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More Footage Of Lil Wayne On Set Of His “God Bless Amerika” Video Shoot In New Orleans

Thu, Jun 20, 2013 by

In the video above, you can watch some more behind the scenes footage from Lil Wayne‘s “God Bless Amerika” video shoot, which took place in his hometown Hollygrove, New Orleans on June 15th.

Weezy F Baby can be seen shooting his parts for the Eif Rivera-directed music video in front of an American flag before leaving with his crew – Marley G, Marisa Flores, Troy Bless, T@, and Dev. At the end of the clip, TRUKFIT’s official skater YoYo can also be seen teaching Kidd Kidd how to skateboard.

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  • Stunter

    First ! ROMANIA

  • Stunter

    What is the name of the first song ?

  • JK

    Follow me on twitter @just6kidding

  • Caleb

    When does the vid drop?

  • KingPgaraoh

    Down in the studio ft Mack mane & t-streets

  • No Worries

    I think this video shows Wayne had not intention of walking on the flag and how it was all done accidentally.

  • trill

    lol wtf was kidd kidd doing there

    i hope he didnt bring 50 to the videoshoot with him

    every fuckin rapper wanna start skating since weezy

  • Yoooooo

    Always showing love to the N.O.

  • What Up Doe

    This was probably before Wayne and Kidd hit up the studio together 🙂

  • Joe dirt

    Not a fan of lil Wayne anymore….won’t ever buy a weezy album again if he can’t respect the flag

  • Davin the great

    Another fan lost here too……he can’t respect USA then he can’t have my money

  • Johnnysmith

    I’m not dissing weezy but all of my friends who listen to him are agianst him now. Wtf I don’t understand why it’s just a flag??? I never like wrests music anyways

  • Apple street

    Shout out to Wayne for stepping on the flag he’s a great human being

  • Yeah well its not like your money means a box of piss to him!!!so keep yo thrash money!!!and if you are no longer fans then what are you doing on his fansite???? Dumbfucks!!!!

  • LiL ZeeTune

    i love ma Nigga lil wayne No Homo nd i will still buy wayne’s Music no matta wateva

  • Sam

    I’m not a fan anymore cause of this asshole stepping on the flag

  • Goarmy

    I won’t support Wayne’s music if he can’t support my flag GO ARMY

  • LP

    Just a thought: Would someone with the intentions of disrespecting America apologize after? The flag dropped, and Lil Wayne was obviously ignorant to the importance of the flag or he didn’t want to ruin the shot. He didn’t do it out of hate, so shut the fuck up and move on to the next story on TMZ

  • Justanotherhateriguess

    I can’t believe he stepped on this country’s pride the flag is important part of history I use to come here all the time and give good comments about weezy. Now I’m just another hater because of his selfish ways

  • Mike boned

    He lost me as a fan straight up

  • C3 baby

    Agreed why buy his music if he can’t respect us I was a huge fan WAS

  • Tuned

    He didn’t stomp it. It fell and he backed up on it… Big deal. I accidentally stepped on a quarter. Does that mean I hate u.s. Currency? He was filming a video what’s he supposed to do stop the performance.. Fuck all yallll

  • Tuned

    He didn’t stomp it. It fell and he backed up on it… Big deal. I accidentally stepped on a quarter. Does that mean I hate u.s. Currency? He was filming a video what’s he supposed to do stop the performance

  • Tunechi96


  • evil seth

    I am not a himan being 2 didn’t even hit gold and it isn’t gonna hit platinum either….wayne is done!

  • zak

    Wayne never cared for his fans,he even called his fans bitches before smh…why respect someone who doesnt respect you? when was the last time you ever heard wayne say “I wanna thank all my fans”…………don’t worry I’ll wait

  • people over reacting over nothing here. dude stepped on a flag – he didnt stomp on it – he didnt burn it – he didnt wipe his ass with it – he stepped on it while shooting a music video. If the official video drops and the focus is him walking on the flag then MAYBE Its worth talkin about – till then – all the haters and clownfucks can sit down and STFU. American gov is tapping all our calls/texts and the focus is on wayne steppin on a flag. SMH

  • 2starR

    Dumbass so called “fans” are now against Wayne, lol yea watch all y’all bitches come crawling back on Wayne’s dick. Bandwagon ass niggas always finding a reason to bring this man down, even if he did do it on purpose, he was showing what was behind America, HOOD…but I guess you rich ass bandwagon niggas won’t know anything about the hood

  • DP
  • Sticki

    Fools people r been killed erday in our streets u dn’t complain abt dat u r actually mad some 1 accidentally stepped on a Cloth keep ur fucking filthy money n dn’t return 2 this site again with ur bitch ass R.I.P LIL SNUPE!!!!

