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Future Announces A Song He Has With Lil Wayne Called “Karate Chop” [Video]

Fri, Dec 21, 2012 by

Future recently visited the Hot 107.9 offices to promote his Pluto 3D album and his forthcoming F.B.G.: The Movie project. During this interview, Future announced he has a song called “Karate Chop” featuring Lil Wayne and Casino that he plans to put out in early 2013. He also talks about the tracks he has done with Drake.

If you want to hear a preview of Future‘s “Karate Chop” record without Weezy F Baby‘s verse, then you can do so after the jump below. Don’t forget, Tunechi also has another collaboration with Future and Drake on his I Am Not A Human Being II album, due out on February 19th.

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  • First in this bitch

  • f baby

    gonna be retarded

  • Private

    That song sounds dope

    Cant wait to hear Wayne make it doper !!


    Casino? Who is that lol??

    • I think lil chuck and dash both r badd. Y’all need to quit bein haters and just recepst him. He’s like 14 yrs old. Cut him some slack. He does better than half the rappers today. Lil chuckee is beast!! And he does better than half of y’all who say u would beat him in a rap battle. Whatever

  • Big Daddy Maine

    is this a joke wtf is future doing this is the stupids thing i ever heard why did he put wayne on this wack song my goddd

  • sticki

    future has no talent weezy shud b doin tracks w/ j.cole,kendrick lamar my God wayne y!!

  • Banned 4rm TV

    Future is dope for a trap rapper. Its just a bunch of euro fags on this site who only like pop star rappers.

    Wayne used the Karate Chop Flow on Bands A Make Her Dance and then Future did a whole song using the flow.

  • six myles

    this song sounds aiiiighhht, wayne will make it a banger!
    Banned 4rm TV, I dont agree wayne used futures styles on bandz… to me, french montana started was the first i heard using that flow.., pop that was the first huge hit to have that flow but coke boys have been doin it for tiiiiime.

    plz feel free to correct me if im wrong and if anyone can think of someone to use this flow before french, let me know!

  • WeeZyFan

    PLz Danny Give Us BACK PACK And More Songs im dieing Over Here

  • rap shit

    when wayne retires, future will be next in line to take his place in music

  • sugarcoater

    Why yall keep saying trap rap? Trap music aint rap… its garbage. Its whats wrong with the world. If any of yall succeed at being a good father or mother that cares and your son gets a drug charge at 14 and wont ever be able to get into college or get a good job, you gonna blame the police?!? Or put the blame where its supposed to be, these idiots. If you walk in and catch your daughter getting the train ran on her and shes just 14 what you gon do? She end up pregnant and the babys a mutt cuz she got like 6 different possible baby daddys at 14 years old… now her life screwed up…
    What yall gon really say when the casuality hits your door step one day.
    We need to quit buying this garbage now
    Of course it dont effect you, most of you or 17 or up now ( your not the youth anymore) get a job
    But the 6 – 16 year olds will pay for thinking being a no good loser/ failure jobless disrespectful peice of shet scum is glorifying

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