Lil Wayne & Soulja Boy Go Skating At The “TRUKSTOP” Park [Video]

Sun, Mar 10, 2013 by

Above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne practicing a skateboarding trick with Soulja Boy at his TRUKSTOP skate park. Young Jeezy’s “Lose My Mind” song featuring Plies can also be heard playing in the background.

If you didn’t already know, Weezy F Baby recently invited S. Beezy to his Miami crib to chill and skate with him. You can view photos of Soulja chilling at Tunechi‘s house here!

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  • iris

    dhea bitch is there????

  • Brix

    I feel so ashamed to have supported this guys music when he does not care about his European fans 🙁

  • Momo

    Anyone else notice the Trukfit logo on the floor loool ?

  • n9ne

    i think soulja boy about to sign with ymcmb…..he got rich gang tattooed on his face today




  • Double U

    I spot Scoob Doo still filming Nino Brown 3 LMFAO

  • #8

    Number 8!!! Soulja Boy is gay, he should not sign with YMCMB. But yeah Hail Weezy!!


    1:06 Soulja Boy really GAY laugh. 6_6

  • hate

    So this is why he is not on his tour…

  • John

    @FUCKTHEHEAT & Brix, he does care about his European fans. He postponed his European tour due to his album being pushed back, the label decides when albums release. If he didn’t care about y’all he would have been like “fuck it, let’s keep the dates and they can hear my old shit.” He wanted to preform new material for y’all.

  • Weezy___fan

    You kno I give Wayne props for skating. He’s actually getting pretty good! By no means is he Tony hawk but u can tell he’s taking it seriously and putting in the effort. I mean he’s grinding now lol good job weezy! Keep up the hardwork……. Just stop hang with soulja boy lol

  • Loyal fan

    His getting better wth skating!!! TRUK YOUR GAL BITCH!! Oh before i forget FUCK TED AND TUNESHÌT!!

  • Spopzin

    Go go tunechi go.

  • dhea is groupie

  • timbis


  • @official_X_

    *sighs*..wats wrong with dis fake ass fans?
    Wayne is not on tour doesn’t mean he can’t do any other thing, does he av to sleep n eat all day?
    He has to skate,just like he always did..stop complaining,he’s human too,he doesn’t av to work all day.. he needs to live his life

  • miyo

    If Wayne went touring right now, you’d hear his C4 and My Homies still, Love me and No Worries, is that what you want or his new material? His album is done… Let the dude skate

  • HayzzyB

    IANAHB2, i Swear to God i aint Nervous… I see what wayne saw with this skatin sh!t, that pieace of wood is gr8!. Let Wayne release his album, he’ll come there. And wen he does hez gona make up for this time.

  • Tuneshit

    Yea fuck Tuneshit!!

  • Tuneshit

    IANAHB2 leak could arrive any time soon, It so coooool, let’s motherfuck Tuneshit

  • Ed!

    I don’t wach this dope Video !!…. Be Cose the pusssyyyy is there …’ The Camera man’ f*** Pussy f* Solja !!!!!

  • Gahahaha

    Some excuses yall people make are so sad its almost funny

    Point is this nigger fuked over a lOt of people into spending money for hotels and travel and thats gone now and if you could see hes working in the studio then i might have aome sympathie

    But hes chillig with soulja boy. ??????? You could count how many braincells soulja boy has by all the bullshit he just said behind camera

    So of course people gonna be mad cause he rather chill with a stupid ass bitxh called soulja boy then to give his fans what they deserve

    You made wayne rich and now hes shitting on you
    How does that feel loyal fans ?

  • lil wayne

    i want to live in trukstop

  • junie

    This nigga just cannot skate he needs to give this
    shit up lol

  • Weezywee

    That’s not Dhea!

  • geezy

    weezy is da shit man all day fCUk the mtv list man lil tune is da new pac!! kill em tune mayne, just hope there’ll be no skate boards on yo last studio album…we need classic ish man….much love South Africa nigga(no homo)

  • Solène

    C’est Dhea ou pas ?

  • wtf

    Dis shit look gay as fuck