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Behind The Scenes Of Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Q-Tip & Kanye West’s “Thank You” [Video]

Fri, Nov 15, 2013 by

Behind The Scenes Of Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Q-Tip & Kanye West Thank You Music Video

Check out some behind the scenes footage from Busta Rhymes‘ “Thank You” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne, Q-Tip, and Kanye West in this post.

The visual, which was directed by Director X, will premiere this Sunday on November 17th. Mack Maine can also be seen making a cameo while Weezy shoots his parts in front of a green screen.

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  • greg

    looks straight

  • Mase


  • What was the point? Wayne only has two lines lol

  • chick

    those orange shorts are horrible

    and he needs to stop wearing that trippy hat

    does he not have anymore hats he can wear instead of that same one every day???

  • WeezyFTune

    Wonder when this was filmed? It’s premiering Sunday but Wayne still has those long ass dreads here. hmmm?

  • Thomas

    Wayne with them long dreads


    Did You Ever Put Up Waynes
    UNPLUGGED™ Live Album ?

  • Bawse

    Looking forward to the video, I like this song.

  • Hidden valley

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!! But I coulda swore I seen wayne kiss busta rhymes hmmmmmmm


    What shirt brand is busta wearing? I heard its like some devil type shit idk?…i keep seeing alot of rappers wearing it now like 2 chainz, wiz khalifa etc..

  • zeke

    @hidden valley lmfaoo

  • realtunefan


  • truth



  • keyshia ___ atl

    @chick bitch stfu and eat a dick with all that crying and bitchin’

  • trelly trell



  • jays and nikes

    @trelly trell exactly man all of these lames on here.

  • Young Teezy

    thiz video goin be dope RICH GANG x YMCMB x FGM x BWA x TRUKFIT all day everday always win

    Martians 4 Life

  • tonydreads

    lookin fresh with the LONG ASS DREADS!! shouldnt have cut em ..

  • Trey

    Still Got the rock and C.r.e.a.m are still the best songs on D5. It’s the closest to C2 weezy as we are gonna get.

  • razor

    Dedication5 is the ish!

    1 levels (loved that he went hard)
    2 cream
    3 fuckin prob
    4 vibe (all these niggers think are fly nw, bug all over wind shield!)
    5 u.o.n
    6 fuckwitmeyouknowigot ( his voice cool there better dan ross, anywayz wez ross?) fell off I gues and wayne still here?

    7 colombia! Shit weezy killed the mixtape
    Rappers will come and but weezy will stil be havin that rock!

  • Wayne never cut his dreads,He had just twisted ’em and made ’em shorter,now he let ’em loose again

  • truth


    u dumb as shit lmaooooo

    twisted em up?????

    go watch the 2chainz used to behind the scenes again

  • Because of wayne,i want dreads and tattoos,but i’ll never skate…i wish i had enough money to get those diamond teeth too…i’m growing my hair long coz i’m almost done with high school,after that imma do dreads forsure!

  • which link can I use to download weezy’s music videos

  • Gangstar Cheez

    Wayne still got d long ass dreads, hmm.. I just want some new song to fuck wit

  • Dboy

    Man that is waynes best chance to get nice features for C5..

  • Kidd

    If yall were smart yall would know this was shot before he cut his dreads and he didnt twist them up you sound dumb….dont you guys remember how long we were waiting for this song used 2 was shot after obviously

  • Oozog

    Lil wayne be like
    Eating chips on my sofa call it couch potato

  • Og zoo

    Lil wayne be like
    Put a chicken in my shotgun call it eggshell

  • razor

    Yohhhhh Zoo….. Fuck off we tired of u nigger, go play wit monkeys somewhr in a zoo. I dnt blame u its your age not yet matured. Re u still in the lower grades of skul? Dnt worry one day you will grow up jst like the rest of us and finish skul!!!

  • Trey

    Call the police, I think wayne has gone missing.

  • Dave


  • Peace Of Mind

    Silence shows concern

  • Og ooz

    Wtf is skul ?

