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Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne & Detail’s “No Worries” [Video]

Thu, Nov 22, 2012 by

We have already watched the official music video, seen photos from on set of the video shoot, and now here is some behind the scenes footage from Lil Wayne‘s “No Worries” video shoot featuring Detail.

The visual was directed by Colin Tilley and shot in Las Vegas, Nevada last month. Young Money’s Gudda Gudda also speaks to the camera for a little bit!

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  • lucky 7

    loved the video

  • No sound when people start talking

  • Fuck Cortez Bryant

    Anyone else think the video looked like a Lollipop Part 2

  • mattyswizzle


  • hank

    no worries video was shit…..

  • no worries

    so why is wayne putting boo on IANAHB2. we dont want that wack nigga on an album

  • Matthew P.

    Gudda is sooooo irrelevant :/

  • big bro

    i know wtf @no worries

    lil weezy should be getting features from eminem….not boo

    what grown man calls themself boo anyway

  • weezyfan43ver

    Last song name ? 🙂

  • wale

    dat ass 😛

  • Eshall

    Such a great video love that Wayne.

  • CMBym

    On November 22, 2012 at 7:56 pm weezyfan43ver responded with…
    Last song name ?


    Its called Shout Out by birdman

    Look on

    Danny just posted up some picz from the video

  • smoke
  • tony_montana

    The fact that boo’s gonna be on IANAHB2 and the 2 singles have been way below average,especially “my homies still” which was the FIRST single,even though “no worries” was better than “my homies still” it was still kinda wack in all honesty,that tells me the album is gonna be wack as phuq,if he sells 300k copies in the first week that’s gonna prove that lil waynes fans dnt buy his music because of the quality,they jst buy his shit coz its ‘lil wayne’… and that’s wack!

  • Lmfao

    Hahaha this dude said what grown man calls himself boo lol so true bro this is tha problem wit YM tho they just callob there wack artists tryin to make em famous. I coulda had a better verse on the Amen remix. And who the fuck even buys cds anymore? Seriously what a waste of money. Idk what devoted 13 year olds actually go buy albums. Nope ill download it and have it in my car tha same day….duhhh. #waynefelloff

  • LOL

    why do people come on here to hate? fucking no life ass bitches. shut the fuck up

  • Blow Trees

    Because you brainless new swag fag generation still thinks lil wayne is tha best rapper alive. real wayne fans know better.

  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!

    Wayne need better singles

  • no one even buys albums any more. they should just judge buy how much downloads on itunes. if it doesnt sell its that reason. cuz everyone downloads now. p.s. inahb2 is gonna be dope

  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!


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  • daReal214

    What was that song that was playing at the end??

  • charly

    ymcmb silecs f babyyyyy is me lol

  • CMBym

    On November 23, 2012 at 3:38 pm daReal214 responded with…
    What was that song that was playing at the end??


    I already commented what song it is

    Its called Shout Out by birdman

  • Jazz Jolanski Future YMCMB Rapper

    Haha, in tha hallway it look like Tune woz chasin him wit de oversized tennis racket ^.^

  • Baby Sasha Tidus

    This is like an animated gif goldmine

  • after carter 5 lil wayne is gonna RETIRE-so fuck music im back on xbox-live biches
    clan gamertagz

  • Lmfao

    Why are you wondering what song that is? That shoutout song by birdman and french montana is so fuckin stupid and horrible its laughable. They are they two simplest worst rappers in hip hop. Mark my words. anybody that believes birdman is a good rapper needs to b slapped..bottles,money,G5s, cocaine, money bags,being a stunna, ak 47 with sum attatchment, ok birdman we get it!

  • tunechi
    Lil Wayne – Rich As Fuck ft. 2 Chainz

  • john

    Lil Wayne – No Worries Ft. Detail EXPLICIT VERSION HD 1080P –> /watch?v=euFRO9s0cgM

  • Weezy

    No worries

  • Big Daddy Maine

    big fat ugly ass

  • joto

    Hope wayne doesnt retire- twitter: @juaan_clv

  • Schwem

    Weezy neva die

  • the infamous

    oh he will die.

  • WeeZYFan

    Nicki Minaj Needs 2 gO Out with Lil Wayne and PLZ Danny Post More SONGS

  • nice booty

  • Cccronaldo

    If he get retired…)I’m notgunno listen rap anymore…weezyfbaby forever

  • rolliwayne

    Furry pussy.yeah i like that Hommie