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Detail Explains How Lil Wayne’s “No Worries” Single Came Together

Mon, Apr 1, 2013 by

While on set of the “Shout Out” video shoot in Las Vegas back in November, 2012, Detail explains to MTV how Lil Wayne‘s “No Worries” single came together. If you didn’t already know, Detail produced the beat and also performs the song’s hook.

The “No Worries” producer says inspiration for the single came from a conversation between him and DJ Scoob Doo that took place in the studio one weekend.

“We had a weekend that we really wasn’t doing anything but in the studio working, and so we just decided to hang out and party the whole weekend, at the studio – not out in clubs.”

After Scoob Doo forgot to bring some unspecified party favors, Detail protested — that is, until Scoob hit him with two simple words. “He was like, ‘No worries, man. We good, no worries,'”.

“I actually wasn’t in the studio that night. Wayne called me the next morning, he woke me up like, ‘We did one,'” Mack told us. “Once he rapped it to me acappella on the phone, I knew it was a beast. I knew it was gonna be one of those ones.”

For Detail, who produced and performs the hook, “No Worries” was just a great example of the creativity that he, Wayne and the rest of YMCMB exhibit on the daily. “Being around ’em more, I realized that there’s just so many songs that are just our everyday lifestyles and conversations,” he said. “So I think that’s what we’re tapping into now. We deal with so many interesting things.”

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  • Cutie

    Fuck that leech scooby doo

  • 2unechi

    First!!! IANAHB2!!!!

  • Happy Easter

    I love this song but when I play the album I always skip it because it’s been out for so long. I’m kinda of bored by the song now ;(

  • trollup

    i would talk about my dick, but man that shit would be a short story

  • bad decisions

    detail is probably the best and real artist on ymcmb…..he also did tapout, curtains and how to love

  • Brix

    Can someone please tell me how Shit Stains did not make this album and why he recycled his verse from Sweat with Bow Wow ?

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple


    April fool right?

  • Jaz


    if that’s true that sucks dick 🙁

  • Oscar Galvan

    That is just a troll dont mind him, and danny should put a relply button on people’s comments

  • WeezyKB24

    that’s not the actual wisheezy dumbasses

  • Wisheezy

    Just a fool dudes…:)

  • Sir. T

    Its a crazy song no doubt.. Fat niggar @Dick_Ross remixed it but it took me by no suprise coz he idolises Tune.. IANAHB2 still rockin’ my playlist.

  • @wisheezy where is danny m?

  • Zodiac

    IANAHB2 is only looking to sell 200k first week.


    i have so much swag

  • That is the best way of producin’ hits , keep it up guy’s .

  • Hosros

    Nice But I’m Bored

  • volcomnukka

    Mack Maine, you DO NOT have the gift to gab. You have the gift TO FUCK UP A SONG!!!! “Big dog shit nigga. I’m on my feet like dog shit nigga….” WTF that is the laziest line ever. You are a piece of dog shit Mack Maine!

  • Loyal fan

    Dope track!!! IANAHB2 is hot. Love and enjoy that album. Hope T-Raw’s album will be great. I’m waiting for the single from T-Raw ft Tunechi- 500 degreez…

  • Khosta

    Aibo mack main is the dopest rapper in the game, fuck you volcomnukka. “I’m on my feet like dog shit nigga” is dope. And what about these lines, “virgins, they aint fuckin with us” “I aint trippin nigga I’m just takin trips”

  • tony_montana

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  • Ed!

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  • Ed!

    “White weak Rapper” i don’t See that Never on YMCMB

  • young Money cash Money Obama

    @ khosta

    Mack Maine do got sumthin,they just sleeping on him. “Virgins….They ain’t fuckin wit us.Cash Money Young Money….FUCK THEM OTHER NIGGAS!!!!!!

  • Kurrupt

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  • dalow

    What yall thnk abt “hello”

  • realone504

    ima b real about the imnahb album it was a alright album good hits and good songs great lyrics wack hooks to me……now if a new artist puts out a piece of work like this it will be the shit but its weezy this cd sold over 200,000 the 1st week WITH NO MAJOR PUSH AND NO PROMO FROM HIM no interviews no nothin