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Rich Gang (Lil Wayne, Birdman & R. Kelly) – We Been On

Tue, Jul 16, 2013 by

Lil Wayne, Birdman & R. Kelly We Been On

YMCMB release a brand new single off their upcoming compilation album, Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle, due to be released on July 23rd. Featured on this song, which is titled “We Been On“, is Lil Wayne, Birdman, and R. Kelly.

You can stream “We Been On” below and purchase the track on iTunes here.

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  • kriss

    first sick

  • youngtunechie

    This song is sick!

  • Weezy F

    Oh yea!!! Here we go!!

  • Jonathan


  • n9ne

    about time
    props danny

  • #1Stunna

    You know your not a great rapper anymore when Birdman has a better verse than you.

    Birdman > Wayne on this ๐Ÿ™



  • AGA

    hard track

  • Rich Gang up in dis bitch

    “Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton like 5 up in this bitch” – Birdman

    GOATest line in hip-hop.

  • bawse

    damn ma nigga weezy with an average verse on another feature…..

  • Pusha T

    Album gonna leak tonight?

  • no ceilings

    I don’t think people realize how great no ceilings was. Maby I see it as the best because that was the last of weezy but damm but bummping this shit mannnnn wayne was on that other shit

  • gaz f baby

    rkelly had the best parts on here….. i might need a birdman and kelly only version of this record

  • Eshall

    We be on! ChEa!!!

  • Yall know I Be High :)

    I hate to say it but Cash Money & Young Money is stupid why the fuck they keep putting out so many songs for albums I mean like damn before you even buy the album its like you already heard the hold damn album, i mean they already put 5-6 songs out for this damn album. People not going wanna buy it cuz they gone feel they already bought enough songs from it and gone wanna just download the leak link to it.

    Dumb ass Birdman sorry, but I’m. Speaking tha truth. And btw if you think I’m serious read my title for my name ๐Ÿ™‚

  • shabzbsm

    this is ”bitches love me” part 2 ??????

  • Showiz

    Birdman goes hard xD!
    Dope track!

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  • Bunz

    too much r.kelly

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  • Young Teezy

    my family be killin thiz shit Rich Gang x YMCMB x FGM x B.W.A x Honeycomb all ways win never stop winning

    free esho hero flow, free lil twist, free my unc dj, free all da real monsters

    Martians 4 Life

  • Someone help me if I’m wrong (Wayne is my favorite rapper) BUT…
    In his verse I think he said “Got a question for my lead, do you remember our first kiss” And the lead of this song is BIRDMAN
    Damn Wayne ๐Ÿ™ Come out already if anything

  • Sozay300

    Really confused that this is a “Supergroup’ project when Baby on every other song and Tune on 6 verses .. This should just be Babys “Bigga Than Life” project. I don’t see this as Ymcmb. They have such more talent and people can’t see it because they abandoning ship. #YMCMB

  • Bean

    Fukn right Sozay300 smhh

  • Tune

    It gets me mad how Lil Wayne just talks in his verses. Didn’t go as hard as before . He’s still the best to me. His verses are always short too compared to everyone else in the track. It’s all good though. #RichGang
    Tunechi! Number1

  • Don

    He did alright I guess lol

  • Don

    That beat nice af tho

  • Don

    I hope the other tracks he is on he spazzes out on them lol

  • Flow

    Dope song! Wayne ain’t gotta go hard on every track. But I still fuck with his verse its better then something trindad james would say lol.. M.E

  • Don

    Like the one he got with The Game and that one with Ti man fuck it he need to kill them all lol

  • Don

    Where is the D5 news at

  • Don

    He still the best tho

  • It may just be super catchy, but I’m feeling this song. Good vibe

  • YungGod

    @Danny M – Hey Danny If you ever get the chance to ask Wayne, Tez, Mack or whoever questions either thru person, email or twitter. Please ask them Why Wayne makes verses so short compared to back then. (Back then 1:30-2:00 minutes, Now 30-45seconds) I mean does he even charge for them.

