T.I. – Wit Me (Feat Lil Wayne) [Full]

Mon, May 20, 2013 by

TI Wit Me Feat Lil Wayne

We saw a teaser on Friday, heard a snippet yesterday, and now here is the full version of T.I.‘s “Wit Me” single featuring Lil Wayne. The official music video will premiere online at 10PM EST, so don’t forget to check back to LilWayneHQ later tonight to watch the visual!

You can stream “Wit Me” after the jump below and purchase the song from iTunes here.

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  • ItsDup


  • First


  • Nathalieee

    I love it =)

  • hard

    this track is hard as fuck, they both killed it, banger!

  • @becguyzlax

    Wayne killed it…


    Ten times better than Ball LOL

  • Jamal__

    They boys ate!!

  • Seelz

    “Got Lil Wayne on her ass, Lil Tunechi on her titties”

  • Johnny Bravo

    Two of the best rappers out. Can’t wait to see them on their tour.

  • tity boi

    wayne’s 2nd verse > his 1st verse 🙂

  • 100%

    tunechi killin it! cant wait for music video

  • Moeketsi hector foto


  • lil wayne perfff

  • Hell yeah!! wit me biiiatch 😀

  • Sir. T

    Can’t wait to hear it

  • Sqad Crew

    Lil Wayne has more parts on this than T.I. but it is a T.I. song 😐 Which album will it appear on?

  • Ronie

    Fuck they killed it, and thats why i love tune. He allways know how to make a awesome song

  • Ymcmb

    Dope as fuuuck!!

  • MrNinoBrown

    So good i like it… tunechi killed it again and is at least 3 times better than ball! @DannyM please do you know when the Hello music video will be out? I’m really looking froward to this. thanks

  • james

    tune dis!!!

  • Bawse

    Nigga really said “bitch don’t cum on the work” lmao.

  • volcomnukka


  • Tune

    Wayne sounds different on this?

  • volcomnukka

    “I didn’t mean to scream like that….sorry…”

  • Crummz

    been a weezy fan since he came out but his music is jut getting worst an worst and all you idiots posting dope need to learn what real music is go listen to his older albums and this shit will sound retarded

  • Steff

    @Crummz i know what you mean but that was weezy f baby. this is tunechi, i guess he going thru a phase but it doesnt matter tho kuz even tho his music is dropping, he still is on top.

  • lano_dee

    Love old weezy, like this new shit too, follow on twitter and instagram @lano_dee

  • DeCode

    Two of my favorite rapper’s coming together once again to make a track that just gets the party pumpin. Shout to Weezy and the K.I.N.G.

  • Jaz

    Dope ass song, this should of been lil wayne ft. T.i. Anyone else agree 🙂


    is it just me or can you all not understand a single word t.i. says either?? other than that wayne is so raw keep it up

  • morriskalb


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  • f***k al who say lilwayne’s muzik is dropin’ nt real , take a shh cos weezy made u luv muzik go get sme cookies wfb best of al tym geek

  • Kidd

    This what im talking bout two long verses

  • tony_montana

    T.I goes in! Wayne,not to0 bad I must say…but Tip murks

  • BMF

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! My bad I didn’t mean to scream like that sorry. TUNE ma nigga

  • Tru

    Dope as fuck

  • YMCMB & Hustle Gang !

  • Angelo

    Badddeessttt soooongggg =p

  • nine

    This is weak very disappointing

  • shit go hard dick in her face gun in purse work in her pussy dont cum on my work damn bars for days wayne fan until i die real rap

  • Lil ZeeTune

    if Jay z nd Mr West wer in da song it wud hve been a dopper song i promic yall bt no aint hatng love this song

  • luket

    Wayne goes in for real on this!

  • Mdeezy

    I plead guilty before I let these niggas Judge me!!!!!!! Wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • U.O.E.N.O

    This what we want with 2 verse

  • Khosta

    Ahh this what I wanted

  • Fiwa

    Lawl shii he go lyk:ta kill me ya’ll niggaz gota die wimme wimme wimme.u da best wayn!M3G@TR¤N

  • Shaha

    These are waynes most bars in a feature since forever

  • Wayne 4 Life

    “Wit Me” (Feat. Lil Wayne)

    Verse 1 (Lil Wayne):

    Bitch, put my dick in your face
    Put my gun in your purse
    Put my work in your pussy
    Bitch don’t cum on the work
    Pass the weed to your slime
    These niggas greener than limes
    So many knots in my pockets
    The bitches need a massage
    I was born in a drought, I hope I die in your mouth
    If you a rat you shoulda died as a mouse
    The weed louder than an Opera House
    Till the fat lady sing drop codeine in my punch
    I’m bout to take a swing if niggas thinkin’ I’m soft
    I’ll knock your thinkin’ cap off
    I get blood out these pussies I’m a stinky tampon
    This for my niggas back home, I’m so New Orleans regardless
    Got bitches falling like August cause their bullshit to a taurus
    My bitches badder than Me
    Call that Adam and Eve
    I do tricks on my skateboard, not up my sleeve
    I kiss your bitch on the neck, shoot your man in the head
    Get his mama address then send his parents his head
    I play wit pussy not these niggas
    Crucify these niggas
    Kidnap em call they boss and ask em “who gon’ buy these niggas”?
    Got “Lil Wayne” on her ass, “Lil Tunechi” on her titties
    To kill me you gotta die
    Wit me wit me wit me……

    Verse 3 (Lil Wayne):

    Pussy, money, weed wit me
    Before you judge me I plead guilty
    I wish a nigga would (wood), I won’t get a splinter
    Just bought a chicken bout to break it down to chicken tenders
    Block boomin’, I’m not human, my drop zoomin’, my eyes gloomin’
    One giant leap for mankind I’m as a moon man
    How have you been?
    Gun ain’t on my waist, but it ain’t that far away
    I’m sparklin’ like some chardonnay
    Here today, gone today
    I play wit pussy not these niggas
    Crucify these niggas
    Kidnap em call they boss and ask em “who gon’ buy these niggas”?
    Got “Lil Wayne” on her ass, “Lil Tunechi” on her titties
    To kill me you gotta die
    Wit me wit me wit me

    * I only did Lil Wayne’s verses cause let’s face it….this is a Lil Wayne fan site. I am 99% it is correct but then again i might be wrong. Enjoy and this song is straight fire! But y’all already know that lol good looks to Weezy and T.I.! Keep doin’ your thing nigga!

    Wayne 4 Life out!!!!

  • Wayne 4 Life

    let me know what you think about the lyrics and if I got em right

  • LuvTunechi


  • trezzy

    Yeah nigga!!Bitch, put my dick in ya face, put my gun in ya purse!!lol we rich forever!!

  • Bitch, put my dick in your face !!! =)

    Weezy is BACK !!!

  • WHAT?

    WHAT T.I. Ripped this shit, wayne aint doin what he use to.