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Lil Wayne Fights With Cameraman At Celebrity Beach Bowl [Pictures & Video]

Sun, Feb 3, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Fights With Cameraman At Celebrity Beach Bowl

Yesterday, Lil Wayne took part in DIRECTV’s 7th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl during Super Bowl weekend at the DTV SuperFan Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

After the game had finished, Weezy F Baby got into an argument with a cameraman and had to be pulled away from him by his teammate Desmond Howard.

You can view a short clip of Tunechi telling the cameraman to “look at me when you apologize” after the jump below, as well as a photo of them both arguing.

Lil Wayne Fights With Cameraman At Celebrity Beach Bowl

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  • Dayne

    my boy!

  • streets

    wtf is wayne tryna do here

    has he forgot he is on probation

  • kobe

    first! wildin he is

  • special g

    this camera guy gonna end up dead soon

    wayne probably already got his goons to find out where his family lives

    marley do shoot em

  • No Worries

    Let’s be honest. Lil Wayne would of got knocked out by just one punch from this white guy. Look at how big he is.

  • 91

    shiiittt look at weezy eyes…..he really wanna murk this guy

  • Gudda Gudda

    Camera man prolly shouted “YOUR NEW MUSIC SUCKS TUNECHI”


  • ken

    He used to do this all the time in 09 lol, remember he almost got into a fight at the nugets game in 2009? had em all on espn, shit was funny. his probation is almost up, so he really doesn’t care he’s good as long as he doesn’t get arrested

  • ya diggg

    wayne on all this money and he caught feelings from what this minimum wage dude said or did

    but where are marley g and t@ at???

  • chuck


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  • Gustaf pettersson

    get em tune!

  • P.E.V

    White boy would eat Wayne alive if he wanted to

  • saintboy

    Wat d hell is wrng wit Tunechi…*cn he actualy beat dat huge cameraman if left 2 fite* Fu*k wayne’ atitude

  • Kauan

    weezy mo’fucka wanna fight for any reason

  • TeaMBe3Zy

    Disz Dude Would’ve Take We3zy Down With Demm Big Ass Arms.. But We3zy Always Cum Back Strong!!!

  • Kemmy

    The Cameraman was diserspectful…he probably thought that Wayne would not defend himself… Little did he know he is far froma a *itch.

  • polski

    lolllllll so what hes alllowed to be pissed,and you call this a fight? NOT!!!!

  • Caleb

    For whatever reason this happened, I’m happy he kept his cool

  • Chris

    I love how no one knows what the fuck happened but they like to still criticize. Wayne lost his cool, it happens, why are these idiots on this forum acting like they dont listen, he’s made it clear, he’s a gangster at heart, and sometimes you loose sense when your a pissed off fucking gangster. It dosent even look serious anyways, whatever happened happened and its done now.

  • Rasta

    Look at me motherfucker! Look at me when you apologise!!

  • Mbminas

    the reason?

  • Slowdayz

    Wats the purpose of the Bandade and does any body else see the cameraman sweat stains lol

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    fuck with LilTunechi and get bodied.

  • DOPE




  • Swagga

    Obviously Wayne knew that this guy was stronger than him. But did he care ? NOPE. He just showed how little he cares ’bout who’s stronger than him, and he tried to show he’s not afraid of anybody.

  • DwayneRNS

    wayne z a real G!!

  • Blob

    Ahhh the Idols of today… Besides, Wayne is too small to be picking fights. A 14-year old would get the better of him

  • lol this shows dat Weezy gt Guts,check hw big dat white faggot iz LmFao

  • MiMi

    Love him!! Always keepin it real!!!

  • Bradee B

    yall really think weezy would get beat up? the nigga has tranners to keep him on his game he pry pays mills to back up his shit talking .

  • philly c

    The camera man had to of done something fucked up cuz u don’t see Wayne lash out like this 9 times outta 10. I’m prolly being bias but ima give Wayne the benefit of the doubt.

  • i love how people think that just because someone is bigger they will always win in a fight… its all about skill idiots, and heart.

  • Siege

    Be cool and don’t get arrested Wayne. Can’t wait till you get off that probation and start spitting some serious shit. IANAHB2 gonna be BEAST!!!

  • Thank god my babydaddy didnt get in a fight i wouldve died to see him get hurt cuz i secretly love him and love his music and come on this site only to troll ppl everyday. P.s. My penis is small

  • Siege i thought you use to hate lil wayne with all your heart? Now your gay for him?

  • please don’t retire.. tunechi

  • OK . but why lil wayne did dat?