  • Yung2unigga

    Any word on “Like Father Like Son Part 2” yet?

  • On instagram @officialteamtunechibaby

    Yea wayne didnt do much . But he still going hard .

  • On instagram @officialteamtunechibaby

    Yea wayne didnt do much . But he still going hard .CHECK MENOUT ON INSTAGRAM @officialteamtunechibaby

  • MALI
  • trebles garcia

    ((NO CEILINGS 2))

    Weezy make it happen.

  • Where drake…? He should of been on this track instead of rKelly . S/o rKelly tho

  • Sticki

    Wayne cn’t rap without drugs so until he off probation he’s never gonna go hard if D5 isn’t after Novemba it will be trash!

  • JayJay

    Dont feelin this Song Way too Long And Way Too much r Kelly hate his Voice just annoying

  • kendrick

    Man all these people saying wayne verse it not good stop comparing it to his old music lil wayne is smart if he stayed on his pastb syle he would have been not as hot as he still is remember if you stay in the past you will always be behind

  • tony_montana

    Wayne keeps proving his haters right though…this nigga just sounds bored in every track now. Smh

  • dipset

    I really thought that wayne will go hard I’m disappointed with waynes verse…if drake did a verse on this song he would have gone super hard!

  • JTheMan

    I’m sorry but that verse is wack. I hope he brings something different to D5.

    Well said @tony_montana

  • real talk

    SMFH really wayne???? all i know is d5 better go stupid hard cause HOLY GRAIL CLASSIC SHIT dat nigga 45 now and u still can’t do no better? best rapper alive my ass im just saying ppl im not a hater before yall start that shit up im a big wayne fan but jay-z new shit is a perfect example that just because u got money and hella fame don’t mean u gotta dum down the quality of your music wayne tighten yo ass up and get back to being known for yo monster ass verses and not yo dam swag and skateboarding

  • tony_montana

    @real talk, real talk!

  • Queezy

    yeaaaa im feelin dis, definitely a radio joint

  • Jaz

    Its a dope song, but rich gang will need to do a video for this single, and that means no album on the 23rd of july because every single need a video but they might still drop it got to wait and see ๐Ÿ™‚

  • trickster

    Nice verse from tunechi, short thogh:(

  • Peace Of Mind

    Y’all dumb fuks blamin his weak n short verses on probation never listened to IANAHB2, Da only time he was off drugs was in jail *dats if he didn’t have an inside job*. Da n166a got new interests… Get it str8

  • R kells best thing about the song

  • miyo789

    Album leaked already

  • Sticki

    @peace of mind Shut up he admitted it himself probation has affected his creativity n rappin abt Smoke doesn’t mean he smoke we’v seen many pics of him in clubs n he’s nt smokin if u knw Wayne u wud c that as very strange!

  • paper boy

    Waynes verse in this song is really wack and short …he can’t rap wen he’s mind thinking of kick flips and 360 tricks on the mic

  • Ed!

    Stunna and wayne kill it men!!, r Kelly ?!?!? Wtf thats shit

  • versace

    seriously, birdman kill this song!

  • MrNinoBrown

    Man i don’t understand the rating! That’s a fucking good song A real Chill song ! I really don’t know about y’all but I fuck with it! It is thrust that Wayne should have a longer verse and alse They shoud’ve put Drake on it but that’s good All the 3 killed.

  • MrNinoBrown

    It is True*… And also it is better than many songs of IANAHBII #Honest

  • MrNinoBrown

    Danny Do you lsiten to 100favors? Man Detail and K dot fucking killed that shit! I think there will be a lot of good songs on this album

  • Boris

    Does anyone else moticed that the instrumental sounds similar to My Bitches love me…

  • Tunechi

    @Marky Tunechi said, “got 1 question 4 molly, do u remember our 1st kiss” listen properly b4 makin gay ass questionz u dick… N tune’s verse is good 4 all u haterz…. YOUNG MONEY CASH MONEY RICH GANG 4LIFE!!!!! All the way 4rm South Afrika!!

  • Tunechi

    lol meant commentz not questionz!!

