Lil Wayne – Turn On The Lights (Remix) [Full/Dirty]

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Lil Wayne Turn On The Lights Remix

We received the official remix to Future‘s “Turn On The Lightsyesterday, but here is Lil Wayne‘s full solo version of Future‘s single. Weezy has new verses and the track is also explicit, which is better than the clean version any day of the week!

The Future and Wayne remix will appear on Pluto 3D, but I don’t understand why Tune didn’t put this solo remix on Dedication 4. Anyways, you can listen to the song below.

Props KC

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  • Mbminas

    First !

  • first!!

  • Tunechi’s Back!

  • casto


  • Untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Young Mula all day

  • casto

    This shit cray

  • Nak Nak

    these verses reminds me of his “in the morning” back in the mid 2000’s. makes me smile 🙂

  • Alex

    I’ve been waiting for autotune weezy to
    come bak for so long.

  • George Hermiz


  • Untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Dats the young mula weezy f baby tunechi I LOVE


    i know the prison changed his life but why he not drop a sort of this of his best autotune verse lol.

  • Nak Nak

    low key.. i like the future chorus better tho..

  • geetchie

    i fucks with this one

  • btunechi

    the best remix ever should of been on dedication 4

  • dabf

    maybe he recorded this track after the releasing of d4

  • Tunechi Lionches

    It’s great ! I think his voice sounds even better now with autotune !

  • love me

    Don’t sit on this dick if you scared of heights LOL

  • me, LT

    @love me
    yeah that line is crazy xD

  • Veeeryyyyy Goooodddd!


    <3333333333333333333333333333333 omgggg

  • Banned From TV


  • d4

    in love with this track… 10/10

  • ana
  • swag_kingkong

    the one that droped yesterday was wayy better but this iight

  • lavanipples



    where the fuck do these random ass gay pictures keep coming from?

    tunechi baby just admit ur behind this little blog and give up on ur career already… we keeep telling u WE KNOW THE TRUTH… try ur luck as a social media marketer or fagboy blog boy if that doesnt already exists im sure u can invent it… after all u single handedly invented nigger emo muzik

  • slip

    tell her I skate I ain’t got no worries no frank ocean I’m straight

  • THA INFAMOUS SIEGE mothafuckas!

    “d4 hoe”
    suck dick for truckfit”
    “its tunechi lee u bitch u”
    “i make lump sums – oat meal”
    “stop stuntin if u ballin by ur bitch sumethin”

    lil tunechi u be trippin dawg

  • Combo

    Wayne is back, no question about it.

  • tre


  • KMS

    D4 leftover, I wonder if we will get any other leftovers or new remixes….

  • YWeeZY47

    WTF!! i cant stop playing this song… Lil Wayne <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Seanym_24

    Funny how the only thing siege can talk about is the picture lmao

  • YungGod

    Well who cares if he put it on D4 or not as long as he keeps the songs coming lol

  • ImARealist

    MIKE WILL MADE IT !! I can’t understand why Mike Will didn’t get nominated ?!?!

  • Danny Tanner

    ok i get it weezy you like pussy and talking about your dick all the time. he must say the word pussy about 50 times in this song. dont get me wrong i love pussy but when you say the same shit over and over its just gets fuckin old.

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    This one is cray!

  • Lmfao

    I hate ppl that say tlhat shittt…everybody knows wayne talks bout lean, pussy, purp, xanax(not as much as he used too) and trukfit and shit..i fux wit all type of rap but man MMG niggas only talk bout blow, jay z just talks bout his drape money, alotta Young Money cats talk bout the same stupid throwin money in the club shit..IF ANYTTHING WAYNE HAS RAPPED ABOUT MORE THINGS THAN ANYBODY ELSE IN THA GAME..wayne is the only rapper that has been consistently dominant for bout 7 years. Hes a legend and the King of the Mixtape wit Jada in a close second

  • o


  • o

    I aint got no Worries, NO FRANK OCEAN IM STR8!!!! LoL

  • Dope Hit Wayne Killed It Again. Its Should Me The Dedication 4 Single

  • Lakers24

    Is that tonya

  • tunechhhhhi

    this is even more perfect then the other lights version, keeps getting better & better. his songs lately have been FIREEEEEEEEEEE. Burn 😉

  • 3Peat

    This is 2012’s ‘single’ off no ceilings! I’m starting to believe that weezy is still there somewhere!

