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Jadakiss Says “Mixtape Killer Weezy” Will Be Featured On His Album

Wed, Jun 5, 2013 by

Jadakiss Says Mixtape Killer Weezy Will Be Featured On His Album

Mikey Fresh from Vibe recently spoke to Jadakiss about his upcoming fourth studio album, Top 5, Dead Or Alive, and who will be featured on it. Kiss mentions that Lil Wayne will be featured on the album, but not just any Wayne, the “mixtape killer Weezy“!

“The L.O.X. is definitely on it. Songs that I got done? Jeezy, Wiz, Chris Brown… I got Weezy on there, too. The vintage Weezy, that mixtape killer Weezy. I got Rozay, but we may do another one. My son’s favorite artist is J. Cole, so I think I got to throw him on there. He loves A$AP Rocky, but it’ll probably be one of them.”

I’m looking forward to hearing this collaboration after their previous collabos “Death Wish” and “It’s Good“. What about yourself ❓

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  • Big Dreams

    My body is ready.

  • Vedvik music


  • lawl

    when it droppin though danny ???

    please dont say end of the year or next year



  • Double U

    Mixtape Weezy Mudafuckaaaa

  • weezy92

    when is this out?

  • sooo woooo

    come on guys jada would never have no autotune pussy talking wayne on one of his songs

  • tity boi

    should be a dope track.

  • Ducksick

    Why thefuck is a rapper fuckig with wiz kalifa ?
    The songs i heard ftom that wack fuck were all about weed and the lineswere fuckingterrible

    My bitch so bad that im never cheating
    Really ? REALLY ? For cying outloud

    Why dont theyboycot this fake rock rap motherfucker?

  • zod

    I can already guesd what waynes verse is gonna sound like

    Wayne: eat that pussy like a …..
    Wayne: pussy feel like a….
    Wayne: hit yo ass wit my skateboard…tunechi!

  • tony_montana

    If lil wayne’s verse is half as good as his “death wish” verse then I’ll be satisfied c0z that was a dope ass verse!! But then ofcourse I’m hoping this verse will be just as good if not better than the “death wish” verse though…wayne better not dissapoint!

  • Kutta

    I need some new Wayne music cuz IANAHB2 got boring now

  • Don

    MIXTAPE WEEZY!!!!!!!!!! I want that No Ceilings Wayne

  • Heat

    I need some new wayne music in my life. When can we get some new music @Danny?

  • JTheMan

    Wayne is back on his bar for bar flow. Nicki is back on her rap shit. There is a hip hop God. I hope he keeps it up.

  • Truth


    IS HE BACK??????????????????????????????????????

  • Don

    @Truth Boy I think he is we’ll see once the song drop

  • Don

    Wayne is the best I ain’t never gone stop sayin It til he retire can’t w8 for this I’m still ready for that No Ceilings 2 man

  • fawaka

    fuck lil wayne , jada wtf u doing go make songs whit dmx or any other rapper but not that fake rapper lil wayne

  • Loyal fan

    Can’t wait!!!!!!! MIXTAPE WEEEEZYY IS BACK!!!!! I want NO CELLINGS 2!!!

  • Patriots

    @zod must me be a hater cuz he cleary said vintage mixtape killer weezy

  • denilson

    Tunechi. <3

  • i will always defend weezy in any debate about who the best rapper is.i won all my ”debates” and i made all the haters love him.theres no words to describe weezy’s words need to be invented for him because there aren’t any at the moment to describe his greatness….i’m not gonna say he is the best anymore because i and everybody know he is.i salute you weezy,you were blessed with an amazing talent and your using it….i only listen to weezy,he is the greatest thing that ever happened to music.#we appreciate you tune!

  • Nkanyiso

    @linda_carter you and I are 1 and the same

  • Lawl

    Does anyone know when will the GIGITGame on facebook come out?

  • Don

    I don’t even entertain Wayne haters anymore I know he is the best nobody says the stuff he says man. Wayne and Kanye are my two favorite rappers and Kanye said himself that he believes Wayne is the best in the world. So when I hear people say he sucks its like I don’t even hear it

  • hey lil wayne well am just here waithing for yor album well good look

  • hey bitches is people talk samck abaute 50 cens fuck that but if the talk abaute my babe lil wayne i will samck yor fucking face of

  • Philly C

    Damn Kiss flat out came out and basically said ” don’t bring no weak shit. Come hard like I know you’re capable”!

  • LuvTunechi


  • weezy is the king of rap…no one like him KANYE himself sayz his the best..n guyz in terrorist weezy was in his killer weezy mode!!!!

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