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Wiz Khalifa Says Lil Wayne & Drake Are Featured On His “Work Hard Play Hard” Remix

Tue, Aug 14, 2012 by

Wiz Khalifa recently chopped it up with Cosmic Kev and announced that he has a remix to his “Work Hard Play Hard” single on the way, which will feature Lil Wayne and Drake. This remix sounds like it’s going to be dope, so I can’t wait for it to be released! Wiz also said that he has received Weezy and Drizzy‘s verses in his email inbox, so hopefully it will drop soon.

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  • Eddy

    First hahahahha

  • cazto


  • cazto

    Its gotta be dope

  • Wayne

    Blah blah blah .. Dedication 4 ?!

  • Green

    Hyped to hear this

  • Why? YM

    Weezy please don’t let Drake out-rap you on this remix 😉

  • Tha siege

    This just in:they’re calling it snort hard and go to gay bars.
    Wiz Khalifa! Haha

  • smh

    lol bet we will only get it in 2 months…..



  • mence

    D4 tomorrow!. I hope

  • Matthew

    I’m excited! Can’t wait to hear it!! 😀

  • Wayne

    D4?!!? No leaks? Better be good! and on time!

  • you are all my sons

    “rap powers” LMFAO what the fuck is this skinny ass nigga saying???

  • WTF

    There is 31 days in Aug . Right .. I doubt we get it tomorrow .. Juss sayin .. Too good to be true .. Wiz mixtape was post to drop on tha 9th

  • Dee

    Tunechi will kill this beat

  • wow this goin to be fire

  • Ibrotunechi

    WoW !! Never imagined wiz and weezy on a track !! Its gonna be dope tho !

  • yobitch

    Hell yeah

  • MJ

    makes me wanna hack his email

  • PyR0

    this is gonna be fire !!


    All i know is that D4 betta drop toma ……got everybody hopes up ………(dnt let us dwn tune!!!!!!! LOOKING FOWARD!!……..ND come to thnk about it he havnt leaked no songs out so im feelin real iffy about id droppin toma……just hope id do… ready for dem beats to have a funeral nd dem off da wall bars!!!

  • DOPE

    Where is the countdown danny?

  • Le sexy

    Wizzy go murder both wiz en drake…

  • weezy go

    2morrow is the day

  • Don

    Ya Dis Gone B some crucial right here and ya where the countdown go for D4 im really starting to think they pushed it back not tryin to jinx but i really got that feelin i mean come now when has Wayne’s stuff ever came out on time that he said NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope i wake up tomorrow and its countin down to the drop lol cuz i been waitin to long for him to do some like this. If it does get pushed back their prolly makin sure he killed everything to the ability he was killin stuff on a long time ago so i will be upset but when it does drop im sure it will be most likely the best mixtape ever

  • Young_Mulla

    ITS LEAKED!!!!! D4 is on FIRE!!!


    Weezy gonna be saying Rap Hard, SKate Hard

  • WTF

    It’s NOT comin out tomorrow

  • Jd

    Fuck dat bitch don and wtf and fyck da bitch weezy go amd dedication gonna be fire baby

  • KentuckyBoy

    @Young_Mula where at?! Give a link ASAP!

  • YMCMB !!!

  • WTF

    I’ll pass .. Fu*k yourself

  • KentuckyBoy

    @Young_Mula U r a bitch there is no fckn leak and @ all other dont daydream it s not going to drop tomorrow

  • KentuckyBoy

    This dude still taking my name. Quit being stupid.

  • Tune

    I was hoping he could have done the remix by him self of da dedication 4,,,,,and am sure that tape is not dropping 2morrow he just put a date out their,,,,so yall could be hyped about it….

  • Chris

    Bunch of illiterate motherfuckers posting comments. Makes me hate this website when I see that. No one knows what the fuck you morons are saying, type properly.

  • Sushi Baby

    tunechi is a disgrace to hip hop

  • YunG based god

    drizzy is gonna outshine wayne on this song. but hey what else is new?

