Lil Wayne – Rich As Fuck (R.A.F) (Feat 2 Chainz)

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Lil Wayne Rich As Fuck Feat 2 Chainz

Check out the latest single from Lil Wayne‘s forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album, which will be available in stores on February 19th. The song is called “Rich As Fuck” aka “R.A.F” and features 2 Chainz on the hook.

Weezy F Baby and 2 Chainz have already shot a music video for “Rich As Fuck“, so we can be expecting that to drop soon! You can stream the T-Minus-produced single after the jump below.

Click here to read the lyrics for Lil Wayne‘s “Rich As Fuck” single featuring 2 Chainz.

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  • WEF


  • tunechi

    The single was released three days ago and now you have thrown

  • LilTunechiTM

    LilTunechiTM channel on youtube subscribe

  • liltunechi fucker

    bitch why you so late ?

  • lilwayne4evver!

    love it!
    please click the link! 🙂

  • Weezy best rapper alive weezy best ……. Alive

  • Surpp

    CDQ version finally

  • realnigga

    damn u late

  • fck gay z

    at the end of time u provide us with this jewel danny randi ko choro cooool

  • dumbass

    stop saying itsd late the son g came out but it sounded like shit, cud of heard that bad non cdq in forums hop of his dick

  • Tune

    If he put it out w/o Tune wanting to you guys wouldn’t have bought it. Either way he’s RAF.

  • jonzz

    weezy Bitch! sick tune young tune.

  • Lil Weezy

    dowmload link please

  • RAF



  • Mbminas

    This is CDQ that was it is 3 days delay.

  • Eshall

    Masterpiece! Excited for the vid and album! Wayne doesn’t waste time getting a single and vid out.

  • Kuzz

    Na he ain’t late. He didn’t want to post until CDQ come out, before we got a fucked up pitch version that wasn’t released, it was leaked.

  • WayneFellOff

    Hey i’m lil wayne i can’t think of different lyrics so i just re-used old lyrics from other songs cos IDGAF about my lyrics as long as it has a dope beat and a dope hook.

  • Gabos

    I’m Tunechi, Young Tunechi, I wear Trukfit, fuck Gucci


    best single so far! NO WORRIES IS STILL GREAT.

  • Na he ain’t late. He didn’t want to post until CDQ come out, before we got a fucked up pitch version that wasn’t released, it was leaked.

  • don’t speak to the cops,i don speak piglet…uuuhhh..priceless!!

  • Dmoney9106

    Got a red ass bitch wit a red ass pusy, nigga try me thats a dead ass pussy! – Weezy takin ova 2013 ALREADY BEST RAPPER ALIVE HANDS DOWN

  • Snoopy F belguim

    Hey y’all.. Am Tunechi nat Wayne, so dont expect Wayne’s rap style for Tune’s. ya digg?? R.I.P Lil Wayne



  • ray

    dope single

    the beat, the lyrics, the chorus, the adlibs are all crazy

    need the video asap

  • Trey

    I fucks with this.

    A month away before the whole album will leak.

  • btunechi

    yall niggas super late

  • fre$h

    t-minus is a problem with these beats…..

  • I eat the cat like lion…she blowing me kisses with her pussy lips smooch damn wayne wordplay is to damn good he is not your avenge rapper one time for them pussy niqqa that shit i dont like damn it will be hard for me to listen to a another rapper whan he gone from the rap world he has the best wordplay ever i have been listen to lil wayne sense i was a kid n still listen to him im bout to be 20 long live wayne tunechi young tunechi i wear trukfit fuck gucci#trukfit all day

  • bars nigga bars raw tune


    You guys are hella late damn smh

  • fuckyou

    When is it hitting itunes?

  • being100

    This song sucks.
    It really is garbage.
    2chains needs to go climb a mountain and jump off of it.
    Lil wayne needs hooked on phonics.

  • hahaha

    LLOLLs at the guy up their that said he wears truckfit.
    Hahahahaha. That junks ugly.
    Thats some ugly damn clothes bro
    Grow up, you twenty?
    You should be dressing like a man
    Not a 7 year old cartoon hahahahahahaha
    Waynes a big baby. He ….had wordplay….what it is now is just elementary rap

  • for real y’all haters this negro is RICH AS FUCK…suck a DICK for some TRUKFIT…easy!!!!