  • Tuned

    He didn’t stomp it. It fell and he backed up on it… Big deal. I accidentally stepped on a quarter. Does that mean I hate u.s. Currency? He was filming a video what’s he supposed to do stop the performance
    Fuckin fags

  • Tuned

    In “youtube” neggas be supporting wayne ,, and here neggas be givin him hell, and this is a fucking fansite ,,, soo sad

  • 2starR

    @sticki West Bank nigga huh? I fwy

  • I would hate to not be hated Just hate me
    Hater, hater, hater I love you so much
    ~ lil wayne. Weezy for life

  • smfh yall hating and i thought this is fan website maybe wrong or this sholud called weezy haters website real talk fake ass fans

  • really?

    For all y’all lil wayne “haters” if you are not a lil wayne fan why the hell are you on his fan website maybe it’s jud me but if you don’t like the nigga don’t go on his fan website

  • ___

    Ya ll niggas are stupid.You obviously can see that he did not step on the flag on purpose. It just dropped during the shot. People here saying theyre no longer fans for something he obviously did unintentionally. People are just stupid and lookin for a reason to hate. I like how people are saying they arent fans yet they are still on this site

  • lIL zeeTuNe

    Tunechi got haters bt we all du so pay no mind 2 em Love tune(No Homo)

  • Tunechi Li

    @zac actually I heard Wayne say thanks to his fans… lets see.. personally last year at his concert and I’m sure he’ll praise us all again on this tour. “1. I believe in God 2. I ain’t shit without y’all. And 3. I ain’t shit without y’all” those are the three things he said throughout his concert. He knows us and acknowledges us all the time. Stay off the site if you’re not a fan. For the real fans, we still remain.

  • @ zac

    The nigger doesn’t love anybody. He fucks his fans just like he fucks botches… Ur wives and daughters.
    Wake up America u r screwed. Thanks barrack nig. I am going to kill someone.

    . Ur music fucking blows NIGGER

  • lil tune

    I really love waynes haters yo! They are the dumbest fuckin haters I swear, they all r bunch of bandwagon fags that just need 2 stfu and let wayne do wayne cuz his still gettin money,pussy, your mom and ya sista so stfu and get off this (fan) website!!!!

  • Tuned

    Yee fuck dis bitch ass haters


    Fuck you niggas and the flag. Other than the army and the senate nobody in this country believes in unity anyway. You niggas never gave a fuck about the flag until he stepped on it. Haters kill yourself

  • lil tune

    Honestly tho, who cares about america, america is the country that put the world in a economic crisis, and alla u that support that flag are fools, how can u say that I have fought for that flag, are you dumb, all of the wars that the united states of america have started, is all about taking all the oil and natural resouces of other countries, america kills its own people and no1 is talking about that!! WOW some americans are blind 2see the fact that the gov steals from them day by day! 1day all ov u americans will see the fuckin truth!

  • Zero king of the ghetto

    Fuck lil Wayne goofy ass rapper

  • Tupac back

    Lil Wayne’ I was a huge fan not anymore fuck you

  • cris

    New drake song leaked..

  • Weezy4life_ymcmb

    Shut the fck up about him steppin on the flag.. Smh ya should be worrin wat tht fckn president is doin to this country.,

  • If i was wayne i kum with a mixtape call molest yo mouth since yall on his dick

  • Nick

    You all need to go watch Argo again and watch them burn the US Flag and don’t come up with excuses of oh it’s a movie or shit like that. There was no intention from Wayne and he don’t even care. Listen to track 1 on IANAHB 2 “Americans hate that I’m American” that line there gives him right to do whatever he wants. Nobody shows this dude love in the country so why should he give back. Honestly it’s a flag that dropped. If anything all you americans should be complaining about the guy that dropped the flag onto the floor which is also against your law. Stars not allowed to touch the ground or some shit.

    Wake up and get over yourselves. This won’t be seen in the music video at all. This is leaked footage from a music video set. “Leaked” meaning not supposed to surface at all.

  • ~FacePalm

    @Zac and also to all the Haters

    Your saying he doesnt acknowledge his fans..Wrong he doesnt acknowledge those that are “bandwagon fans”
    who just say they wayne fans but really not..its just like football..when barcelona win people who dont even know barcelona team players or history jump on and say they supported them and where fans all thetime but nex year if some other team wins they were backin that team all the time and never barca its the same with fans of music. YOUR NOT A REAL FAN SO SHUT THE FUCK UP

    Are You even a Nigga cause im sure your a fucking white ass dude but your typing the word “Nigger”..If you a White dude “Nigga” is somewhat passable but when you typing “Nigger” your entering disrespectful teritory and you could say im racist cause im not cause you could refer to “Niggas” as Brotha or Homie Or African American etc etc so if you aint african America cut the “nigger” talk .

