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Two New Lil Wayne Features Will Drop On April 17th!

Wed, Apr 10, 2013 by

Two New Lil Wayne Features Will Drop On April 17th

Funk Flex will be releasing his new mixtape, Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?, on April 17th at 8PM EST. On the tape, there will be two brand new songs that feature Lil Wayne.

The first one is a Cam’ron record called “Love To A Diplomat” that was produced by DTP. The second one is a Jae Millz track called “Buy This Buy That” which was produced by Mad Skrews.

Don’t forget to check back to next Wednesday to download both of these Weezy F Baby features!

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  • Showiz


  • Zodiac

    The camron song will be the song jim jones talked about last year.

  • my nigga,Tunechi yeah that nigga nice

  • mabongatsha

    First!!!!!!! Biaaaatch

  • pepperoni

    Johnn Cenaa is the newww Wwe champion

  • Fuck you @pepperoni this is #liltunechi fans site not @johncena. Bitch

  • Hustle

    Im looking forward to the Cam joint

  • Loyal fan

    Dope!!! Can’t wait for that features. YMCMB for life.

  • Khosta

    It’s about time danny posted somethin new

  • monster

    @danny mack maine said the jae and weezy track is amazing

  • patriots

    how many artist u know drop 2 features in 1 one day… none cuz only wayne do it he did like twice this year already he is the G.O.A.T.

  • Fucking wackkkk

    White guy looking hes chewing on crack rocks every hour of the day

    Eat some vegetables kid you look like a fucking ghost

  • I was looking forward to 2 wayne songs, not 2 wayne features

  • Fucking wackkkk


    You ever heard fat maine hear say something else ?

    Wayne could shit on his fat fucking forehead and its still dope according to fat leach main

    Thats what you get when you got yes men around you who just live of your money

  • Guy in pic- “Yeah this high shirt goes well with my shitty flame neck tattoo and fake gold watch. Can I say nigga around black people yet?”

  • ym

    @pepperoni ima WWE fan to nigga but wat the hell John Cena got to do wit Lil Wayne If you want to talk about wrestlin go to or sum shit

  • I can’t wait for that to happen.

  • dipset

    Lilwaynehq is waynes how are u wayniacs? 🙂

  • Tune Man On The Moon

    dope i cant wait

  • dangerstan

    check it aut BEST LIL WAYNE HOOKS

  • Sir. T

    Can’t wait for’em.

  • Oscar Galvan


  • Khosta

    I got rape by my daddy

  • THA infamous

    dont these two people look like they are making great music? smirks and expressive tattoos are so cool, just sayin


    Ready 2 hear da verses , we all kno Wayne gon kill it juz dk what he gon say. & I need some info on dat Wayne trick daddy scuffle asap cuz ppl already tryna make it seem like Wayne ain’t do shit . Juz like erbody was quick 2 say he was in dat truck in L.A. & he won’t . Diz story sounds juz like dat . Fuck trick daddy punk azz he juz mad he broke and Wayne gets more shine den him in Miami . I hope Wayne sent dem bloods on em . Marley please shoot em ! …… Shoot Pusha T 2 juz 4 bein Pusha T…..& bein ugly

  • choice

    Na wa oh. My guy wetin dey dry you up like dis. Pls do something about it!!!

  • Readdy

    Weezy repping these shades in Mack Maine’s ‘Celebrate’

  • Lil Wayne’s #1 Fan Aydan White

    This is Gonna be hella dope cause anything lil wayne does is dope. I freaking love him till the day I die!!!!

  • trick daddy came to k.o.d wit about 40-50 faggots wit him , nd non of dem could lay a finger on wayne. why? Cus he knew he would actually get murked aftawards.

  • Lilia

    Hey Danny, did you saw Mack Maine’s picture on Twitter ? 🙂

  • Broskie

    WAIT.. what picture?! my school’s dumb wifi & signal wont let me get on twitter! Danny?? @Lilia ?

  • southern tune

    yo Danny….Wayne just fucked a piano on that IANAHB intro……
    who the fuck does that?
    I mean, name a rapper that done already did it like that please.
    ……shit wait, I know…
    that boy Tune.
    lol keep doing Ya thang Danny, big ups
    we see you outchea in S.Africa

  • kenneth

    I knw wayne is a lyrical killr in fact he’s a lyrical genious he’s so fukn awsum he can killr shit wth her eyes closed more lyk stivy wonder lol dnt hate man take a chill pill

  • HenryTunechi

    Who is that mothafucker in picture??

  • LuvTunechi


  • Geo

    my homeboy Mad Screws produced the one wit Jae Millz, so i know that beat gonna be fire!! Can’t wait to hear it!

  • Kim

    Hey what’s up lil wayne hope u feeling better

  • Hey anyone think Lil wayne should still make cd’s holla @ me haha luv yallz escpeaclly u lil wayne luv yu