Producer DVLP Talks Lil Wayne’s “Beat The Shit” Song Featuring Gunplay

Tue, Apr 2, 2013 by

Producer DVLP recently chopped it up with MTV about producing Lil Wayne‘s “Beat The Shit” song featuring Gunplay, which can be found on I Am Not A Human Being II.

DVLP, who also produced “Fireman” back in 2005, says Weezy knew the track would not be radio friendly and that he found the Gunplay appearance to be interesting, because he is “not the typical feature”.

“It’s funny because when Wayne played it for me after it was done, he looked at me like, ‘D, this ain’t for radio’. He let it be known right from the jump that it was a little aggressive.”

“Gunplay is also one of those dudes that has that wild-out, aggressive attitude and I think that’s why they get along, maybe personally before music. Sonically, I think Gunplay sounded pretty good on that record, actually.”

In related news, Gunplay spoke with Mikey T The Movie Star about working with Tunechi on “Beat The Shit“. You can watch their interview after the jump below.

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  • Lljcute

    I love tunechi

  • 12

    Shiittt im about to go play fireman now lol

    them memories 🙁



  • Sqad Crew

    Gunplay is sooooo fucked up on drugs in that interview LOL.

  • ed

    what the fuck is up with gunplay in that clip lmfao????

    the song bangs for real though.

  • Tunechi f Baby

    The only part of beat the shit i did not like was when weezy started singing

    That part was corny.

  • deekson

    Where can I download the track?

  • @becguyzlax

    jus spent 3 hours listening to old weezy songs..As a fan im happy that he gave us all those songs and no lie he is still blessing us..Team weezy forever

  • Angel

    Lil Wayne is my baby daddy. JK I am only 14.

  • john

    whats up with soulja boy and gunplay making the album>>

  • Khosta

    It’s the last song I’d wana listen to in the album

  • Sir. T

    Jea Gunplay really killed it. I’ve doubted him in de past but after hearing him I was ‘mhm.. Wow. This dude dope’.

  • dipset

    Which track is better between fireman and beat the shit?

  • popped a Molly Im sweatin! whoo!

    @dipset, most definitely fireman! No competition

  • Zodiac

    Obviously fireman is better lol.

  • Tru lie

  • k


    Cash money records where dreams come true, everything is easy baby, leave it all to weezy baby !

  • Critic


  • Lilmannerz


  • Tony Montana

    @dipset are u serious???

  • saintsallday187

    Beat the shit
    Rest in peace to wessy wes a pussy ass nigga always kill a good nigga

  • Ineye Gabriel

    I kinda like beatshit but shit stains is my track even though weezy is a wacky ass right now I still love him for what he does .

  • Edo

    Gunplay had a better verse in beat the shit….

  • Tay

    Wayne hard, point, ( ), .