  • dank

    All you guys sayin he wasnt late…. HE WAS LATE

    Danny always posts songs right when they come out and then the cdq version when that comes out. Thats why you always get dj versions and low quality if thats how it was released and then the cdq.

    WHY WOULD HE WAIT THIS ONE SONG FOR THE CDQ??? because he was just late and you fanboys just want to make excuses like you know him.

    Even if danny posts he was waiting for the cdq he is just making an excuse for being late cuz why would he do it for this one song and not every other song that he posts on lilwaynehq and youngmoney hq….. o YA HE IS LATE!!

  • Wisheezy

    Stop whining and bitching about it being “late” yes it was released “technically” a few days ago but in awful quality. The post was made once CD Quality was leaked/released.

    If you were an active member on the LWHQ Forums ( you’d know all about this.

  • bitches love me


    obviously becuz its a lil wayne single

    danny probz dont give no fucks about another artist single feat wayne

    but if he supports wayne then he wouldnt post up no leak of his SINGLE

    dumb duck

  • xicano101

    Who cares when he posts. Chill out, at least he posted it. Move on.

  • LJ

    I like it!

  • justin brown

    i thought i am not a human being 2 was supposed to sound like tha carter 2……remember Amanda Seales from that mtv show hip hop pov said wayne let her hear the album and she said it sounded just like tha carter 2…..its been 4 singles off of ianahb2 and nothing from it sounds like the carter 2 weezy

  • Lakers24

    I’m Tunechi, Young Tunechi, I wear TRUKFIT, fuck Gucci………wow this was sick

  • justin brown

    i think wayne is subliminally dissing rick ross

    ”We call a undercover a pig in a blanket” -marble floors

    ” Never talk to the cops, I don’t speak pig latin” – R.A.F

  • Lil Wayne is just sick. If we really look back at the body of work that tune has done we would clearly see that he has easily out worked every possible rapper in the game right now and that is to come. People say that his music sucks now but you got to remember that tune been in the game since he was 8 yrs old!! He has perfected the rap game and practically achieved all that he could. So if he retires after the Carter 5 I wouldn’t be sad at all, its just his way of leaving the game on a high and making way for his younger rappers

    U.S.A Weezy Fans Only : Do you Think Tune Should Retire after the Carter 5 vote at this link here vote now.

    Weezy the best rapper alive!!!!!!

  • Andretti

    If this aint the cdq quality version then Danny needs to quit. Cuz this shit came out last week.

  • Andretti

    and this song sucks. Wayne can’t make singles anymore.

  • ilovewaynebut

    Free weezy. This shit garbage

  • kingcold

    danm weezy smh……u use to put out the hottest singles(fireman,go dj, a millie, got money, hustler , shooter, mr carter, mrs. officer etc….wtf happened..

  • Weezy is my fav but he never had great singles..this is probably one of his best..hes just hypnotizing to listen to..rides that beat like no one in the game..not even Kendrick Lamarr…sick punchlines..he’s NEVER been a conscious rapper,but all of you will buy or download his shit so quit frontin

  • Hustla

    This shit is str8 fiya. Don’t do it to em Weezy!

  • HiltzMan

    & that’s 2 Chainz…,
    Look at chu, then look at us.. All my niggas look as rich as fuck!

  • Tommy

    Hey Danny, don’t listen to these haters, us real fans of the site appreciate the work you do, as wayne would say “pussy ass niggas stop hatin”

  • Zane

    Stop bitching about it being late. The CDQ version was just released. I must say this is a good track, but honestly Good Kush & Alcohol a.k.a Bitches Love Me was a much better single. Still can’t wait to see the video for this. His vids are always dope as fuck. I honestly won’t be suprised if IANAHB2 leaks. The last IANAHB leaked along with Tha Carter IV. But don’t download it if it leaks, if you are a true Wayne fan go buy that shit!

  • maria_latina_wayne

    i love this new song. when is it going to be release on itunes? cant wait for the concert

  • Sad

    Wayne after c3 = speaks only bout pussy, truckfit and other lame shit. Reuses bars and weared out material. Wheres that old swagger with some originality, humor and fire? R.I.P Lil Wayne!!!! We miss you!!!

