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Trailer For Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 5” Mixtape [Video]

Thu, Aug 29, 2013 by

In the video above, you can watch the trailer for Lil Wayne‘s upcoming Dedication 5 mixtape, which will drop tomorrow at 5PM EST.

So far, we know that Weezy F Baby has rapped over the “New Slaves“, “Fuckin’ Problems“, “F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt“, “Type Of Way“, and “Bugatti” instrumentals for D5. We also know that Boo, Tyga, and Euro are all confirmed to be featured on the project.

Click here to download the previous Dedication mixtapes from Tunechi!

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  • WTF Kind of shit is this and 1st bitch!!!!!!

  • King Baba

    WEEZY! Fly Stealth!

  • Kutt Kutt

    Damn it Danny just give a guy the track list!

  • Yung Les

    I had to dedication 5 it

  • What Up Doe

    Worst trailer ever. There should be a new song playing. Or a look a the tracklist.

  • Mi$take$


    weezy also went over UOENO, started from the bottom and the weeknd is featured on the intro of the mixtape 🙂

  • Lil tune what up

    I hope this has alot of bars and sick punchlines.. I feel like this is going to be the mixtape Weezy we used to know

  • Tommarow

    This mixtape is gonna kill everything I can’t fucken Waite he also did Versace

  • Shaq

    Fuuuuuck i cant wait to hear D5 man i been anticipatin it since i heard Buggati freestyle im a true fan nd know wayne bout to give ppl what they been waitin for since errbody keep sayin he fell off pleeeeeease gimmie a u.o.e.n.o freestyle with either drake or tyga

  • @DuckyDharamdeep

    Man, just look at this trailer. They used the incorrect version of the D4 cover. No work at all. Not hating though! Can’t wait for D5, a day and a few hours left!

  • daveezy


  • Bawse

    That’s because the D4 cover with that trukfit dude on sucked.

    It doesn’t even look correct when you compare it to all the other Dedication covers.

    Thank god the new D5 cover goes back to the correct theme.

  • Sir. T

    Im wit u Shaq.. Wayne gon prove’em wr0ng. #d5 Im ready for Ya..

  • flystealth

    Weezy flystealth!!

    I get pussy then hibernation!! I woke up in some new pawanani!!

    Dedication 5!! Weezy fans u ready!!

  • Loyal fan

    Can’t Wait!!!! BEST MIXTAPE OF 2013!

  • I want that 2008 Wayne back

  • Don

    @ What Up Doe I know right it should have been a look at the tracklist or something lol but it’s cool I’m still ready for it

  • @TheHoTruk

    Tyga’s on Dedication5. Tyga and Lil Wayne together create FIYAAA #YMCMB #TRUKFIT #LastKings #D5 #WellDone4

  • @TheHoTruk

    I love D1, D2, D3, D4 & D5 is just instinct I know I’ll love it none of them went wrong and Wayne will never go wrong

  • tunex

    I thought it was a dope trailer. But I do agree he shouldve gave a snippet of a new song or peak at the tracklist. Oh well he just keeping everything hidden so we can all go crazy when it drops. #D5 #FreeFlow

  • Wondrbred

    Weezy Fuckin baby is the shit . No fuckin doubt bout it . Long live trukfit

  • Boy1da

    I hope he got some original song to

  • This is suppose to be dedication 2, mixtape weezy.
    @Danny show me some love to my song,
    & my mixtape

  • Brinedd

    Watching this makes me miss how Wayne was spitting back in the D1 and D2 days…..he has been going downhill since 🙁

  • arth

    I’m a real lil wayne fan, but if i hear once again “my dick” in any song in d5, i will stop it and delete of his albums in my cell phone!!

  • Lil tune what up

    Does anyone know when the pre-stream for datpiff will be availible? I mean i know i can download it 15 mins bcuz of that young money sign up but when is the pre-stream?

  • whatsHappening

    Ima call it rightnow, D5 pushback till labor day but cortez will release the tracklist tmr. Hopefully it drops tmr but ill believe it when i see it

  • Cortez Bryant

    This trailer is not offical, just something someone made up. I think Danny knows that, and just put this up on the site for you guys who are going crazy for this mixtape. Anyways my two favorite songs on D5 is.. “Some Type Of Way, and Still Goin’ In” all by the same dude named Rich Homies Quan’s.

    Wayne rapping on “Still Goin’ in” used his Jamaican flow and killed it with punch lines aimed at most, rappers 1 was Jay Z of course, and he threw a couple shots at NFL star Riley Cooper, and gave a very lyrical good shoutout to Rich Homie Quan’s.

    Can’t wait till you guys hear it. Deuces!

  • Where’s the tracklist already???v danny we need it

  • Don

    @Cortez Bryant are you the real Cortez

  • tunexx

    @Don no people always put there name as Cortez.

  • Don

    @tunexx I thought so

  • Rusty Wolf Gumede

    Can’t fuckin’ wait 4 dedication 5

  • Cortez Bryant

    @Don. Im the real Cortez

  • Kutt Kutt

    @arth Nigga don’t give a fuck, if you gonna criticize what this man talk about on his mix tapes then stop listening to him & GTF off his website!

  • Cortez Bryant

    HOLLLA D5 HO!!

  • d5 is on youtube



    Also features from kendrick lamar meek mill t.i.and more he also remixed songs like dont kill my vibe feds watching and my favorite which is levels his lyrics on there are on another level no pun intended

  • sk

    cnt w8…hope jay put his hands up lyk a gun in ha face…..

  • @BiggDaddyRice


  • Gabon

    The trailer is real since its on live mixtapes look it up

  • yella boi

    sooo many fake tracklist out here idk which is real :/ guess i’ll just wait until tomorrow.