    TO all people over reacting the point of the flag dropping is to SHOW what you dont see being american what america dont see and dont bother to help People from the hood have it hard or what not you dont see the hood as a representation for america no you see places liike new york, miami places that are fixed established but they dont fix and establish the “Hoods” so they could have a better standard of living no they have to deal with it themselves..he is shooting the video from his perspective of what HE SEES as america before he became wayne to see all the places and fly country to counrty state to state..and WHAT did you see before all that? A Hood..that was america for him the tough life hustleing etc etc

    So iF you dont know sh!t shut the fuck up cause im not from the country and i could understand that point of view better thann MOST of you americans fucking idiots

    Its a Video shoot they have to drop the flag behind him for them to be able to get it into the video to put his point across..his point? all he sees behind America is his hood where he grew up..what yall dont see behind America flag? the Hood

  • Ok… Fuck yall who hatein you just mad because he famous an make prolly 100 times more $ than why talk shit cause he accidently step on tha flag it ain’t really a big deal if you did it would u get all dis attention an people turn on you for it

  • truth




  • MrNinoBrown

    I just wanna say that the proof that he did not intend to walk on the flag is here but all y’all dumbfucks who like hatin’ on wayne are still thinking that that he wanted to disrespect to America! Are you stupid? The song is called “God Bless America” is it not a proof that he is proud of his states and his city? All y’all are really stupid! The fact is that if it was not Wayne nobody would have noticed this , but as it is Wayne so everybody wanna say shit about him. Matter of the fact look at Wayne followers He is still winning between 10000 & 15000 followers per day! So if you think Wayne lost you as a fan shut the fuck and GTFO of here the sky is not ready to fall. Cant Wait for the Vid

  • Jaz

    I dont know why your all hating on him, he was doing his thing, in the real video he probz wont even be Treding on the flag it will be all edited, wayne wont even bring this video out anyway, coz all the hate his getting over it!!!!

  • Lilswags

    Huhn?? Why all thiz hate? Jst bcos he steppd on the America Flag. . . Pssf give Me a break. . .wah bout Jayz and Kanye_ they talk shit bout the creator of the Universe[GOD] errday. . . Damn! U haterz jst blind to the Fact! Pussy Ass Niggas

  • !We in here!

    People need a reality check and a grip on there life if all you’ve got time to do is trip over an accidental flag step on while making a video ya’ll wanted to see and while making money u trip there’s a lot more to trip on than stepping on a flag in life get off the couch and do something with your life instead of Tripping live and let live!!!!!

  • Lynette Martin

    Peope r always blowin stuff out of porportion!!!!!!! Relax and let the greatest rapper in the world, also known as my baby do his thang TUNECHI. Love u weezy!!!!!!!

  • james

    if he wanted to diss da flag e wudnt have made a song called ” god bless amerika”….nd e accidently stepped on it but den e walked away frm it….e din go back and make da flag his carpet….and for accidently steppin on it e did apoligize whch is exactly wat e shud do nd did….. if yall ppl still have a problem…. den go ahead dnt support him….. “love me o hate me….u wont breake me o make me” ….wayne said it

  • Fuck yah

    Stupid mudufukas ya are the fakes fans i e ever seen wud you guysdo if you step on the american flag hun nothing bitches no one would care cu your nobady but since WAYNE did it by acident ya all wanna hate on him fuckin pussies ….stop actin like bitches and forget about it none of yah gave a fuck about the flag before this happened

  • YM Salute

    Honestly those that are saying “I’m not a fan of his anymore”, do yourself and be honest… You never were a fan. Because if you were you’d acknowledge that this was a mistake and accept his apology/message about it being an accident.

    Don’t even dare call yourselves fans because if you are, then you are just pathetic excuses OF fans. Get out of here and save us the bullshit.