  • truth







    โ€œJust shot a video with R Kelly but no homo though / Really didn’t want to do it but I fuck with TS and Fat Joe Joe though”



  • @truth wrong song it wasn’t WE TAKING OVER..
    It was DIPSET on disc 2

  • aaddaamm

    Well.. This song is dope! But Birdman > Lil Wayne on this… ๐Ÿ™

  • Don

    @trebles Garcia No Ceilings 2 yes bro im so ready but be patient tho im sure we will get it

  • Kidd

    @real talk alright first of all the album magna carta holy grail was ass and got a worse album review than the carter 4 mchg was not a classic it wasnt close to classic if mchg was a classic then put carter 4 and the original ianahb in the classic picture in fact mchg album reviews score was closer to ianahb2 than the carter 4 talk about a bad album honestly yall be on jiggas dick more than anyone with his weak ass

  • Kidd

    It got a better score than ianahb2 but barely talking bout 2or 3 points but Carter 4 got a better score than it i dont think you guys know what a classic is there has been no classic albums this year the last classic album was good kid maad city and wayne last classic album was carter 3

  • Sticki

    @kid Nobody is ridin jigga’s dick mchg was decent not a classic tho plus dn’t compare it 2 TRASH IANAHB2 i’m beginin 2 side with PUSHA T i lyk Weezy bt nigga fell off soo bad admit it!!!!!!

  • Kidd

    Im just saying people in the comments are saying that jigga is showing wayne how to stay on top of his game as hes getting older and im saying jigga not even on top his game when the producers say the album is lazy and in my opinion i liked ianahb2 better than mchg they are both lazy ass albums but with songs like god bless amerika trippy and beat the shit i can bump that shit jay-zs album was lazy and there was nothing really you could bump

  • Corey

    So stunna and wayne back fucking with r kelly… He fucked stunna over back in 03 and 04..

  • brodyb23

    pleaseeee No ceilings 2!!! the first installment was the best mixtape ever!! make it happen to make history with the 2nd one, screw D5 lmao

  • Kidd

    @sticki and by the way i cant really say he fell off i can say that when he was on syrup he was better now that he is on probation he is fidgety and doesnt like to stay in the studio for long see before he went to jail he was just focused on making music and smoking weed now that he cant smoke its taking some of his passion for making music and he has substituted that for sleeping with a bunch of girls and skateboarding the only way we will know if he fell off or not is when november 4 rolls around abd he is off probation the conditions have to be the same to establish if he has fallen off or not

  • Kidd

    Guys imagine if bob marley couldnt smoke weed his music wouldnt be as good now
    would it same case scenario for wayne now

  • tony_montana

    @kidd stop defending Wayne dawg!

    The nigga that said Wayne had a wack verse because he doesn’t like R kelly…smh

  • real talk

    @kidd u comparing holy grail to c4 and inahb2 LMFAO REALLY NIGGA???????? u dam sho got the right name kidd if u think trash like trippy, blunt blowin, romance, how to love etc is anywhere near the shit jay just dropped jay told this nigga yo last shit aint better then my first shit/ yo best shit aint better then my worst shit smfh and that’s a fact bruh u seriously need to see a shrink about how to get off wayne dick cause u getting all emotional and shit dam lil nigga we all wayne fans but if the nigga slacking rite now niggaz gonna speak on it u aint gotta keep writing 5 paragraphs everytime somebody don’t agree with u check the history of yo lil wayne blog’s and you’ll see the definition of a DICKRIDER, STAN, OBSESSION ETC dam he just a rapper not yo god

  • khostร

    Am I the only one that think wayne’s verse is dope? It doesn’t have “pussy” “dick” “scateboard” or a sex reference

  • LuvTunechi


  • People gotta understand that Wayne can rap without drugs he made No Ceilings without drugs & that shit was st8 fire Wayne put down the cup down in 09 b4 he made no ceilings i just think that Wayne not going hard no more cause he has Young Money & Plus he made ina game for aye min he had his Shine Time hes getting older has 4 kids & he just wanna chill now

