Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf, Germany On His European Tour [Pictures]

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Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf Germany On His European Tour

A few hours ago, Lil Wayne performed live at the Mitsubishi Electric Hall in Dusseldorf, Germany for a stop on his America’s Most Wanted music festival. You can check out some more photos of Weezy on stage at his concert after the jump below.

Tunechi will next be performing live on his European tour in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Ziggo Dome on October 21st! I will be attending this show, so please excuse if I miss two days of posting.

Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf Germany On His European Tour

Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf Germany On His European Tour

Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf Germany On His European Tour

Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf Germany On His European Tour

Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf Germany On His European Tour

Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf Germany On His European Tour

Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf Germany On His European Tour

Lil Wayne Performs Live In Dusseldorf Germany On His European Tour

Photo credit: Julian Steiner, Maxi Kluth, Milan Lorscheid, and SkullTune.

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  • Sandy

    He is amazing live….. hope u have a gud time takr many pix.. πŸ™‚

  • Rap god

    Jeans and shirt weezy – 08 wayne!

  • n9ne

    that first picture is godly lol


  • Tunechi f Baby

    I was at this show thank you for the pictures danny !!!

    have fun at your show πŸ™‚

  • Presidentz

    Cool pics…..enjoy Amsterdam Danny, hope you meet Wayne

  • LilGreen_TRUKFIT

    I was there! THAT WAS SO FUCKING AMAZING!!! @liltunechi ! YOU THE BEST!!! #YMCMB

  • patriots

    I wonder if he’s going to be allowed to smoke there since it’s legal and shouldn’t YoYo be in school

  • Brinedd

    Them Trukfit socks are swag

  • Brinedd

    Oh and I’m sure you will have fun at the concert danny

  • realtunefan


  • Bunz

    i have that G-Shock.. tah!

  • Bunz

    people dont really turn it up these days.. they jus go to the show to take pics n videos lol

  • Tunechi F Baby

    Have fun Danny!!! Take a lot of pix!!!

  • Have Fun Danny… Hope You Will Have A Chance To Shake Hands πŸ™‚

    Wish That Weezy Can Come Again In South Africa And Get To See Him Again

  • M-A-X-I-K

    First Time in Germany !
    Weezy raise the German Flag !

  • Tejay

    Man , it was so dope .. the first time in germany and also in my hometown dΓΌsseldorf . dont even know what to say … WEEZY THA BEST RAPPER ALIVE !


  • D17

    See you in Amsterdam Weezy!

  • R

    Well, performance of one hour.. Then he disappeared.
    Sound was horrible there. My ears still hurting.

  • F

    I can’t wait for Wayne to come to Sweden. (4 days left!) And hope that Birdman will come along!

  • ashley

    I deffinitly lobed everything about the show in your pictures I woke up just to see u and now thinking about u


    Amsterdam tomorrow, woop

  • Weezy said he love me πŸ˜€
    he catched the fav cap from my brother ^^
    my friend catched lil waynes watch
    another friend catched some drummer equipment πŸ˜€

    AND im in the credits! Im high and happy as fck
    Danny i want to thank you again! And want to thank all tunechi fans all over the world!

  • Daniel Son

    You guys talking about amsterdam, fancy meeting up before hand? WEEZYYY!!!

  • bANG bANG

    fake but looks dope
    1. Bak In My Zone (Prod. STREETRUNNER)
    2. Enemies Worried (Prod. DJ Dahi)
    3. Dream Team (ft. Drake) (Prod. Mike Will Made It)
    4. Carter Issues (Prod. DJ Infamous)
    5. Out My Head (ft. Eminem) (Prod. Just Blaze)
    6. Chances (Prod. Noah β€œ40” Shebib)
    7. No Trust (ft. Kanye West) (Prod. Kanye West)
    8. Blurry (ft. Mac Miller, Curren$y, & Chance The Rapper) (Prod. Just Blaze)
    9. Betta Run (ft. Turk & Juvenile) (Prod. Mannie Fresh)
    10. Millions Everywhere (Prod. Bangledesh)
    11. Bulletproof (ft. The Weeknd & Chief Keef) (Prod. Kanye West)
    12. Pray Every Day (Prod. Cool & Dre)
    13. 17 (Prod. Mannie Fresh)
    14. F*ck Y’all N*ggas (Prod. David Banner)
    15. All I Think About (ft. Miguel) (Prod. Noah β€œ40” Shebib)
    16. Sticky Shit (ft. ScHoolboy Q) (Prod. No I.D.)
    17. Coming For You (Prod. Pharrell)
    18. Blasted (ft. Wiz Khalifa & Future) (Prod. DJ Mustard)
    19. I’m Still In This Bitch (Prod. Detail)

  • Kai

    I was there , first row and it was amazing , i cried when he touched the stage !!!

    Best Live Concert i’ve ever been to !


  • Best

    I love the first photo, shout out to Weezy and Stunna. YMCMB forever!

  • Thomas

    AAAAAAMSTERDAM!!!!!!!!!!!! YESS!!

