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Lil Wayne Performs “Bitches Love Me” At LIV Nightclub [Video]

Sat, Feb 2, 2013 by

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne rapping his verse from “Love Me” at LIV nightclub with Mack Maine and DJ Stevie J on stage in Miami, Florida back in November, 2012.

This footage was filmed two months before Weezy F Baby released the I Am Not A Human Being II single, so some parts of the verse are different to the version we all have now.

I’m excited to see Tune perform this on his European tour, are you ❓

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  • Thomas


  • adam f baby

    i am excited to see weezy perform bitches love me and no worries live on tour



  • weezy

    i lyk da new version

  • Guest

    He probably won’t even perform this on the tour. It will just be Carter 3 songs and old features like he always does. I’m not complaining because those songs are dope live, I’m just speaking the truth.

  • streets

    “blow job well done, filet mignon”

    wtf smfh

    thank god that line got changed lol

  • Tunechis left shoulder is messed up

  • lilwayne4evver!

    i’m waiting for the fuckin video! this song is dope, rich as fuck is dope, no worries is dope, my homies still is dope, starring at the world is dope, i am not a human being 2 is gonna be awesome! i wantt it right now,
    weezy is a living legend!!!!

  • Naveena

    I cannot wait for him to perform this in Dublin. His voice is the biggest turn on in the world!

  • aaddaamm

    I found this a few days ago and posted it I the forums:P

  • realniggawassup

    21 mars 2013 in PARIS BITCHES LOVE ME Live yeeeah bitch

  • Fraspen

    41 more days until Tunechi hit the swedish stage! 😀 <3

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

    (Follow me at Twitter @Fraspen)

  • Mitha

    Love this song! Love me some Tunechi!!!

  • Siege

    Pretty cool.

  • Sushi Baby

    ima love that bitch like satan? u aint gona love him wen ur burning in hell for all eternity “tunechi” u butt fucking satanist

  • Questionable fan??

    Say, I’m jus now seein this video of Wayne kissing dj Stevie j…..wats up wit that??? True???

  • maria_latina_wayne

    yes i want to hear Bitches Love Me explicit version


    Lil tunechi got that fire

  • chrisstunechi

    Tunechi wl always be da best..jst hope IANAHB2 doesn’t get pushd bck again..

  • YunG based god

    ^it will


    I realy need somebody, so temme you that you that somebody!!

  • Dwayne

    Denmark 13 marts!!!!!

  • flexy

    wayne is fucking best

  • Sup wit that?

  • Ed!

    Tunechile! Best Verse …. Love dat:DD

  • Nancy Maldonado

    Lil Wayne:

    I am madly in love with U! Make my dream come true and call me (917) 553-3762