  • KentuckyBoy

    Little bitch what are you talking white boy

  • YunG based god

    u better not be talkin to me fuk nigga

  • Young_Mulla

    I’m just trickin… Over here wishful thinking! Lol

  • d4 coming out 2morrow world

  • KentuckyBoy

    Bruh big words for an Internet boi. And yeah I am white. That a prob? @fakekentuckyboy

  • KentuckyBoy

    im 100 % nigger

  • KentuckyBoy

    nigger nigger nigger why you hatin cuz my dick is bigger

  • KentuckyBoy

    Whats your race have to do with anything? Quit your trolling @FakeKentuckyBoy oh and btw… You spelt the N word like your a racist white guy. So kill yourself 🙂

  • KentuckyBoy

    I am gay too! Is that problem for you also?? yep and i love eminem, hes waaaaaaay better than this gay fish!! LMFAO

  • KentuckyBoy

    dont fuck around you lil pussy im the real one im gonna search ya and shoot ya face bitch ass nigger

  • LexVegasKentuckyBoy

    Bro I don’t know why you being like that. But man I not on this site for stuff like this. All I wanna do is support and wait for the mixtape to drop. If you want to be hostile then that’s you. Not me. I’ll let ya do your thing. I just don’t like people taking my name and saying stuff over it.


    dat d4 betta cum out toma

  • LexVegasKentuckyBoy

    i was in a band named just us gayzzzz

  • Wayne Lost It


  • this is some great news but the release of the Dedication 4 mixtape would be a lot better…….

  • LexVegasKentuckyBoy

    cant wait till d4 comin im gonna wait all night

  • Well Done 3?

    tunechi’s rhymes are absurd

  • daknite

    Danny took the count down out damn its not coming.

  • Siege Nation

    Still Supporting this fag when will you learn.

  • KentuckyBoy

    fuck you …. you punk ass bitch

  • Dungas

    man if this shit doesn’t drop I’m done with wayne for real. dude doesn’t give two fucks about his fans man how god damn hard is it to fuckin lift your hand and tweet my b couple more weeks. always the same shit with this guy

  • YunG based god

    ^co sign. he has made it more than clear that he doesn’t give a fuck about his fans. just listen to everything he’s dropped this year. he doesn’t even try anymore. he needs to know that his fans are fed up. fans not dick riders

  • K Dawg

    august 15 is not the official release date for D4….if it was it would be under “upcoming mixtapes” on….and its not… im not even expecting it to drop tomorrow

  • swag_kingkong

    damn if dedication 4 dont come out 2morrow i will be 1 mad fan… hes falling off so dam fast and the last thing he need is to keep fans waiting on him… remember this wayne “You’re like 44, I got a 44, I’m 24 I could murk you and come home when I’m 44” he was beast but right now we get “all about my riches my name should be richard”


  • Young Pizzle

    hopefully the remix is dope, and the mixtape… as far as I’m concerned if it drops this month I’m gonna be happy.

    P.S. @swag_kingkong:

    that “44” verse wasn’t on C4 tho…

  • Young Pizzle

    oh wait I read that comment wrong, my bad…

  • swag_kingkong

    u probably one of those new age wayne fan fuck you that verse was b4 the carter 3 dropped read my comment again and maybe youll understand fuck anything that wayne has put out since the first IMNAHB even that was kinda trash… stupid wayne fan d4 has to be dope or ill cut ties with wayne ( pretty sure he dont care hes losing REAL FANS) smh fuck post jail wayne

  • Where Did Weezy Go?

    even though i am not a human being 2 wont drop for another 2 years or so, wayne really has to change that title to i am very human. wayne has never seemed more human than he has in the year 2012. at least some humans are talented but where is wayne’s talent? he spends all his time skating yet he’s fucking horrible at it. he’s a mediocre rapper who has the laziest flow i have ever heard (post jail wayne). in my opinion he has gotten as bad as soulja boy. the difference between the 2 is that soulja actually makes music. 2012 is going to end soon and wayne has not dropped a single mixtape or album. i cant believe this guy was once my favorite rapper im so ashamed of myself

  • Siege motha fucka!

    Every single song this nigga has dropped since he was freed has been about hating women or how many women want to be with him. Htl was a fucking joke that female groupies ate up. This nigga has spit a real bar since he said he was stuntin like his daddy and that’s the truth. He’s washed up faded and drugged out. He doesn’t give two cents to you fans and he will never address y’all or the disses from other rappers unless ur a family man who won’t do shit to him ( jay z)
    Wake up people he’s the devil he’s up to no good

    Who needs this nigga

    Y’all keep waiting and stay up all night for his next mixtrash d4 even if that shit does drop its gonna disappoint.

  • Drizzy

    lil wayne isnt a true artist. he is only in it for the money not for the music nor the fans all he cares about is money. why do you guys like him so much can some one please tell me? i really want to know

  • Ready to hear that Bish!

  • Lil Wash Up

    siege got a point. yall are so hyped for dedication 4 but it’s not dropping anytime soon. you fans think that when he pushes shit back he is only perfecting it? Wrong. look at rebirth and carter 4. both got pushed back dozens of times and for what? they were both poor excuses for albums that had no impact on music whatsoever

  • What

    Hopes for D4 dropping tommorow
    Chances of it actually happening 2/10 ahaha fucking Wayne

  • What

    D4, Tyga not gone be on it really if hes dropping a shitape again with them fucking gay southern beats bull shit thats been dropping

  • Fukfit

    weezy’s legacy is over. the plague of tunechi is just beginning. burn in hell lil wayne

  • i don’t think he will drop D4 tomorow maybe a song but i think it will be more like 16 to 21 of august

  • wayne even cares about money he said to much shit bout money why he cares bout money he has no more chains or million of cars he got a fuckin 20 dollars skateboard

  • spokentruth

    Yall crying like a bunch of bitches!!! If D4 don’t come out it ain’t the end of the world!!! So stop being fuckin drama queens lyin talkin bout you done wit Tunechi cuz when it come out you’ll be on his Dick riding it harder than ever!! STFU and get some sex or smoke a blunt….hell or both

  • jeremy

    Holy crap dedication 4 actually dropped

  • 2tech9s,shuldItxtorcallu?

    It scares me that no websites are having countdowns (datpiff,etc). I’ve been waitin for d4 since Wayne said it himself that it’s aug15 release. I’m hoping that drama unleashes it on his twitter. That’s the only way it will actually be dropped on aug15. Besides that, we ain’t gettin it and he will lose even more fans

  • @jeremy wtf it aint dropped

  • Da knite

    @jeremy r you Jeremy Williams



  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    Hes talkin about the one that’s on datpiff. It says d4 but it’s far from it. Just a bunch of songs we all heard that came out within the past couple months.

    Wayne u told your fans aug 15th. Let’s see if you stick by what u said. Your fans made you who u are today. Be grateful for us, don’t take us for granted.

    “I do my white bitches anything but beat em, and if they want rat poison ima feed emmmm”

    what happened to that Wayne?

  • ineye gabriel

    I just can’t wait for d4 to drop and I hope that its gonna be fire . Cus I wanna what skating mixtape weezy gonna say. And w.t.f is that collabo with game .

  • jc

    its so funny how many people get on here to talk trash about wayne. Even if you guys don’t listen to wayne, your friends do or their friends do or their friends do. you guys are fighting an uphill battle. Wayne is popular because when he was on his shit he was clever and always had lines people knew what they meant. little lines like “I don’t O U like to 2 vowels.” I know its nothing special but its clever and you didn’t think of it. I know its not a special line at all and doesnt have some deep meaning but its lines such as these and references why is started listening to wayne even when he was in hot boys and stuff like that. I don’t always want to listen to some deep meaningful song about how to live my life. That shits fine but after awhile i just want to be entertained. Wayne takes chances all the time. Whether it turns out to be dumb or not at least he has the balls to try it and let people judge for themselves. The people saying wayne isn’t an artist and ONLY cares about money….DO YOU REALIZE HOW FUCKING RETARDED THAT SOUNDS? he is an ENTERTAINER. Why else would he do it? you think floyd mayweather boxes because he loves getting hit in the face? NO ITS FOR THE MONEY. Its sad that CeeJ is constantly on here because he feels lil wayne and lil wayne fans have an impact on his life. NO celebrity will ever tell me how to live my life. I listen to Wayne because he ENTERTAINS me, y’all should chill out and find a hobby or something to entertain your angry selves.

  • jc

    and its dumb when people hate on him for skateboarding. I don’t like how its effected his music but at the same time thats like someone telling you you are stupid for playing basketball, or riding a bike, or running, etc. Only difference is wayne does it in the media spotlight and you don’t because no one gives a fuck what you do with your free time.

  • Bob

    What time did sorry 4 the wait come out last year?


    its not coming out today

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    Sorry for the wait was released on July 13th,2011.

    WHERE R U WEEZY? Your fans are waitin for D4. Don’t disappoint us like u have been recently. We all know this mixtape is gona resurrect your reputation and silence all the haters. Please don’t turn me into one of those haters. Release the damn tape like u said u were going to

  • Young Eek

    aye yall gotta remember, sorry 4 the wait dropped at like 4 AM last year so we just gotta be patient. but honestly idet it’s gonna drop today cause nobody in young money been tweetin’ about it. oh well tho, i already basically gave up on this nigga. so it is what it is.

  • Bob

    Dj drama should at least send out a tweet letting us know it’s not coming out.. Instead of keeping us waiting.

  • Dungas

    sorry 4 the wait was late by like 24 hours im pretty sure all I remember is tez kept tweeting uhhh like 2 more hours over and over and it took forever

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    Danny should at least be keeping us updated on what he hears. U know he’s up trolling the Internet right now lookin for d4 links. He got more connects than we do.

    Post some info Danny!! Even If u haven’t heard anything. Keep us updated, cuz Wayne aint

  • Zach from tx

    Look how crazy people are going over this mixtape. This is why waynes the best. 2 chainz just dropped a debut album, and its overshadowed by a MIXTAPE. Do yall not undertand how unbelieveable that makes lil wayne. Dude has fallen off, but people still go crazy for his music. Hes smart.

  • Dedication 4 now!!!

    I say we post in our facebook and twitter and say weres dedication four or we want dedication four until we get it to let lil wayne know that we want that mixtape

  • Weezy!!

    I want dedication 4 today!!! And @dedication 4 now!! Thats a good ideaim goin to do dat too intil it comes out!!

  • K Dawg

    somebody on twitter asked when dedication 4 is coming out and wayne retweeted that question…..maybe thats a good sign its coming but idk lol

  • Weezy!!

    dedication 4 today!!! Or we riot me and my friends are wating for this mixtape to drop and @dedication 4 now!! u snapped me and my riends are duing that too!!!

  • PtLove

    Ery wayne l came as soon as l can 2 chck out D4..

  • Tuneh

    @Dedication 4 now!! Im going to do that on waynes twitter till he responds to me.. dedication 4!!

  • ronnie

  • Lil Wayne

    dedication 4 is dropping when i feel like it. but i won’t tell you guys when that is because fans mean absolutely nothing to me. i’m gonna go shopping for ugg boots

  • Jd

    Yo dont type yo name as lil wayne bitch, mtv just officaly notified that d4 dropping toma

  • YunG based god

    lil wayne has become a shit stain on the underpants of music

  • Jd


  • YunG based god

    Jd ill make you my bitch you fuk boy

  • Jd

    Fuck ptlove ronnie tuneh k dawg zacg from tx dungas and all of the rest of yall bitch

  • YunG based god

    and you’re an idiot for thinking d4 is dropping tomorrow

  • Jd

    Nigga yo momma suck monkey dick bitch nigga, yung base god, nigga i bet money u have a dog and let it lick peanut butter iff yo dick

  • Jd

    YunG Based God is a bitch

  • Jd

    Based god mom a transvestdike and grandma has a dick

  • YunG based god

    I’m not guna let anything take the love from my heart, the love of life and spreading peace and positive, thank you earth I’m alive.

  • YunG based god

    YunG based god never fed my bitch sushi, bitch kiss my ring cuz im Kristi Yamaguchi.

  • Dungas

    you’re out based jd give it up while you still can

  • men i hope d4 drops 2day.cos if it is about recording,im 100percent sure he is done with it.i hope featured guests wont waste his fukin time.

  • ronnie

    uhhhh fkk australia is 16 hours behind its soo fkin annoying ive been waiting for miami to get to the 15th all day and then somefuck fit says its coming out on the 16th thats bulshit

  • ronnie


  • byron make it rain hoe

    tunechi the best hands down on anything thing boss

  • YunG based god

    the mind is so complex when ur based my dood

  • jajk

    I hope tune doesnt let the features fck up a classic jawn!

  • Sari

    wtf dedication is not dropped yet…. Weezy is not fuckin punctual like always. Im starting unlike him, but i love his music and will wait that fuckin tapeee

  • DOPE

    WHERE IN GODSNAME IS D4.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick Nash

    I love reading the comments by niggs. They can’t spell and they use improper grammar and then they wonder why people can’t understand them or look at them as if they’re dumb apes. It’s as if they choose to live 200 years behind white people, even Weezy F is a slave to the white man.

  • KentuckyBoy

    @ Lil Wayne LMFAO
    + you shitfaces better stop takin my name, bunch of bitchs

  • kentuckyboy

    Oh and i love black dicks

  • Kentuckyboy

    @kentuckyboy idk what youre problem is but my dad is from the fbi he is gonna search you i swear you big bully

  • Marcos M

    You all are stupid… Wayne doesn’t care about his fans for the most part. Wayne cares about making money… That’s his job just like how your mommy and daddy go to work every day that’s what Wayne is doing. He is making money to support his family. And Wayne doesn’t control when the album or mixtapes release. He records his verses. Tez does the rest.
    All I know is that I dont give a damn if Wayne doesn’t care about me, I just enjoy his music. Simple as That

  • Danny M

    I am following @Trukfitfans on twitter …..i love the account ..You all need to follow…..(Y)

  • Kentuckyboy

    Mack maine just tweeted dedication4 comin next yeaar weezy is makin sorry for the wait 2

  • Kc

    Where is the Dedication 4???????????

  • flystealth

    wait. Still no Dedication4 ??????

    Wayne come on man! dont say something if it aint true!

    Weeezy flystealth.

  • jrizzy

    D4 isnt gona drop today mack maine just tweeted they will announce a new date soon

  • w3ezyf

    D4!!!!reAlly looking forward 2 that mixtap….LOVE U WEEEEEZY!!!

  • w3ezyf

    D4!!!!reAlly looking forward 2 that mixtape….LOVE U WEEEEEZY!!!

  • Polsonman

    D4 not dropping today; confirmed by Mack Maine on twitter!!!!!!! DAMN

  • PyR0

    Damn now we fuckin wait !!!!!!!!!!

  • Kentuckyboy

    They can atleast send the tracklist or 1 song

  • Fuck

    Fuck Wayne and his date push backs !

  • real talk

    Dedication 4 will not come out today but weezy step your shit up and let us hear a song or somthing i know your nice but come on dont you think you owe your fans a little somthing we supported a sub par album carter 4 so come on lets hear some music

  • Doesn’t matter

    Mack main twited:

    Dedication 4 will not drop today….we will announce the new date soon…(Dodges bullets)
    Announcement and something special will be delivered by @LilTunechi today….#stayTUNEd

  • DOPE

    Hopefully something VERRY special


    mack maine says D4 has been pushed back.its good that it pushed back i need good quality weezy.i still think this month will be dropiin-

  • Mane i neva had a comment on here before it really is but this is BS how a nigga gone push a mixtape back WTF sad for YMCMB

  • No dedication.. :/

    U knoo.. Im really starting to get annoyed, if u dont kno already d4 is not comin out today.. & im starting to get sick of weezys bullshit, nigga says I stick to my plans want I say, I do. Little black son of a bitch all the money I put into u, $700 meet&greets and all this fuckin TRUKFIT I got buyin every album, nigga I got 37 trukfit hats, an he dont givva fuck nigga cant do what he used to.. He my favorite rapper bit tbh.. These cds are getting pushed back because he knows

  • flystealth

    @ No dedication

    Your obv GAY !