  • Tuned

    He didn’t stomp it. It fell and he backed up on it… Big deal. I accidentally stepped on a quarter. Does that mean I hate u.s. Currency? He was filming a video what’s he supposed to do stop the performance

  • This is true

    Lil Wayne is a fool. His fans are too. This music is corrupting all of your minds. All of you who back him up saying “he has more money” “he doesn’t care” are really dumb. What’s it doing for yourselves? Why don’t you go chase your own dream, instead of listening to this trash. There is better, more positive rap music out there. The rap game is changing. We are the youth of America, we are the future. Don’t let this man corrupt your minds. A lot of you don’t even kill people or do half this stuff this man states in his lyrics. It’s not even cool to wanna do that stuff. Yeah go party, live your life! Don’t tell yourselves you can’t do anything cause each and every one of you can do what you set your mind to. Lil wayne has disrespected America on that. He aleardy corrupts minds as it is. These young kids take that music to heart it’s a joke. All your lives mean more than that. Hippie movement and I don’t even smoke marijuana.

  • john

    Just asking….How you know who Dev is??

  • splash

    love wayne. eff the the united states of hypocrisy. Land of the people who go to jail for smoking a harmless plant while other people get away with literal murder because of their influence power and political prowess. I’d clean the dingle berries in my asshole with that flag after he stepped on it

  • Truth understood

    @this is true….truth spoken agreed 100%

  • Arabo

    Am a huge fan Tune.. Still love ya

  • Young Money Cash Money Obama

    Fuck a hoe ass flag only ones mad is because they morales snd pride get in the way of their attention dumb asses.yall so fixated on tryna ruin this man career(white people especially,not excluding the minorities.but an accident is a accident like shittin on yoself….but wayne so sick and tired of shittin on everybody else.

  • LuvTunechi

    I LUV IT N I ALWAYZ LUVD YU BOO <3 Alwayz Been Witchu Wayne <3 YU ALREADI NU ;+)))

  • jessica

    The library the best place in the world

  • jessica

    I think you should shoot paint ball at the white house

  • ~FacePalm

    @ This is True

    You said Lil wayne corrupted hip hop? really every single genre has ill music first off your saying wayne corrupted music talking bout guns music etc etc. Have you ever heard lil wayne say do what i do or do what i sing about? No music is bout club bangers hood bangers and radio bangers thats where the money is..would you go to a club to hear country sh!t? no the “Molly” thing came up and i now recently hear wayne say olly yet your on wayne when other people be promoting things that he not even promoting he has kids and if im not mistkaen once he said he hopes his kids dont do the same sh!t he does.. you ever heard “Tyler, the Creator” that dude sings way more graphic stuff promotes devilish stuff to the highest as well as jay z yet your on wayne? really music is changing yes you know why? cause society is changing morals are somewhat changing…im sure if you check what is the main selling stuff it would be Sex or anything pertaining to sex and thats what alot of people want to hear and well thats where the money is..hoods want to hear bout hood life thats where the money is drug dealers want to hear bout drugs thats where the money is..people want uplifting music they get that to..DONT BLAME WAYNE FOR MUSIC BLAME SOCIETY FOR CHANGE IN MUSIC because if you dont know wayne has ALOT of positive songs but and positive messages in even tho “vice of songs” but you forget about waynes good songs says and only be on his ass for put records out and make videos to match songs and recording how he saw america b4 he became a rapper..i think he should remix “Misunderstood” for yall hating ass niggas who jus want to hate on him and blame him for sh!t wayne has alot of good songs if you choose to 4get about them that you..then your not a real fan case closed

  • Trebles’ Garcia

    Dam weezy. Loosing fans homie. Not good.. Dont loose the grip G.

  • Joe American

    Lil Wayne and everyone here are not true Americans. I have delt with hearing his bullshit songs for years because we live in a country where he’s free to do it. However it has gone far enough stepping on my American Flag I take as a personal insult. I have done too much in Afghanistan and my friends have sacrificed too much to let this go on. I’m done yes all you can say its a free country and he can do it and ur right it’s not illegal , however I’m free to beat that punks ass for disrespecting my country. Any of you that continue to support him are disgraceful. God bless America.

  • fuckameriKaobamaisapuppet

    Stop crying pussies shit aint that serious. Your government dont care about u. They could give a fuck less if wayne stepped on the flag they dont even honor their own flag or the ppl that live in this country. Fuckin idiots.

  • Travis

    These comments are stupid saying they arent fans anymore bc.he steeped on the flag damn it was a accident the music video.he was shooting is.called GOD BLESS AMERICA I hate ignorant pieces of trash that most of this society has came to ppl always wanna.hate or see someone fail instead of.trying to help ppl stop judging bc.thats a sin maybe u should look at where yall stand with.god bc.obviously god is blessing him this guy does so much for charity and.for kids away thosands of turkeys on thanksgiving he does.more then any of the ppl talking shit

  • thabo

    guy i wnnt to say well done u are doing great job 4 word .goon rocking .fromthabo makhubela 4rm south africa

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