Rick Ross – Hold Me Back (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, Gunplay, French Montana & Yo Gotti)

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Rick Ross Hold Me Back Remix Feat Lil Wayne, Gunplay, French Montana & Yo Gotti

After U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected last night, Rick Ross released the official remix to his “Hold Me Back” single. This remix featured Lil Wayne, Gunplay, French Montana, and Yo Gotti.

You can stream and download the “Hold Me Back” remix after the jump below. If you are looking for the original song, it can be found on Ricky Rozay‘s God Forgives, I Don’t album, which is available in most music stores today!

Download: Rick Ross – Hold Me Back (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, Gunplay, French Montana & Yo Gotti)

“Between her legs, 5 star restaurant”

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  • v44

    im so so so

    • Janostar Millz


  • hunter


  • rrmgiants

    Ayyyyyy. Shits fresh!

  • rrmgiants

    O and THIRD BITCHESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve-o

    these haters cant hold me back !!!

  • Fre$h

    I see they saved the best verse till last 😛

  • Keegan





  • CeCe

    Gudda and Wayne song dropping 2 day also 😀

  • Code Red

    Turk came home, B.G. in the feds
    Your hoe on my list, it’s longer than Craigs

  • wale

    only good ting about this remix was waynes verse and officer rickys chorus

  • Truk yo gurl

    YMCMB x MMG collabos are always the best.

  • weezy f

    between her legs 5 star restaurant

  • Big Daddy Maine

    weezy back on syrup that nigga is slow as a grandpa

  • Pill Poppin Animal

    Is Yo Gotti still on Cash Money or what??

  • tune f. baby

    tunechi killed it

  • VIP

    No 2 Chainz? I guess its French Montana who is the new person to go to for features this year

  • ymcmb the fucking alpha & omega

    why da fuck didnt ross put wayne on his album ??? instead he be putting the best rapper alive on all of these remixes smfh. first we get bag of money and now this…..wayne should of put this on dedication 4

  • Guddaville3

    What time does guddaville 3 drop today? Or is it even gonna get released..?

  • earl

    shoulda released a my president is black remix


  • AdX

    Wayne went in on his verse
    Like he had so many quotable
    But it was his flow that let me down this time
    It’ normally the other way around

  • jay1

    Damm wayne a beast stay doin his thing!, sucks that ianah2 getting pushed back to next yr!:-\

  • AdX

    I seen Noon so less than an hour

  • bart simpson

    surprised wayne didnt talk about his siezures like rick ross did in the i’mma boss remix…..

  • Guddaville3

    Guddaville 3 on Datpiff for 3 pm



  • lmfao

    French Montana might be the worst rapper ever jhahahah ive liked sum of his shit..but like that pic says “”why the fuck did sumbody sign french montana to a record deal?” lmao. Rap is garbage. Nobody else on here honestly believes rap is going downhill fast?? Money money money. Bitches bitches bitches bitches, phantoms, ghosts, pussy, 40 on my colla,40 on my waist take yo bitch blah blah blah..god i miss the 90s

  • Lil wayne im proud of u montana was alright yo gotti i dunno wat to say bout u son but rozzay and wayne together make a gud song mmg and ymcmb collabos are great

  • that nigga french sucks ass

    Yo wtf who let this french montana fag in the game. He sucks ass.
    Does he even know what music is about, damn son he aint got no skill at all.

  • sick

  • Nak Nak

    IANAHB 2 pushed back…. Were we actually expecting an album to be released on time?? I wasnt

  • Barhom Basri

    I didn’t feel weezy on this track 🙁

  • Dynoo


  • No lie

    Wow…. Smh yawwnnn ;o

  • the song is crazy

  • king big dick

    i eat the money like i eat the pussy.

  • lolololol

    rick ross is so garbage. not sometimes ALLLL the time.

  • Wayne im proud of u but i hope u keep doin the same thing in every song gud looks man and montana ur gud too ups to rozzay who put these songs and people together thanx

  • Dtillis8250

    Rick Ross suckx, French sucks, Wayne best rappa alive

  • yo these haters are hatin they try to hold this back
    i give them the best of what they hate
    then throw that shit back like a wrong to make

    waynes voice on any track is where its at!

    peace out on the holdin out
    for the back to claim up first to face

  • Kasera swagg

    ths combo its da illect….