Lil Wayne Tells Katie Couric He Is “So Ready To Retire” [Video]

Sun, Sep 8, 2013 by

In the video above, Lil Wayne speaks to Katie Couric about his children and what he is most looking forward to when retiring at age 35.

The clip above is a preview from Weezy F Baby‘s interview with Katie for her talk show, which will premiere tomorrow. Click here to watch three more sneak peeks from their sit down!

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  • Thomas

    I cant live anymore when he retires damn wayne love u no homo

  • Bawse

    Sad news 🙁

  • Can’t see nothing

  • Haha

    Hahaha! That’s COMPLETELY homo. Fucking faggit

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    Everytime I see any news about retirement it bums me out :/

  • Lil ZeeTune

    WTF—Wat da fuk nikka?

  • Mob

    wayne will always make music for his close ones it Wayne’s world beleve

  • Matt

    he wont retire no time soon. we still have alot of more weezy left.

  • gaz f baby

    he signed a 4 album deal with cash money so at least we have 4 more albums left

    well actually 3 cause of ianahb2

    that means before he retires we should get carter 5, big tymers and like father like son 2

    damn i wanted a rebirth 2

  • Tunechi f Baby

    On September 8, 2013 at 3:45 pm Matt responded with…
    he wont retire no time soon. we still have alot of more weezy left.


    4 more years we have left before Wayne goes into retirement.

  • Tunechi f Baby

    If you can’t see the video its because you are on your phone. I had to go on my laptop to watch this.

  • Lil wayne is my hero,I hope to shake his hand one,that’s my only wish before I die.”

  • Who is he? The Best rapper alive.who? The best Rapper alive #I thank u for all the inspiration u given me Wayne Michael Carter absolutely.”

  • Edo

    Can’t stop bumpin #D5, its stuck on replay……man Weezy n Tip killed Jay n Rozay on that FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt beat!!!!!!…..straightfire!!

  • Tunechi96


  • Kidd

    @gaz f baby actually it four he signed the deal last year so it will most likely be devol big tymers like father like son 2 and finally carter 5 and dont forget the mixtape in between every album

  • freakjasp

    i think he can retire, i would say for about 4-5 years its ok, cause he has done so much music, we can listen to all of his songs till he comes back, cause his kids don’t need their father as much as now, so i think that would be great!

  • wtf

    we will have plenty more music from wayne. albums and mixtapes

  • wtf

    Can’t wait to hear Carter V.. I hope he goes out on top of his game

  • patriots

    1 thing yall don’t realize is that there’s so much unreleased music from him also remember that once he get off probation he probably will not feel the same way (hopefully) about retiring only time will tell

  • ridaa

    i really hope you dont retire weezy……

  • Waala

    It would be perfect if he retired right now after D5 🙂

  • Fuck @DannyM

    I Cant See Anything On Either Of The Katie Videos Fuck You Bitch Ass Danny Grown Man Dick Ridin Lil Wayne What Man Make A Website For Another Man You Dont Kno Tgen Yuh Gonna Block My Other Email FUCK YOU

  • maria_latina_wayne

    is the price tag still on wayne’s cap?? and wayne please don’t retiring you really breaking my heart

  • James

    “I said I might retire y’all know I be high!” ~ Lil Wayne haha dont worry wayniacs we good ni55a! An yeh I can’t see any video of anything what’s happin?

  • truth



  • LP

    “I am so ready to retire now”


  • JC

    @fuck@dannym man are you serious? You bash Danny for makin a website about another grown man when you’re pissed you can’t look at the videos of a grown man that a grown man posted on his site about a grown man. Lol grow the fuck up. This site is amazing you unappreciative fuck. What a little bitch comment smh

  • tev

    I think devil will be a rebirth 2 just with a different name

  • patriots

    you guys can’t see cuz your on your phone probably

  • Gman

    Really birdman is like 69 years old & he still raping wayne think about this hard b4 you do something you’ll regret but if he does retire at least we still have drake flow euro & maby chuckee his verse on d5 was dope but its Up to wayne he will go down as the best that ever did it

  • D #1 lilwayne-fan***

    I don’t know what I’ll do when Wayne retires he is the #1 rapper in my opinion an always will be an I’ll miss his presence in the rap game but he has already built an unbeatable empire with the help of ymcmb

