Mac Miller Talks Going On Tour With Lil Wayne & Their “The Question” Collaboration

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Mac Miller Talks Going On Tour With Lil Wayne & Their The Question Collaboration

ELLE recently spoke over the phone with Mac Miller for an interview about Lil Wayne. They asked Mac about his upcoming European tour with Tunechi and their collaboration together called “The Question“.

You’re heading out on a European tour with Lil Wayne on October 9. That must be, um, just a little bit exciting?
Yeah, man. I’m excited. Europe shows are always great and the opportunity to go out with Wayne and do arenas is crazy. I’m curious to see what it’s going to be like. I’m excited. I haven’t done a tour with him ever so I’m excited to see how it goes.

And you’ve only met Wayne at the VMA’s before this tour?
That was the only time we’ve met. We did a record together for one of my mixtapes last year, which was awesome. I wasn’t in the studio with him. We just did it on my bus, which was great. I’m just curious to see what the whole experience is like.

Weezy F Baby and Mac Miller‘s first concert together will take place tomorrow at The O2 in Dublin, Ireland!

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  • First biaaatch…!weezy the best to ever do it

  • Wow…!it feels good being first in line besides all the fans weezy has..imma keep calling wayne weezy coz i don’t feel ”tunechi”…weezy is gonna bounce back guys,don’t give up on him!

  • Yoooooo

    Cant stand Mac Miller

  • LiL ZeeTune

    1st hoe….hahahaha

  • irish-weezy-fan

    ima be here tomorrow

    i cant wait

  • Don

    Hopefully we get some new music while he is on this tour

  • Luke

    The Question was my favorite weezy feature in 2012.

  • Juicy

    I’ll be at the Paris concert Mac & Wayne 🙂

  • Bawse

    Wayne killed his verse on mac millers song.

  • wizzle

    Germany Düsseldorf 19.10 !!!!!!

  • WisDumb

    I’m going to this Dublin show, Weezy is having a full skatepark setup for the show, it’s gonna be wild

  • Peter Dahl

    Denmark is waiting for you! We Going in!


    Holland, Amsterdam !! Will be there for sure

  • Don

    @danny m let me fuck you with my strap on boy

  • tune!!!

    Mac Miller will witness first hand what he needs to do to become the best…waynes shows are crazy he’s live performances are epic no wonder why he makes so much money going on tour…mac miller will probably call wayne the best once he sees the master at work

  • LP

    Mac Miller sucks. Nothing else to say

  • matoprince

    lil wayne is d best ever doin dis and he will remain d greatest ever in d history of hip-hop cos there is no one like weezy F baby in dis Game……….i love weezy like d way i love my life………i jst wish i can sit next 2 him as a coup….

  • azsi

    hey @danny m weezy promised to replace chainz (who was supposed to tour with dem before it got pushed back) seems like it aint happening anymore right?! :/

  • corbin wells

    mac miller and wayne my 2 favorite rappers both are dope as fuck but right now i gotta say mac is better.