  • maria_latina_wayne

    Weezy F Baby / Tunechi looks real angry. it looks he is ready to knock out the stupid cameraman . why didn’t the bodyguard push away the cameraman

  • That’s wats up bra, don’t let noone fuck with u,it time to shine bra I’m rdy to shine with u

  • Young Teezy

    Thts my big brother right there ! The carmeraman lucky his little bro werent he would of got it worst a yo! Bro tune please dnt retire

    YMCMB, FGM Fan till tha death of me
    Rich Gang
    Martians 4 Life

  • brrrr


  • Fuck em

    Yall stupid. Size dont matter, wayne is a true blood. He dont take shit from anybody. He stand up for his goons


  • Woody

    Err picture that you can see up his nose you can see white residue, ha that fool high.

  • that modafukin camaraman is shit lil wayne easy will kick dat ass dont hear dat pussy ass haters wayne do yo own thing and who make dat video is a pussy hater nigga go buy a bigger screen you dont have money so dont fuck with a legend

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  • chal

    damn man leave the man alone your on probation boy!! can have you get in trouble now.

  • W.T.F

    Made men

  • Ed!

    Weeeeezy!! Crazy :DD but you right homie!

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  • don’t touch my nigga tunechi white boy step back

  • Hahahahomg

    Hey chris

    Go eat some skateboard dick you fcking female

    Wayne gangster ?my ass this niggu bein on studio arrest since he was 11 years old
    Kind of young be a real gabgter

  • donkeykong

    lil wayne lost it.
    wow what a dumb ass

  • Kamal Khaled

    Yeahhhh ….I like that shit Weezy …….fuck him ….cuz cameraman is fucking with a wrong nigga

  • Girlsk8boards


  • Ric-Weezi

    weezy what happened was wrong and that white dude shoulda faced you to apologize but try and keep you cool,son.

  • Msicechasbsexy

    Wayne was just pissed because that camera guy would not stop touching him after Wayne told him to stop like 5 times….Fuck that shit Wayne should have grabbed that camera an busted that dudes head off with… #DontMakeGoonsGoStupid #GetMerked

  • 504_nigga

    how can somebody take dis nigga serious when he wear sissy gay punk shit lol smh wayne the only dude i know can dress like a bitch and all yall gon still say he a realnigga but let the big dawg in yall neighborhood wear da same shit yall gon say he ah hoe smh lol

  • John

    Lil Wayne is known as the worst Hip-Hip artist. A DISGRACED to the Hip-Hop game.

  • chad

    Wayne has been my favorite artist for yeeaaarrrrsss now, but come on man wtf? and all these dumbass mother fuckers on here commenting “wheres Marley” and “they gonna find that camera mans fam”, yall dumb bitches are whats wrong with the world today. You aint gotta fucking clue exactly what happened and you calling for his family? you stupid fucks deserve to have somebody come after you and yours. just die and make the world a better place

  • chad

    …and you can always tell when a nig makes these comments cuz it always mentions “that white dude” and shit like that..Grow the fuck up, does race always have to be a point of emphasis? Dumbasses

  • pablo

    looks like he has something white up his nostril in the 11th & 13th picture.

  • Miguel

    Weezy To Real, Lol. If He Told You Dont Touch Him Why You Aint Listen?? Like Does That Camera Guy Know Who Wezzy Is??? Smh Lil Wayne Guna Get Him Killed. RIP To That Camera Man

  • LuvTunechi


  • nick

    for all u who think Wayne is gangster haha he wears skinnies and skate boards just cause he wears skinnies doesn’t mean his ass shoots it means his booty clappin haha honestly he a wanna be at everything the only thing he good at is rapping he a pussy bitch he would have got fucked up by that white guy Wayne thinks he can do what he wants obviously he can’t fucking whack ass person tryin to skate and shit haha

  • YOOOOOOOO!!!! waynes of the chaaainn ahaha wile ass mufuka fer rill on blood this nigga snappin i bet when dudes off papers hes finna fuck someone up or have someone do it for him rich ass dude dont give two fucks HA!

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  • lol he funny

  • Waynecrter

    Tunechi,u could av show him u r a reall.a blood of hollygrove,birdman rickross,drake n nicky wia r u guys

  • white person

    I listen to little wayne all the time he is one of the best rappers if not the best of all time and i’m sure there’s some problems in his life with white people just like there’s problems in white people’s life with black people but at the end of the day we are all americans and all struggle because of this fucked up society we live in and dude should not of touched him but what pisses me of is these low lifes on here talking about finding the dudes family and shit you stupid mother fuckers need to get a job and worry about our economy instead. Evrything in life isn’t about being hard asses that’s why were a joke to other countries.

  • even after that u still the same weezy lol

  • even after that u still the same WEEZY 😛 YMCMB ALL DAY

  • fuck wayne i would have knock him down with the camera