  • Juicy

    Any after parties after the amsterdam show


    The tracklist above is fake we have the rough draft and will post it shortly…stay tuned #C5

  • ceezy

    Swag socks and that’s one killer pic with birdman!!#YMCMB stay fly

  • ashley

    my first time seeing tunechi ever and in dusseldorf,i came all the way from UK!words cant describe how i still feel after still pumped right now,i need to see him again so badly!but my wife wnt let me shes kicking off big time!what can i say I LOVE LIL TUNECHI MORE!! haha.i walked in with my lil wayne t-shirt and lil wayne walked off stage with it!that there alone is amazing!danny tell him not to chuck it away please!! πŸ™‚ iv booked my weezy portrait for next year keep an eye out for it!follow me on twitter ashleyobcripps…for the rest of the tour all i can say is EPIC im so upset i cant go πŸ™ want to cry enjoy Lil Tunchi Fans much love xxx

  • ashley

    the picture with weezy holding german flag and snapback,he picked my t-shirt up after that picture πŸ˜€ ^^^^^ just to let you know

  • K2Droyd

    For anyone curious this is me @kidd i changed my name on here for certain reasons

  • Kidd

    Or should i keep my name?

  • dopedking

    Cream d5>new slaves d5>you song d5>mmlp2(Eminem 2013)

  • trickster

    U r excused @ danny make sure u come with good news bout the carter V… M in SOWETO ..|..


    @Danny M Enjoy the concert bro u know wayne gone be higher than a mufucka in Amsterdam

  • nik_tune

    @Kai wann warst du da um in der ersten reihe zu sein??

  • NOLA

    Man evrry body claim to be a wayne fan and act like they know there shit. But when u ask them when u started listening to him and they say “when he came out wit the carter 3” haha. And wasup with all these european fans? Yall deff dont know shit.Americas music scene is like know where else I dont even know how europeans start listening to rap haha. Go buy some clogs and listen to whatever language u speak .

  • weezy!!!

    Wow people are coming to hate on weezy’s fans now…so what if they started listening to him when he dropped C3??? I only started listening to Wayne from carter 2 but what every fan does is go and search for he’s older music,if u came up listening to wayne from the beginning then that’s good for u,but I just hate it when people call us fake fans just because they have been listening to wayne longer…you talk about the american scene but you are the people that’s making mackelmore look great,u guys are worshipping jay z, dropped 1 album and BET is calling him one of the greatest rappers in hip hop history

  • patriots

    @wezzy!!! That’s so true what you said about Kendrick he’s not overrated (even though he doesn’t say anything over the top) but he is over hyped. Before the 2011 bet cypher when he was talking bout, sweet taste of victory like Oprah’s punani didn’t nobody know this dude then he makes one album says he’s the king of new York then everybody damn near gives him legend status smh

  • khosta

    People I’m from South Africa and I only new Wayne when I heard lollipop and became a fan. I’ll forever call wayne the best rapper alive. I then downloaded his older music from 1996 to now and I have like 2011 songs by him in my cellphone. My 16 gig memo card is full, only with Lil wayne’s music. My fav. Is dedication 2, Drought 3, Squad 4, Tha carter 4 and no cielings. Oh I also love rebirth the most underrated album ever. I love Wayne guys I’m not a fake fan. You’ll never hear me say he fell off, cuz I’m also crazy bout his new music. D5 and his new singles are just crazy, they get you moving. I love tunechi and wayne so stfu and let us new fans take over since y’all don’t like the new wayne. Fuck Drake, Fuck Kendrick, Fuck j.cole, Fuck Asap Rocky, fuck all the new school it’s whack, Tunechi runs this bitch. And he gon keep runnin he’s a dawg and he will stunt. If he doesn’t do nothin.

  • Dalow

    B4 u say I’m a fake fan coz I started listening 2 wayne wen he released C3 ask how old first…I’m 17yrs n wen wayne doing C1 n C2 I didn’t knw much abt hip hop bt now I have all tha carter albums,droughts nd dedications
    Weezy needs 2 come 2 South Africa(empangeni/Richards bay)

  • khosta

    @Dalow follow me on twitter @Lilkaritto and I’ll follow you back, I’m 18 in south africa. Well I became a fan in 2008, but My fav. Team was G-Unit, and 50c and Eminem were my fav. Rappers till the game came. I became Tha games fan then After the Game came Lil Wayne, I’ve never changed my fav. Rapper after Wayne. He’ll always be my fav. Cuz he’s unique

  • Photos…

  • mr rager

    He raises the german flag in dusseldorf and he was trampling on the american flag for the “god bless amerika” video… Your “american artists” ain’t shit without their fans all over the world.. and i bet they enjoy germany more than your godless america… “your stars are never shining”….. so shut the fuck up… if you were a real weezy fan, you would know that.. weezy f baby and the “f” is for “fuck yourself”…. greets from germany…

  • Josh Molot

    VERY BIG THANKS on Lil Wayne…

    I really enjoyed the concert in Dusseldorf, it was a very nice atmosphere and I could see that Lil Wayne has also enjoyed …

    I have been his video with “Destiny Child feat Lil Wayne -. Soldier” very big fan of Lil Wayne and it even does not matter whether you are his fan since his birth, or only since few hours, he enchanted a completely with his talent, charisma, I’m just blown away by Lil Weezy …

    Tunechi you are the best rapper alive … BITCH …