so what if hes not as good or intelligant as he was in 06-08, but his punchlines and bars are fuckin dope and unthought of by anyone else.people expect greatest every god damn song cuz at one time he was the best rapper alive but give him a break. hes been doin it for about 20 years.u guys r so racist muthauckas too sayin hes hangin wit white people and sayin skatin is for white people. stfu. im white and ive been listening to him since i was 6,im 14 now.i dont like him skating either but if he likes i whatever, its his hobby and i kno d4 wont be like d2 or dd3 or no ceilings but it will be good. bak then he was rappin bout what he was doing then(drinking syrup, smoking weed, etc.) now hes rappin bout what hes doin now(skating, eating pussy lol!, etc.) so get off his back. im done.

  • Weezy is too cold

    Exactly i agree with that and blow louds…his punchlines r way sicker than they used to be and his bars r better than everybodys..skating is sumthin he just wants to do who the fuck cares? And he dresses like that cuz its DIFFFERRENT IDIOTS..nobody dresses like that and thats the fuckin point hes tryin to keep it fresh and have his own swag. So hes a gangster rapper skateboarding crazy dressin mofo..sounds pretty Original too me..good name for the song haha

  • Wayne_Fan_101

    And that’s why I stay on the forums lol

  • Danny

    Dedication 4 pushed back again 🙁 September 11th

  • Nahhht


  • swezy

    Do u guys think D4 will be pushed bak coz of the hurricane in new orleans ?

  • t.j

    im with blow louds, fuckweezyhaters and weezy is too cold, Waynes bars are dope ryt now i dont know wat ur all saying. Hes killing shit, pop that, bitches and bottles, enough of no love, bag of money remix, pressure, etc i dont know where the haters are coming from. His punchlines are still the best in the game. D4 is gonna be the dopest shit out and let him do himself with his skating and truckfit. Hes rapping bout real shit #wayne4life

  • Banned From TV

    I’m laughing at these kids saying Wayne is better than he used to be. It’s obvious you guys are either just too young or fake fans.

    Even the creator of thise site will tell you that Wayne was better before jail.

  • wayne still inteligent even mre dan his teenage days.for example-6foot 7foot,tunechi is back night mares of the bottom,verse in hyfr etc….. Lilwayne is a matured nigga nw,he aint a thugish weezy anymre.he’s got responsibilities oda dan rapping,he skates nd i lyk it,cos he aint scared of takin what he likes 2 d nxt level.fuck u all,tunechi d best,im tired of weezy.

  • joe
  • casto

    FUCK ya’ll hAteRs. U guys are stupid as fuck weezy iz running this Game and he understandin what it take’s to be the best i’ll rep tunechi till the day i die no matter what he does ama follow him…. Tunechi come on man continue ur skating shit u d best man

  • ukfan

    been repping wayne since the hot boys but sorry to say he was on top of his game with carter 3 and before he went to prison. He does still drop some good verses, loving the hail mary verse, but to many tunes coming out talking about the same old shit like skateboarding, trukfit etc etc. starting to annoy me its all about skateboarding now not music and you can tell, looking forward to dedication 4 but im afraid that every song will have trukfit, skateboarding lyrics

    not hating just putting my view out there, hopefully dedication 4 while be crazy

  • Weezy got cut

    yall see how Wayne got cut off the official version of Celebration…

  • Reed

    Fuck @Sons of Slaves you a hoe and yo moms a cum bucket

  • Weezy

    Weezy F Baby and F for your NO. 1 FAN; How long 4 D4. DATPIFF still shows 1 day

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  • ????

    If 2pac was still alive lil wayne would b working @ mcdonalds rite now lmfao

  • Sons of slaves

    @ Reed last time ur mom seen some cum it was from her white master, keep her and u chained bitchs

  • Sons of slaves

    @ by the way that means ur a bastard nagger (simplify it for them)

  • this blogz so funny dudes here α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣ crazy….

    this blogz so funny dudes here α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣ crazy…..