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Lil Wayne & Drake Share “Songwriter Of The Year” Award At BMI’s 2012 Urban Music Awards

Sat, Sep 8, 2012 by

Lil Wayne & Drake Share Songwriter Of The Year Award At BMIs 2012 Urban Music Awards

After a successful night at the 2012 MTV VMAs on Thursday, Young Money carry on winning by picking up three awards at BMI’s 2012 Urban Music Awards last night. Lil Wayne and Drake both won an award for “Songwriter Of The Year“, while Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Bass” was named “Song Of The Year“.

The awards show took place at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, California, but Weezy, Drizzy and Nicki did not attend. However, the YMCMB General Birdman was in attendance and picked up the awards on their behalf, which would explain why he was absent from the VMAs.

The songwriter credits that helped Tune and Drake pick up the awards were: “She Will“, “6 Foot, 7 Foot“, “Look At Me Now“, “How To Love“, “Motivation“, “Aston Martin Music“, “Headlines“, “What’s My Name?“, and “Moment 4 Life“.

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  • AieCoy

    tsss, should be big sean or kanye west

  • Truk yo gurl

    Christina milian is so sexy



  • End

    Well done Weezy Wee, Drizzy Drake and Nicki Nee

  • congrats


  • _

    super bass came out like 2 years ago

  • kingcold

    song of the year?? all of those songs are old as fucck

  • Kaplun

    and he fell off? lol




  • Banned From TV

    Aston Martin Music and Moment for life ? that shit came out 2 years ago … wtf ??? lmao

  • DekSel

    why bitch ass humans keep on hating on weezy and family, have they ever wronged you.. they are just doing themselves, but if doing you means hating on them then you must be sublimed off this earth with pain.. foolish haters.. for me to roll down for some better comments, i read a comment by one foolish dude or hoe saying it should be ” big sean or kany west” nonsense

  • Get it Tunnchiii !!

  • so happy for the best rapper congrats tunechi lee F


  • Tuna Roll

    shouts out to fat maine gettin fat and swagless

  • YmCmB Is ThE bEsT


    young money at the top, still climb higher


    Emmanuel YMCMB you are a major lil wayne fan boy huh? You would prolly suck his dick if you could right?

  • I l3ang ur sis

    Jaja at the dumbass who’s talking shit and put his email as a name

  • Nick

    Kind of ironic for a guy who doesn’t write lyrics to get songwriter of the year. Not gonna argue with it though he deserves all the awards out there.

  • Lil Tunechi

    Flip u all bitch ass niggas why u hatin on weezy? He deserves whatever praise and award he gets! I mean his lyrics are da shit man!

  • Snimi carter

    All u hatin on weezy r bitch ass muhfuckaz…tunechiz tha best mc tha wald has ever seen afta 2pac

  • It’s YMCMB the fucking alpha and omega

  • insane

    another reason wayne and drake should record a collaboration album

  • Aiecoy

    You thaught i wasnt gonna expect at least one badmrespond just cause i said an opinion on a site named lilwaynehq hahah fukin fanboys are funny

  • siege

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  • noLIE

    Lucci Lou ft. Wayne -No Problems

  • Gahahaha

    Hahaha wayne winning just shows how non serious these awards have become

    1 wayne does not even wright
    2 winning a award for main topics like eating pussy and using drugs (wich he cant do due to his probation) is just a fucking joke

    I hope by next year this skating homo is history and wont be seeing or hearing him anymore

  • kingdave

    @gahahaha & siege, go f–k urselves. Hatin 4 no reason.

  • Josetherican

    Wayne the best

  • Josetherican

    Give Wayne credit for doing what he doing he on top I don’t see no other rappers dropping hit after hit and skateboarding and his own clothing line and his shoe line plus his headphones coming out plus flowwww he could get on any track and kill it who else doing that nobody get at me Wayne u deseve it