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Katie Couric Interviews Lil Wayne On Season 2 Of Her Talk Show [Video]

Mon, Sep 9, 2013 by

Earlier today, season 2 of Katie Couric‘s talk show premiered on ABC and one of the special guests on the show was Lil Wayne.

Tune talked about their first interview from four years ago, the story behind his seizures, why he stopped drinking syrup, co-writing “How To Love” with Detail for his daughter and daughters all over the world, why his mother made him drop out of high school, his time in jail, being an influence for kids in New Orleans, skateboarding, and then reviewed Katie‘s revamped minivan.

Click here to watch Weezy F Baby discuss his family and retirement in a clip that didn’t make the full interview. I will update the video above as soon as a better quality version surfaces online. Thanks Nique!

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  • Brinedd

    Ms. Katie is a MILF

  • zack dominguez


  • Bawse

    Nothing about music. Why didnt she ask him about dedication 5 or what his next project will be

  • Ray-N

    He said he stopped drinking syrup but then he also said the pain pills he was taking had codeine in them lol.

  • Amurph

    Great interview, lol #lilsheepskin had me cracking up, but his other interview with Katie was way better, “ima gangsta miss Katie” best interview line of all time!!!!

  • power

    i think we can all agree that their first interview was a million times better ahahhaha

  • greg

    this video is so edited. where are the full versions of the previous clips posted?

  • Kidd

    Katie: so who made you quit the syrup?

    Wayne: the doctors (laughs)

    Lol i have a feeling he might be back on syrup sometime in the future you just have to hope for the best with his health

  • soda taneccy b

    am one of wayne biggest fan and now i just start to rap , and he is my inspiration. this is for all wayne fans, give me a chance, check my songs on youtube.

  • RomanEmpire

    This nikka wayne fell off. Guns to skateboarding smh. He might as well the Michael Jackson skin color treatment bc this little nigga isnt comfortable being black anymore, little nigga thinks he’s a 12 year old white boy who just got his first skateboard for xmas. Zero swag, zero street cred, zero credibility. fk off white boy wayne.

  • Roman Empire …. Just Stfu , with yo hating ass !

  • Roman Empire STFU with yo HATING ASS

  • anyone know a site with the full interview to stream?

  • Eshall

    Wonderful Thanks to Wayne, Danny and Miss Katie.

  • truth




    I GET IT NOW…….


  • TunechiLee
  • Mixitup

    Lol he’s like yeah I have influence on kids. They skate now instead of carry guns. *records gunwalk*

  • Hey just want to tell wayne there’s a lot of haters out there but just keep your head strait and do your interviews you always do a good.job!!!!! Lg#1fan

  • Anna

    That’s my husband’s video! He is glad you all enjoyed it, and appreciates your positive feedback! 🙂 YMCMB for life!

  • Best

    Nice show, thanks Danny for the update! YMCMB forever

  • Tunechi96


  • O.K. Lol.

  • asharia

    sooth seheet shrit laugh love it