  • patriots

    @sad u must not remember no ceilings and rebirth and i am not a human being and sorry 4 the wait even c4 cuz he really wasnt rapping bout eatin pussy and trukfit came out prolly a year ago and those bodies of works i named didnt come out a year ago man i love provin haters wrong he talks about it on some of his features but even if wat u say is true it made him R.A.F.

  • Triggerman

    he said murder 187 is he talkin about tygas mixtape?

  • yes

    sum sick bars in this song, luv this and goodkush and alcohol song

  • sticki

    can’t wait 4 june wen weezy will b off probation!!

  • dru

    dis shit is wack y’all niggaz b ride or die weezy fans,jst kip it this niggaz sounds horrible..

  • yes

    sick shit

  • damn IANAHB 2 goin hard


    Yea i can bump to this shit but I’ll be honest his singles are a lot different this Past year in a half…. Seems like he doesn’t care any more, but he really shouldn’t anyway cause he’s still shitting on the competition.

  • swag_kingkong

    When is wayne off probation june or novemberish?

  • t(-_-t)

    stop saying late this is better then that dick sucking quality one

  • Swaglikeyanni

    My boy Tunechi KILLED IT!!!!


  • Ajones

    im not gonna lie kinda weak for a single and the beat is pretty boring but Weezy killed his verses!!!

  • sticki

    @swag_kingkong its june.his jail sentence is different 4rm his probation don’t get it twisted june 30 exactly

  • Jays

    Its actually okay, beat is sick

  • WhereThaTrueFans

    Sounds a bit like a Ugk or pimp c song. Still think Wayne has more beast mode than this. Hopefully the best rapper alive is still in there somewhere.

  • John


  • F Pusha T

    Lol Wayne went af!!

  • deweezy

    this shit go hard ( all rats got to die even master splinter )

  • sleepmilly

    can u put this shit on itunes asap

  • erick

    i think wayne should do a song with kendrick lamar. i think it would be fireee!!!

  • why they talkin shit about wayne weezy is the best rapper alive other rappers are shit so look at you and look at tunechi you are shit !!!!! and all my niggas are pussys hatin !!!! yeah

  • T

    Fuck u niggas shut up about it it don’t matter what u say Wayne’s the best rapper alive if u don’t like it go suck a big dick bitch bye

    Wayne’s the best bitch

  • T

    Hey bitches got anything else to say that’s right fuck u niggas

    Told u Wayne’s the best

  • Alil_tune

    She stay on it all night like porch lights haha hype

  • nhzf
  • Sir Acacios

    Wayne is still dope as fuck,but he is just experimenting like he did on INAHB1 he said I will never put experimental shid on a Cater album trust me after this album and after the probation tunechi will be gone and weezy F baby will be back.

  • brapp

    all rats gotta die, including master splinter……the ninja turtles ninja master hahaha this nigga k-razy

  • young

    they musta left weezy in rikers, cause this tunechi nigga is messin shit up

  • lloyd

    IANAHB2 gunna be the best album of 2013, shame my hommie still gunna be on there

  • Jazz Jolanski Future YMCMB Rapper

    R.I.P – Rest In Pussy

  • Jazz Jolanski Future YMCMB Rapper

    Neva fail to please
    Weezy <3

  • great song weezy went ham like always like 2 chainz on there to i like when they do songs together

  • Savaq3

    Fyee !

  • Ethan

    It looks like Wayne’s back with four singles in a row that are pure fire. Weezy is a beast

  • Kleiven

    i’m sorry but i’m he didn’t went ham, he wen R.A.F <3 (nohomo)

  • Kleiven

    And sorry for the “drunkish” language ;o

  • Young Teezy

    Lil wayne and 2 chainz thts tha best combination in rap history I most defiantly have respect for my big bro and my homie 2 chainz

    M.O.B to the END
    Martians 4 Life

  • lovingweezy

    Yall lame ass need to stay the fuck off the page if you don’t like Wayne keep them negative comments to yo-self he still rich and don’t give a FUCK best rapper

  • Tominater

    This is dope as a motherfucker

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