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Lil Wayne Speaks On What’s Next For TRUKFIT, Shooting The “Ball” Video In New Orleans & More

Mon, Oct 22, 2012 by

Above, Lil Wayne discusses what he plans to do next with his TRUKFIT clothing line during the 2012 Magic Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Weezy F Baby says he will be looking to release some TRUKFIT apparel for the females.

After the jump, you can watch Tune speak with MTV about shooting T.I.‘s “Ball” music video in his hometown of New Orleans, which will premiere on VH1 tonight at 11:30PM EST. You can also view some more behind the scenes footage from Game‘s Celebration” music video featuring Wayne, Tyga, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa.

“It was weird, because we shot it in my ‘hood, and he shot it in some spots that I hadn’t been in so long. To just even be back in those spots was crazy and just to have that old atmosphere back, that old Cash Money, shooting videos with the whole ‘hood out there, the whole city out there. Just to know that still exists even now, that was awesome.”


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  • Truk Martian

    1st : )

  • Ms. Case xoxo

    Yessss thank you Wayneeeee

    I know you wear trukfit boxer shorts so don’t forget the trukfit bras and thongs xD

    How can I send you a picture of my tattoo with your face ?

  • cde

    looking forward to the ball video with tip and tune


  • YM Babyyy

    Game’s Celebration song and video was so dope
    I dont think it took off like it should of
    That shit should be #1 everywhere and on every chart
    Might even be better than ‘My Life’

  • bitch nigga

    fuck little wayne

    kendrick lamar just released best hiphop album of all time

    meek mill about to drop a classic too…..fuck this gremlin

  • misha

    so glad you are putting clothes out for us women wanting to rep you baby 🙂

  • Lmfao

    @bitch nigga…kendrick lamars album is the best hip hop one of all time? Fuckin ya right get off tha bath salts..fuckin literally hundreds of albums are more hip hop than that shit. Lil wayne is a fuckin boss..honestly if i had two bodies id get a tat of him. And im no obsessed fan its just his covers and pics just say “swag”. Not trukfit his old shit. Since when do they play new videos on vh1?

  • LOL

    @bitch nigga i bet you’re white as fuck. punk ass bitch

  • young tunechi

    Ayy stop hating on my nigga WAyne cus he doing big things and i think he care about yall haters so like t.I. Says “watch out partna” lol

  • Chris

    Respects to game for showing that trukfit support by sporting that tee. Video shoot looked like a good time.


    lol kendrick can suck a dick from dr.dre his album is just average.

  • tony_montana

    Yo I know yall are lil wayne fans and everything,I mean so am I,a huge fan infact,but that does not mean you should automatically block everyone else 0ut,I mean you atleast have to admit that kendrick is the shit and he killed his album though…what swag you niggas pushin?!

  • teddy 2 necklace

    ^^^ truuuuuuU!


    Ymcmb for ever.

  • Man u so cool TRUKFIT is the next big thing…….legooo!

  • Jazz Jolanski~ Future YMCMB Rapper

    Woo! Female clothing from a boss 2 the F. Boss(es) :3

    Feeling 4 Wayne :[ hardworking man, he gave EVERYTHING 2 help the ppl in his hometown New Orleans,Hollygrove aftr Hurricane Katrina (hoes gon be hoes so he couldn’t blame Katrina :3) when nobody would, respect to him! Btw y u ppl download this JUST to hate on Dwayne? Fuck urselves mofo’s :@ (pissin’ me off bruh…) lol :3

    Respect, And.. Bling Bling (for the brand new Weezy Fans, it’s from his 1999 song Bling Bling when he was the Hot Boyz star, cheq it)

  • Choc

    I am so glad there will b trukfit for ladies!!! cnt wait!!!

  • Juan

    please TrukFit in spainnn pleaseee