  • Kidd

    Ive decided i probably wont support devol i just dont support anything with that kinda title like yeezus i dont f*** with it its very disrespectful and you stans are eating that shit up but anyways d5 was dope and hopefully he changes his mind on the devol project he should stick to his rapping anyways love stories are for drake its already covered wayne bring that vintage side out

  • Kidd

    And P.S. I know the “reason” it is called devol its loved backwards but think about it there are many other titles that he coulda choosed than this and with all the connotations with the pronunciation of the word is even worse i could see if it was pronounced dee-vole that woulda been better but im not gonna talk to my friends or my family or listen to an album called devol

  • Lîaj-Jalil

    Maybe I was wrong hoping to blow up big enough to get a wayne ft… so it’ll most likely be
    DevoL ( correct for you lames)
    Big tymers and Like Father…2 won’t count
    Carter V
    The Martian Album
    The Dedication ( which will probably be either a free or a classicly released album..)

    for you fiands
    Tune Ain’t Human But he still lives like 1
    let him retire so I can get a shot at recording over 725 tracks to date

    I’m not Tryna be Wayne though I’m tryna over achieve …

  • Tony


    You a hypocrite. You gonna listen to a man rap about shooting people, doing drugs, and fucking multiple women but if he says something devilish you try to act all holy? Nigga you already going to hell.

  • dipset

    I thought I was the only one who didn’t like the “devol” album name, @kidd that’s true bro and @tony bitch its prolly u and ur family goin hell with the devil u flaming faggots!

  • derrick

    @dipset and @kid shut yall hoe asses up. sounding like females with that shit

  • Tini

    Every time he starts to speak of his kids, his eyes just sparkles. I love that about him.

  • Without Wayne I’m a looser.
    dudes dont say he will not retired because he want to stay with his family, that noy the first time he said he will retired.

  • damn

  • wdup5

  • Wadup 5!!!

    damn,just imagine a watch the throne album feauturin lil tuñechi,yeezy nd hove,the trio wouldve bin unstoppable!

  • Kcdk s

    4 albums left ?

    If all the albums are dedication5 quality he should be done within 2 months

    What the fuck is he still gonna rap about worth 4 albums ?
    Give up allready and vanish wayne
    You had good run but your time and work ethics are done
    You just became a shadow of your former self

  • whocares

    who gives a fuck? let his ass retire.

    this guy hasnt been good since 07.

    you kids are deaf.

  • Kidd

    @Tony bless you too

  • Kidd

    @derrick bless you too

  • Weezy_F_For’Forever

    Urghh.. I tawt about this shit already.
    And I saw it coming.. Shit, I can’t see this Nigga 2 retire. Nooo.
    But Yes, He had new singnees 2 YoungMoney, nd datz probably a sign…

    But f*ck ya’ll who’s saying shit about he’s retirement! U probably a B?t>h dat hates him!!

    …2 he’s fans out der. And 2 myself,
    Let’s not worry ’bout he’s retirement guys, derz still few years left for him 2do he’s music, for us…
    All dat matters, He’s still in da motherfucking Game nigga, and derz more albums coming. Yeah! Fuck u dat smiles about he’s retirement! He’s still alive, and derz more 2see ’bout him.. We behind him, as always.

    We gotta love him 4everything he did, and still about do. <3


  • trukd

    @gaz f baby

    Umm, wayne mentioned he gonna drop an album with love songs named “devol” (loved backwards) so its 1 more album.

  • soda taneccy b

    am one of wayne biggest fan and now i just start to rap , and he is my inspiration. this is for all wayne fans, give me a chance, check my songs on youtube. just search soda taneccy b

  • Stef

    Let him retire. Some people sound like fags “omg. Y? Y u gotta leave me. I love you Wayne. U keep me alive” (Kevin hart voice). This nigga got a life! And if he retires, just pick up a new fav artist. I see him still dropping a feature or two every now and then just like Andre 3000. He came, he saw, he conquered. Now he wanna leave. And relax.

  • mizzwillis

    y you gotta heat for really ohhh that’s rite u is a pathetic little ass child that really has nothing on in your life so you and all the other haters out there think ya’ll the right to hate on other pple we now I know something ya’ll don’t know regardless lil wayne is going to live his life on his termsas much as I hate to see him . simple mined pple can’t deal with them

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