    Lil wayne be like
    Let a dumb girl eat vegetables call it pea brain
    Take my homey on boattrip call it tom cruise
    Fuck my bitch on the private jet call it cockpit

  • Tam

    Guys, stop rushing Wayne. He just dropped 2 mixtapes, an album, and went on 2 tours. I don’t understand why you people keep rushing Wayne. he is a normal person just like us. he has family n friends just like us. so just let him be with his family and not having to worry about being in the studio all night without his kids because it would only be fair. so just do the right thing and stop rushing him. we all want new Wayne music even I do. but I’m also a true fan and I accept the fact that he has other plans. he’s off probation so he’s coming back soon just relax and be patient. Wayne’s real genius and I’m always going to be a fan of his. I am NOT a human being 2 was a slip up but he is coming back you can tell by how d5 sounded. so just give the little guy a break and let him do his thing. if he wants to skate let him skate. if you want to wear Trukfit let him wear trukfit. stop being a f****** hater. hey Danny be good alright. and thanks for giving us a news we appreciate it we appreciate this I really appreciate you and we appreciate everybody that you f*** with I just hope that Wayne gets back on his feet since he’s of probation and he’s ready to smoke. and he might not be with his family he might just be catching up on the three years that he wasn’t able to smoke. so just leave him alone just for a minute. you guys always complaining that he needs a break and he finally takes a break you guys want him to make new music. where is the love you so called fans. after 2007 Wayne realize that he had some dick riding fans and it caused him to start falling off. His only real fans were before 2007. I’ve been a Wayne fan since 2003. and before those years everybody was a true Wayne fan which caused him to do better because his fans use to admit his wrongs and rights. now these days everybody wants to dick ride. everything that Wayne puts out these days everybody wants to say it’s the best but really it’s his worst piece of work. I am NOT a human being 2 was f****** trash and honestly you you dick riding fans made him this way because now he feels like he doesn’t have to try anymore. have you seen his concerts lately?? they are packed and the reason is because dick riders are supporting him. its making him think that to people like his new music more than his old music. from now on I’m only gonna be listening to anything before no ceilings. that was the true Wayne. and after c 3 that’s when does dick riders came along so stop complaining because you guys are the one who made him like this. he didn’t do this to himself. f*** all new Wayne fans!!!!!!!!

  • Alissa

    Wow these niggas ain’t got no life. they are on your posting books for comments. Like stfu. @Tam ain’t nobody gonna read that long boring ass shit. I’m done with this site its too many lames.

  • wat dae at cocacola rocco in south africa the lyks of busta rhymes,ciara,debandji nd tear gass

  • gregg

    Yall act like wayne a robot and never stops working, the man is off probation and living his life right now…let the nigga relax for a few weeks…

  • MonsterBFClife

    i want the sweatshirt hes wearing at the last shot

  • purp

    @gregg yea I agree these niggas act like wayne aint got no life outside of music. Wayne isn’t just a rapper. He is a father , he has family and friends. He is a normal person just like us. He just got off probation so he can finally go anywhere and do anythithing he wants to because he finally has his freedom back. So just relax and be pateint. If you were probation for 3 years and you finally got your freedom back, wouldn’t you be out having fun and partying, having no worries instead of sitting in a studio all night????? So just be patient and let wayne live his life. The man has been in a studio all of his life. Let him have a chance to do other stuff. Then mabey he will get bored of,doing other things and get back in the studio. But as of right now, obviously he isn’t really that intrested in rapping anymore.

  • Chris

    dear Lil Wayne HQ,

    I’m afraid I have some bad news. Lil Wayne was traveling in his bus when a four door car came by and started shooting at the bus. there are no reports on what the car looked like but what we do know is that the car was all black. Lil Wayne was on his way to the club. he was getting ready for a performance with Drake 2 Chainz & Rick Ross. while he was riding on the bus on the way to the club he was recording a song called fuck you. after the incident Lil Wayne was then rushed to the hospital for treatment. when he got to the hospital reports were.that he wasn’t breathing. he also wasn’t responding to magnetic field or CPR. he was pronounced dead at 10 o’clock. Drake was seen coming out the hospital crying like a baby. and Birdman also came running out the hospital screaming my son my son my son my son my son is dead. Nicki Minaj started twerking for Wayne and she thought it would revive him but it didn’t. so in memory of Lil Wayne Birdman has decided to release the half recorded song called f*** you that was being recorded while he was on the tour bus before the shooting happened. also in memory of Lil Wayne Birdman will be releasing the Carter 5. it was already done and Lil Wayne was supposed to release it in summer 2014 but since he is dead birdman is going to release it in December 2013. Lil Wayne has also shot all the videos for the album already so Birdman will be releasing all of the videos that lil Wayne has recorded and he will even be releasing dedication 6 dedication 7 dedication 8 and dedication 9. Gudda Gudda Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant will be spreading dirty secrets about Lil Wayne because Lil Wayne didn’t respect them when he was alive he didn’t even give Gudda Gudda his own album. anyway rest in peace Lil Wayne the funeral will be held Sunday in New Orleans Louisiana next to the water.