  • MJ

    how the hell do u push back a mixtape, anyways it sounds like we might get a leak today

  • Dungas

    yep… fuck lil wayne… can safely say I’ll never cop one of his albums again

  • Yoo

    @doesnt matter, nothin special will happen today, if anything we will get that “my homies still remix” but who gives a fuck I want tjat mixtape

  • flystealth

    “Mack Maine ‏@mackmaine
    Announcement and something special will be delivered by @LilTunechi today….#stayTUNEd”

    Weezy Gone drop something CRAZY!!

    Weezy flystelath !

  • Dungas

    don’t get excited its probably he landed some trick and has pics of his latest stripper fight…

  • flystealth

    Y u here?

  • Arrrrrrrrh

    The least this little black fuck can do is put all them “ZEBRA TRUKFIT SHORTS” and every snapback on the trukfit website, this little nigger really doesnt do shit. Im sick of everything gettin pushed back, an to top it off we cant buy that dope ass shit he wears jus a small handfull to choose from

  • swag_kingkong

    yup its offical i will never buy a album from this nigga again from now on strictly downloads…. played with a niggas emotion lol. i been waiting for this since the interview sooo yeah umm im pissed about to go listen to some dreamchasers 2.. or self made 2.. mmg took over once wayne decided he dont give 2 fucks about music no more



    D4 not dropping today!!! then why even make a release date when we all know yall are gonna push it back! this is bullshit!!

  • swag_kingkong

    “Don’t call me ‘sir Call me ‘sir-vivor

    yup thats pretty bad 2

  • Young_Mulla

    You Fucks dont understand do you. This aint just any damn mixtape! This is a Gangsta Grillz dedication series. This mixtape is what is gonna put weezy back on top the throne. Im glad its being pushed backed just so he can make sure its perfect and we get some quality raps.
    Go Weezy Go..

  • Hahaha

    C4 dropped a year ago and all he’s done since then is Collab with Mary fucking bridge.

    O my God, tunechi is ass tunechi! Baby!
    Best crapper alive

  • Siege

    Hope all the fans wake up and start buying slaves again. This nigger fucked it up go die wizzle. Thebest thing anyone ever did was put u in solitary confinement.

  • Yooo

    Now that I think about it, what if todays suprise later in the day is the tape, lmao he proly fuckin wit us lmao

  • Ibrotunechi

    Mack maine said weezy gonna drop something special.. Just a dope track i guess !!
    Cause an apology ain’t gonna replace the time i spent on the net waiting 4 that fuckin mixtape to drop !!
    Tez should be put behind bars cause am sure weezy done recording !!

  • fuck pusha t

    I think the surprise is a skate video


    i think the first song of D4 will be droppin today.i hope weezys style like”fuck the other side of D3.wayne demolished all beats.fuck jay-z ,fuck eminem

  • daReal214

    Hey Danny! Any new info on D4??

  • WTF

    I told these fu*ks it wasn’t droppin today haha >> and haha @ everybody that post PARAGRAPHS

  • Yelar

    Announcement: Wayne is dating Bieber and still doing gay collabos

  • WeezyWilin

    Mann Wayne duhn pusheddd da muthafuxkkin mixtaype back?!?! The fuck lil nikka why da hell yhu doin this shiiit.. get the fuck off ya gayboard and hop on a mic and get backkk in that mode.. fuck.. YOUNG MONEY WHACK RIGHYT NOW! !! MMG >>>>> We need that b4 jail Weezy back godmuhfukcinDamn.. Bubba fucke tha nikka senseless

  • xBradathan

    Ive been waiting for a very long time to hear a song with wayne and wiz in ot except for sleezy.

  • christian

    wayne’s verse: Work Hard Skate Hard BETTER NOT!!!!!

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