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Paris Hilton Shoots “Good Time” Music Video Featuring Lil Wayne In Los Angeles

Wed, Jul 24, 2013 by

Paris Hilton Shoots Good Time Music Video Featuring Lil Wayne In Los Angeles

All this week, Cash Money‘s latest signee Paris Hilton has been shooting a music video for her debut single on the label called “Good Time” featuring Lil Wayne.

The video shoot took place in Los Angeles, California and the director of the visual is Hannah Lux Davis, who has previously done the “Bitches Love Me” and “Tapout” music videos.

According to Birdman, the “Good Time” single will premiere in two weeks time. There is no behind the scenes photos or footage from the video shoot just yet, except for the pic above of Paris and Hannah.

Are you looking forward to hearing “Good Time” and watching the music video ❓

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  • Punani

    Is this not the same song as that I Wanna Bang You song then?

  • 100

    I still dont understand why this woman is with YMCMB smh.

  • Matthew

    I know right,…

  • ed

    lol im actually hyped for this…..i know weezy gonna kill it

  • Haters GTFO

    Rich Girl

  • Eshall

    Interesting, I have to admit that Last Night has gotten stuck in my head quite a few times. Good for her!

  • breaking bad

    has no one else got a boner from those two chicks in the pic?? damn paris and that hannah are sexy as fukkkk

  • lil tune

    @breakingbad, nigga u wack as fuck! Yea parris is a lil sexy, but I aint gettin no boner from that lil pick. Btw I wanna see how this video gone look

  • Tunexx

    Lets be real. The only news we wanna hear is Dedication 5 news

  • Don

    @Tunexx honestly lol

  • geezy

    Birdman signs paris hilton, Birdman Buys a New Video Camera…YMCMB

  • Yea we need another single from dedication 5 or atleast the tracklist damn we can’t wait anymore.right guys

  • gucii

    Paris makes good song

  • ralph

    the sad part is that they will release paris hiltons album before Jay millz, gudda gudda, Cory gunz,bow wow etc….I feel sorry for those guys sitting on the bench and still no album

  • dipset

    @greame that’s right brah..lil wayne should realese another single off the dedication 5

  • donn0 bout tha Hilton girl buh i kn0w Mr Carter gon kill et. . . . YMCMB

  • Kidd

    For real paris and this other girl is ugly idk what the guy up there is seeing


    the whole cash money is a bunch of clowns now. especially Wayne.

    i’m glad I stopped listening to him after 07, this motherfucker is the definition of a sell out.

    I’l forever bump the Carter 2 and dedication 3 and shit, but his new shit is fucking trash.

    All you motherfuckers are deaf.


    i meant to say drought 3, not dedication 3. shit was wack.

    dedication 2 was fire though. too bad this dude got rich and forgot who he was.

  • Loyal fan

    FUCK U CLOWNS!!!!!

  • Don

    Dedication 3 didn’t suck

  • Don

    No Ceilings and Da Drought 3 are the best mix tapes by Lil Wayne

  • Don

    Not sayin the other ones suck but those two are my favorites

  • D5

    Good news birdman conferms big timers album announces single release in September or October

  • Leandreezy

    if you are a true fan, do not press just wait. So wait asshole!!!

  • We want d5

    @greame you right

  • dalow

    @D5 ja jst saw dat shit hope it doesn’t get pushed back

    dedication 5 will probably have a song dat features DRAKE nd BIRDMAN as a promo 4 da BIG TYMERS ALBUM

    Mannie fresh might get back wit cash money again,he’ll probably do da beats wit detail

  • cheez

    Hearing I Am Not A Human Being 2 Makes Me Sad Because wat happened to weezy. After 2010 I had to cut him off because it was gettin way to crazy please return weezy your music is getting horrible. I mean Lets face it No Ceilings and I Am Not A Human Being 1 Was the last of weezy before he turned into tunchi

  • D5

    That big timers album will probably get pushed back mor times than a nfl quarterback but it looks like birdman is serious about the album tho

  • LuvTunechi


  • hello patron jetset,how are you?i seek of means and the money for marry a verybeauty lady as you?now that i live,you could be loved with this act

  • Hell&Back

    Paris? Again? God!
    This is going to be a huge flop! Waitin for #D5

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