  • Kidd

    @real talk actually that line yo last shit aint better than my first shit was subliminally directed at nas its all over the internet because i thought it was directed at wayne too so i looked it up
    @tony montana im not defending him this song is not even a song to go in on and i didnt say his verse was good or not i didnt even mention this song so i dont know where you got thst from

  • Kidd

    @real talk also i aint on nobodys dick watch what you say honestly and get out yo feminine feelings and my only god is GOD himself!!!!! so dont go there with me and don’t get mad causeim stating facts and if that makes me a stan of wayne what you say makes you a stan of jay think about what you say before you say it

  • 518*916AllDay

    Weezys been around too long. Hes my fav too. But homeboys runnin outta shit to rap about. Next leaked track off this album hes prolly gonna be tapping bout a tossed salad with ranch on the side. Hold the crutons.

  • Where did the rich gang album leak

  • SouthsideZac713

    I thought Birdman said a couple years ago he “Want ever fuck with R. Kelly ever again”…. wow lying ass. On the real the song actually go hard!

  • Weezy a trip aka 2 rubbers

  • Peace Of Mind

    @sticki u r a dumb n166a, of cos he on prob so u aint gonna c him smoke in public… Y u think he talks bout killin rats??

  • lil wayne

    dope fresh yo, cant wait for da album.

  • Michael

    Nothing to turn heads, a, not hating! Just sayin when you look at drake, j cole, kendrick, black hippy and jay! My nigga tune really need to stop being lazy and step his game up cause y’all know he better than the usual. Ymcmb.

  • Luke

    where is audio push

    • You should start to go to page 2 and page 3 of the blog, so you can see posts you missed.

  • dollaz

    here go the link to the new album

  • fattman

    lil wyne wrote this

  • Can somebody get me the link to rich gang album

  • fattman

    wayne wrote baby part so he killed this twice

  • CLB

    the old wayne would have killed this shitt

  • TruTH

    Im too far down for people to read my comment probably but Wayne’s flow was kinda different on this. Not sure how i felt about it. ALSO, to people saying they want no ceilings 2 or whatnot….the title won’t change how he performs on the track. Carter V will probably be hot but D4 type shit and since they like to release half the album before the date then push back that date…

  • Malik Thomas

    Yall talking bout wayne aint go hard nd baby bodied him yall need to shut up yall rap its hard to have the best on ever song nd this is on song on a 16 song album come on people yall must of forgot who was running hip hop for along time.. i aint saying he still in his prime cuz hr aint but hes still one of the best rappers

  • Lil go hard y yall hatein fuck yall

  • lfggg


    Have a damn seat, idiot. Wayne sounds like he does on EVERY song. You’re obviously not Lil Wayne fan because Wayne is a Kellz fan. He even said he wants to work with him.

  • dipset

    Hahah nigga named fattman jst commented that wayne wrote for baby so therefore wayne killed this 2wice hahahahah

  • bluesclues

    Just shot a video with R Kelly but no homo though
    Really didnโ€™t want to do it but I fuck with TS and Fat Joe Joe though

    wayne doesnt fuck w r kelly.

  • Great Song !

  • Qiydaar

    Wow, never heard Wayne use the same flow in 2 songs so close together .

  • TruTH

    @ifggg whattt? Did you listen? Nobody said anything about Kelly my comment was mainly talking about upcoming album AFTER i placed my OPINION on the song…which if you don’t like fuck yourself. I think anybody who goes to a site and takes time to comment is either a fan or hater….and i like the music so, take a seat.

  • dvdbeats

    dat nigga still HAM

    Currently an unsigned act.

    Emmanuel Moise makes music, sing/song write. The music is varied and cannot be categorised, it has a lot of influences from absolutely everywhere, even experiences. The genre include Hiphop, R&B


    Emmanuel Moise

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  • Best

    Great song, I love it!

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  • michael

    let me have a t.shirt from wayne

  • Chynadoll

    They all did there thang. Damn yall some hatas. U mad u ain’t get on the track or sumn