  • Fweezy

    D5 Dipset

  • Fweezy

    I’m waynes biggest fan 4rm NIGERIA….weezy f baby is d best…..HE HAD TO DEDICATION 5 IT

  • D5

    Someone’s gotta leak D5! It’s not like anyone has to pay for it so just give it to us! Fuck man! Can’t wait till 5pm tomorrow!

  • Lil Tunechi

    What’s poppin’ y’all?! Tunechi in this bitch checkin’ in wit y’all about this D5 shit. This is an official trailer y’all! Hope y’all enjoy D5 tomorrow ya digg? I love every single one of y’all! Luv to Drama & my manager Tez, nigga we been on!!!!!!! Yeah! haha get ready y’all D5 coming to straight to your fuckin’ front door! We outchea! YMCMB, TrukFit till I die, Rich Gang nigga

  • imdatniggaanigga

    shout out to the ppl who saying wayne fell off, nahh wayne u juss aint on d same level no more get high af an listen anysong he kills it

  • What time do it come out…because i am on central time can someone tell me please?

  • blubonikronic88

    wayne is my shit always has been always wil be. But i just ran across a badass oldie from him. IM SO. From the carter doc. D5 hoe shawty gotta donk.. Call that bitch vince carta

  • choc

    @Kenneth it said Dedication 5 comes out at 5pm tomorrow idk if that’s true tho.

  • Choc

    @CortezBryant Are you the real Cortez Bryant bka Weezy’s manager???!!!

  • Nate B.

    It really annoys me when people leave comments asking for the track list as if Danny is in the studio with him. He just reports the news. That’s what this site is for. Even if he did know, I’m sure he wouldn’t leak it out without permission. Those two luck guys had a chance to listen to it early and they didn’t even leak the entire track list out. Excited or not, at least have some common sense.

  • Lîaj-Jalil

    This the realest site on earth we got check ins from @Drama @Cortez & THE BIG HOMIE HIMSELF @LilTunechi

    #Re-Creation << so hard to write my own real shit when Da Big Bro Wayne Got Anticipation

  • Diondre C

    YESS.. love everyone… HUGE FAN CANT WAIT HOMIE

  • sk

    D5 D5 D5 D5 !!!!!!! ah same al shit jst a D Day ive been tryna get it each n evry way..we wnt that D5 …wayne said…fans its cmng soon

  • BringBackThaRealWeezy

    I am very excited by this mixtape, really we’ll see the Wayne we heard on No Ceilings.

    Everybody is waiting for this project to drop. When this is finally released Datpiff will shut down haha

  • BringBackThaRealWeezy

    really hoping

  • quece

    Remember when dedication 4 was coming out and they pushed it back another hour and then 30 minutes they probably do us like that again but maybe not since its garrented

  • we on this bit@h ff @_waynecarterII

  • Today’s the day!!!!

    I had to dedication fiiiveee

  • Weezy fan foe life

    Yo weezy were do i get the zebra print red shorts u have in one of your videos

  • sk

    count down

  • @CrunkstaRapsta

    D5 in this bitch!! can anyone tell me where I can download or get lil waynes documentarys and shit please thanks

  • CookTheeCrook

    Tell him to drop this joint @4:30 I got work at 5 . I need this before then

  • Lil tune what up

    Got pushed back.. Look on he has to add finishing touches.. What the fuck

  • whythefuckdidd5getpushedback

    seriously why did they push back d5 an hr before release? finishing touches and a new song is bullshit just drop d5 and drop the other song as a single or something. I usually don’t get pissed when he pushes stuff back but with one hour left before release you tell us you have to put your finishing touches on it that’s bullshit you already had that shit done I should already be pre streaming it. #onepissedoffWaynefan

  • @crunkstarapsta

    Can anyone please give me a site where I can download weezy’s documentarys and shii please

  • D5

    Delayed a few hours

  • D5

    Accordeons to @mackmaine

  • sk

    in south africa we 7 hours ahead its 10:28 pm now….are we goin 2 get D5 at 12 pm?

  • Payne

    Da anticipation is killin da fuck outta me damn

  • 513 n.i.g

    I wish it would hurry and and drop damn! Dat piff din shut down

  • JodyLewis4

    Prepare for another disappointment

  • Tunechi

    when will it drop

  • ezzye

    Its da 30th n it still ain’t out damn he lie every time

  • d5 will come be patient and dont click anyone who says they have a leak its a LIE

    in the mean time take a listen only 3min and LEAVE a comment thanks

  • @FunkDaNavigator

    can D5 drop already?we’ve been on our toes(no belay) cnt wait anymre it better b a banger!

  • Nate B.

    Lil Wayne tweeted “D………5” Whatever that is supposed to mean, idk.

  • lol

    you’re honestly a fool if you really think this shit is coming out when the release date is

  • I’m turning d5 in to drama when I get off stage. Had a few new entries at the last minute that’s too dope to miss da tape gimme a min

  • iv been w8n for too long tierrd of seeing coming soon on dat piff I waited whole day n night wen I wake up no d5 come on wayne just give us a track for now plz nigga

  • San Fran(bay area) made a nigg@ feel like a king 2nite! Ain’t anudda feelin like it Love y’all! 4real! Bout 2 shower(tmi) eat den get d5 out

  • fuckmyburger

    Omg 2025 ?

  • Calves

    His Albums will leak..but non of his mixtapes will ever leak..and yall must know that every wayne’s release will have a delay…headn ta Dedication 5..there you don’t have it!!!

  • K.Will

    Mack Maine says ” Finishing D5… last verse”

  • pippies

    whats the first song from D1

  • amays

    Lil Wayne said it left his hands a few seconds ago

  • bigbase09

    D5 should be out sometime soon…wayne just sent it to dj drama