  • Mrs. Tune

    amazing….but i wish toya and tunechi was still together doe…. 🙁

  • Rashman

    u wont regret downloading dis song

  • weezy-DA-beast

    i just wanna know…….why all weezy songs nowadays are all about p*ssy and d*ck and ass and f*ck and sh*t … cool with skatin cuz that’s his own life ……but where are the lyrical songs that weezy used to do……damn i hope weezy get rid of his amnesia….cuz i think he lost his true self…….i hope he is reading this right now

  • Lil Q

    my nigga wayne never left..imma true fan..he did his thang on future beat made it even better..u can not hate on wayne ion see how..i dont..u gotta dont like wayne ta hate on him.

  • dawayne

    no frank ocean im straight LOL

  • i will put out no worries on D4 and i will put in this, no worries is goin on IANAHB 2

  • yeah and wayne dont put this on D4 cause he dont wanna fuk wit future

  • Jake

    i fuck with that autotune shit! weezy all day

  • Josh

    Frank Ocean is not the dude to fuck with. Right now he is as musically talented as it gets and writes the best songs out there. I wish odd future would go in on wayne cause Goulish proved that he is weak and can’t rap with anyone these days

  • Eric


  • Lol..

    Lil Wayne’s life is about pussy , money , skating . What else is he gona rap about , the nigga is filthy rich . He dont give 100% on his songs no more. He don’t care , he just living life. All y’all haters gota hop off .

  • Lol..

    Like @lmfao said he’s been on top of the music game for a consistent 7 years. Ain’t no one gona take him off .

  • $

    This song makes me wanna cry

  • I need to hear it again please.

  • Eshall

    Writing a letter.

  • d4

    i agree with 3Peat, songs like this and I’m single are classics

  • young tunechi

    siege you can go suck a dick

  • jarnold

    miley cyrus 🙂

  • Lmfao

    @flowsick…he didnt put it on there prolly cuz it wasnt done..HE SAYS AT THE END OF SAME DAMN TUNE..”fuck wit me future”! Lil wayne asked to be on Tony Montana by future and Future said No and got Drake..Wayne wants to lay shit down wit Future bad

  • lil bitch

    SIEGE is gay and everybody who comes to just hate wayne. o btw song is great tunechi, keep it up, young money

  • once again nice wayne like it a classic to me

  • thune

    lil wayne goes hard here… i have been waitin for tune 2 get back on autotune…. i love dis trackkkkkk.. weezy keep on using autotune… 10 out of 10

  • erod

    Maybe it was suppose to be on D4 but since fuck ass Tez added “no worries” this track probably got cut

  • nobody cud beat this nigga…blve dat

  • F

    I love that song, such a shame that he didn’t put it on Dedication 4!

  • d4

    10/10 this is the weezy in chill mode we all like

  • Faded 3000

    SWAGGED!!!!!! THIS SHIT COLD AF WTF!!! haha dam he hasnt dropped some shit this dope in a minute my nigga ‘stop talkin that shiiiiiit, and suck a nigga dick for some trukfit’ haha

  • Faded 3000

    this shit gotta be a classic weezy track my nigga ha

  • Faded 3000

    only niggs that dont get pussy can hate this my niggy aha

  • Faded 3000

    tell her i skate shawty down to earth but i need my space ayyy

  • Ta2edRican

    Every1 who says first ur a faggot

  • tyler

    where can you download this at

  • body bag weezy strikes again

  • city

    Weezy f crazy track i dnt even listen 2 the other versions anymore