  • @chris you must be stupid to say weezy is dead

  • gregg

    @chris i seen lots of stupid comments on this website but that one takes the cake smh, you got too much time on your hands bro

  • @chris go suck a dick….!no one can even joke like that about a person….

    To all the real wayne fans,lets be patient coz weezy is gonna serve us a nice meal.can’t yall smell the food from the kitchen?(studio)…i know for a fact that weezy is working on something,the man never rests.he is probabaly working on a strategy to make people wonder about him and then after that drop something crazy as fuck!weezy is the best guys and don’t yall ever forget that.

  • realtunefan


  • rider

    @Chris how could a person be so cruel. Wayne is a father so you are joking about death on someone’s father……..really???? you’re such a cruel bitch. Chris died at the hospital today he was shot by Marley G

  • Taber

    Wayne is probably just skating. he’s probably not even thinking about music. you can’t have high expectations for wayne these days I tell you. because ever since the Carter 4 he has been disappointing us fans. so when I have expectations for him I always end up getting something different. in the difference is not good because I was expecting I am NOT a human being 2 to be one of the greatest albums but It ended up turning to be his worst album ever anf infact it was the worst album in rock history. so after 2010 I stoped having expectations For Wayne. face it Wayne fell off after no ceilings and I am NOT a human being one. but I will admit d5 was actually a step in the right direction. but it might be too late because he is starting to lose a majority of his fans.

  • Rabies t

    Marley g be like furniture floating around lil waynes ass

  • CheyCheyLuvTunechi

    My BabiLuv Tune Alwayz Amazing!!!♥♥♥♥♥

  • i don’t believe wayne is skating coz danny was gon’ post videos and images of him,and wayne used to make shout outs and post images and say stuff like ”had a nice skating session with the boyz”but he doesn’t anymore.wayne is probably at the studio,thats his home.

  • Brendan

    Yeah Wayne is in the studio because if he was skating he would have tweeted it by now. Every time he skates he always shouts out the people that he skated with and where he skated in his tweet. Ever since he got off probation he hasn’t tweeting or doing anything. honestly I think he is cooking up a batch of new music. he was on probation for 3 years and he knows that he is garbage without weed. he already knew that he would be going on probation for 3 years that’s why before he went to Rikers Island he was so busy and stressed out because he already knew that he is no good without weed in that he needs weed to make good music. remember when he first got out of prison and DJ Khaled’s welcome to my hood came out and wayne said “Just got on probation so my nervs bad” but now that he is off probation he can smoke all the weed that he wants and drink all the cough syrup that he wants. that’s why he’s in the studio because he’s trying to make up 3 years of unfinished work. Weezy F baby coming back just watch. Do you know why D5 was so good??? because Wayne knew that he would be getting off probation soon me and get motivated him to get back on a shit because he was so excited that he was getting off probation. Prepare yourselves for a repeat of 2007 and 2008. Mr Carter is back. just listen to that Kush and no motive. doesn’t it sound like 2008 2009 Wayne. I know it does. so just be patient. The return of Weezy F baby starts……………………now. I think the Carter 5 will sound just like the Carter 3 and I bet the Carter 5 will sell a billion records in the first week just watch. So now that he is on probation, this is his new start. This isn’t the end of his career this is just the beginning.

    C5 we love you Weezy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kidd

    @brendan kush was average and no motive was good but it was no 2008-09 wayne if any recent song was it was either you song cream freestyle or f.i.v.e. but i hope he does get back on his mixtape weezy days i think next year he shouldnt release an album he should just drop like 2 or 3 mixtapes with him getting his mojo back and then come back in mode for like father like son 2 carter 5 big tymers and whtever else is in stores

    P.s. I hope devol never comes out

  • julie

    First of all lil Wayne does not die he will always be the king of cash money records ! Noatter what u haters say ! He still gonna be rich have fame an ha. U guys make him even more famous how funny ! Lil Wayne was born on sept 28 1982 yes he looks older but he’s just 31 any ways he’s been famous ever since he was 11 started raping at 8 >>> just bcuz in his songs it has weed pussy whatever but in every song theirs a message of his life that probably connects to u ! So pay attention before u hate >> how bout u put that in yo pot an smoke it

  • Acts10cm Acts10cm Acts10cm REPORTING “LIVE”

  • Patriots

    @julie he was born on the 27th

  • Bunz

    Sorry DannyM, yo website is full of corny lame peoplez..
    Anyway I wonder how come this video is still not available online.. Someone is not their job in Busta’s camp, I think

  • Dj101


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