Lil Wayne Chats About Super Bowl XLVII While On Set Of “Love Me” [Video]

Thu, Jan 31, 2013 by

While on set of the “Love Me” video shoot in Los Angeles, California, Lil Wayne talks to MTV about the Super Bowl XLVII taking place in his hometown New Orleans this weekend and who he thinks will win out of the Baltimore Ravens vs. the San Francisco 49ers.

“I’m excited for it to be in New Orleans, for the city, period. Just for the city to get that kind of respect and that recognition, after such a tragedy [like Hurricane Katrina].”

“I’m going to just chill with family, enjoy the game like everybody else. My team’s not in it, so I aint trippin’.”

This is also the first video we have seen of Weezy F Baby since he got the “Baked” tattoo on his forehead.

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  • xxx


  • hands up

    the tatt makes wayne look uglier and older

  • Asshole

    His new tattoo looks so horrible 🙁 He is destroying his image 🙁

  • snoozy

    Long as ma b*tches love me

  • jacalyn

    Love Lil Wayne!!!

  • Fuck Haterz

    Cant wait for this BITCHES LOVE ME video!!!!!!

    I am still upset about the album cover though.

  • bogus

    fuck the super bowl and fuck the baked tattoo

  • wtf

    mans looking like a real rasta these days. looks like he going the free-form route with his hair

  • Trizzy

    WTF happened to his hair??????????????? He looks like a fucked up retard

  • tony_montana

    I really really really really really really think lil wayne’s losing it ey…he looks like he belongs in an Asylum.smh!

  • tony_montana

    I really really really really really really think lil wayne’s losing it ey…he looks like he belongs in an insane Asylum.smh!

  • me, lt

    I pray to god I don’t look like a mid forty when Im 30 years old … no hate wayne rules

  • a

    this is supposed to be a fan site and all you people do is bitch about him. he looks just the same as always, a tad dirtier, and more steez

  • me, lt

    U cant deny the fact that he looks damn old and unkempft on that pic like he just woke up or something

  • me, lt

    and since its a video shoot its even weirder imo

  • me, lt

    meth not even once … just kiddin

  • SMH

    smfh i swear you so called wayne fans are worst than his haters. yall complain about EVERY LITTLE THING HIS HAIR HIA S TATT ON HIS DAMN FACE! SMFH wayne is a walking tattoo wtf is one tatt on his head going to do ? talking about “ruining his image” -___- dumbass wayne is KNOWN for having alot of tatt’s smh. dreads are supposed to be NAPPY YOU DUMBASSES , the only thing is he doesnt wear them braided or put any products on them like he use to. smh i hate coming to this site as a fan anymore.

  • bryce

    @tony_montana stop making more than one account to leave comment’s you fuckin loser…..

  • lacey

    i so agree with you @SMH all this time youthink as a real wayne fan you’d know by now that wayne does what he wants and how he wants and doesnt give a fuck what people say/think about him. but yet they still cry about everything he does .

  • #504

    LMFAO @BRYCE yeah that clown left two comments under two different icons smh some people have too much time on their hands on the internet. anyway as far as the actual reason im on this page im glad the superbowl is in my city!! (504) baaaaby

  • yonnie

    @smh i feel you on that

  • YOU MAD?

    tune tatto look dope too smaller than i thought

  • sticki

    doesn’t he have family n friends Weezy u r 30 n u don’t even knw wen ur hair is unkept y r all those people nt tellin him he looks a mess u have children think of thm u use 2 b so fly wht is goin on Weezy uugghh!!

  • me, lt

    right im looking forward to see the actual video and the way he looks in it with his so called hair I dont know he is worth 100 millions there are ways to regain hairs and such things u know

  • me, lt

    maaaaan … two years changed that dude … I dont actually understand how it is possible to age that severly in two years but one can clearly see its possible …
    but do not mistake this as hate cuz its just something ive noticed

  • It looks like someone stamped his head

  • Mp13

    I wonder if methadone in prison really messed him up. Hmmm…… And mess up his image?! Nigga his image is tats ha

  • Sweet baker tatt

  • he looks like a black bin laden dat baked tatto is sick lil wayne is da best tatto body guy in da world legend weezy f. baby dont forget da tenuchi

  • splash

    i think methadone did “mess up him.” Find someone on or coming off methadone (which is a fuckin process itself) and you will see that the shit is poison. This system wanted to fuck wayne and they did. He’s prolly dopesick off the shit, sickly on it, not hungry because of it etc… picture having the flu for like 6-8 months and see if you feel like doing you hair or give a fuck about anything then. I’ve been “drug sick”.. luckily it was milder shit like the codiene he was on that you can detox off of quickly. Look at what almost killed Em… methadone. aka adolophine which is what ADOLf hitler named it in Nazi Germany. I can’t imagine going through that in the public eye too.. I didn’t even wanna be around my own family. Wayne either went or is going through it so to speak.

  • Mp13

    I think he is going through it now. Or has already went through it. It sucks dude. He just doesn’t have the drive to be the best rapper anymore or even have top notch lyrics. It seems like he is going through the motions. Idk this shit really sucks though. Wish he would come out and say something is wrong. Or maybe he just doesn’t give a fuck because he is rich and doesn’t really care what his album sales are anymore

  • Mp13

    He just kinda looks worn out and beat down.

  • sticki

    Yo this guy kept sayin he sick of probation yall never listened fuq that stupid ass judge evn if their celibate!!!

  • young pash

    Hear me out if we are his fans ain’t it our job to put him on if sum not all his tracks he is releaseing are bad andhis imagine how he dress and shit that’s koo that’s what make him him so leave it be it be suspect to be worrying about how another dude dress especially if u r a dude

  • tony_montana

    Real fans will criticize,that’s just the way it is,if you started liking a person for a particular reason and that person changes,you have the right to criticize…so you Lil wayne Stans should just STFU already,I’m not gonna say everything about lil wayne is perfect just coz I’m on a “fan site”,Get the phuq outa here!

  • Yaaquob

    We are waiting the video to drop ,( a loyal fan, not a fake one )

  • Yaaquob

    You can ‘t judge him, this is his skin not yours people , have a life ..

  • Tunechhhhi

    Can someone put up the youtube version pleasssssee

  • sexy tunechi

  • Andretti

    WTF …his entire dreads are out at the top, does he even care about him self anymore ? lol

  • Khaa

    Whats going on with his hair ?

  • me, lt

    He has a management. He has a responsibility for the jobs of many people who are depending on him as an artist that sells millions and he don’t seem to give much of a fuck … at least the song ist on 16 now which means it’s kind of a hit
    I am a real fan! Only stans would say that he appears completely normal and suitable and that nothings wrong with him

  • sticki.

    watchin nino brown story n lookin at him now u knw he is not happy he’s goin tru something lets hope he goes tru it successfully we as fans shud pray 4 him.i told him on twitter 2 do some abt his hair then again y is baby nt telling him dey oly care abt makin mula off him.

  • Angel

    Wayne cut off his dreads

  • Ocho

    All these fake ass Wayne fans can go on this is a fucking fan site and all yal do is bitch like the punk pussies yal are

  • @Angie “Wayne cut off his dreads” are you sure?