Chance The Rapper Says Lil Wayne Is The Reason Why He Is Rapping Right Now [Video]

Sun, Nov 10, 2013 by

Above, you can watch Chance The Rapper chop it up with Sway Calloway for an interview on MTV‘s “RapFix” show. During the interview, Chance tells the story of how Lil Wayne pushed back Dedication 5 so he could wait for “You Song” to be recorded and sent over to him.

Chance also mentions that he is a huge fan of Weezy and will be forever, says working with Tunechi is his favorite and biggest accomplishment so far in his music career, and calls the Dedication 5 mixtape “amazing”.

“Wayne is the biggest reason I’m sitting here right now, rapping. Clap for Lil Wayne!”

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  • jkl123

    first awesome

  • jkl123

    nigga i was first yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Oxymoron South Africa (Bogosi)


    That’s dope. Chance The Rapper is fucking dope. I like how he says that he will forever love Wayne. That’s exactly how I feel.

  • Brinedd

    Chance a real nigga for this

  • you song, one of my favorites of d5, look at d5 survivor game, why did some eliminate this song?

  • Lil Stona T

    Yeah Shout Out Chance….yeah Chance just keeping it real….Wayne Is The Best Rapper Alive He Just Aint Working That Hard On It No More He’s skating lately but I think C5 Will be dope as fuck I think he’s going to put Real Effort into it…and Honestly I don’t think C5 will be the last From Lil Wayne nah Honestly I don’t….

  • hello

    he just tellin the truth
    all these new hip hop artists are influenced by wayne
    kendrick, meek, drake and asap have all admitted it

  • Lil Stona T

    @Hello tru

  • Dboy

    Did a great job on D5 and he says what i think too!

  • Ooz

    Lil wayne be like
    Paint on my fingertips call it nailpolish
    Bitches say im losing butt i still got it
    I get high on top of the tower see ?
    I cum in the bushes call it flower seeds
    Strong in cotton call it power tee
    Im dirty as fuck please shower me
    I throw this album in the trash call it gudda gudda
    Say i love my bitch but shes my other mother
    I suck my berrys though a straw call it strawberrys
    And eat candy while picking cotton call it cottoncandy
    I say im so hard but im easy
    Smoke with 2 fingers up call it greenpeace
    Even a blind person say they can see me
    And im the leader of the hive call me queen B

    Tyga chorus be like
    Bzz bzz bzz my niggers be
    Bzz bzz bzz my bitches be
    Bzz bzz bzz my killers be
    187 if you aint buzzin G

    Track of the year this real hit material right hete

    by Lil wayne feat. Tyga – talk B shit

  • Sheena

    Chance The Rapper told us the truth. You’ll have to agree that Weezy brought back life to Hip-Hop. There’s no doubt that the rap game will never be the same after his retirement. The day Weezy retires, Hip-hop retires too. I am very thankful that at least one God raps!

  • Sheena

    Danny, don’t forget to add Chance’s compliment to the compliments section of the website. Thanks.

  • Sheena

    People’s Choice Award: Please vote for Wayne as your favourite Hip-Hop Artist by clicking @
    You can vote as often as you like and encourage your friends to vote for Weezy too.

  • Gangstar chezz

    Thanks to chance for been real.. Wayne is the shit

  • Flyer than a parrots ass

    Lil wayne be like
    I gotta lotta cheese call it fondue
    Take my homey on a boattrip call it tom cruise

  • You str8 Fck niggas stop saying all this wayne be like that wayne be like this no wayne don’t be like that

  • zeke

    Chance flow reminds me of the old eminem slim shady days back in the early 2000s, i like chance he’s original and different than most rappers out today

  • volcomnukka

    @Ooz for someone who hates on Lil Wayne your up his ass enough to go on his fans sites and make a song pretending to be him. I love Lil Wayne haters because they look up Lil Wayne’s shit just as much maybe even more than his fans. Crazyness

  • Don

    Which is some more proof that Wayne is great I still want him to come back and kill the game but man the dude is like I said great fuck what other people say Wayne=Legend

  • Don

    Or Legend=Wayne just wait he gone kill the game again just wait on it

  • zeke

    Is ” you song ” the first single from devol i keep hearing people saying it is??

  • Ooz

    Lil wayne be like
    Me and my niggers sittin in the jacuzzi call it bloodbath
    Put my b full with honey call it honeybee
    My church bitches wearing converse call it nunchucks

  • shout out 2 chance the rapper 4 bein real.still no lil wayne news he is been quiet afta th end probation it looks lyk he is been at th studio 24/7

  • realtunefan


  • Lil Wayne Will Come Back In Out Of No Where And Rule The Charts As He Used To Do, Watch The Space. Tha Carter V Will Be Classic And Be The Album Of The Century, There Will Be No Eminem Or Hov Or Whatever Will Be. And Yeah He Is Been Quiet For Some Time Now, But Y’all Seems Like You Have Forgotten About That Tweet He Wrote And Apologised To Us Real Fans And Said He Will Work Harder Even If It Kills Him, So I Think Now He Is Working Harder Than Before Thats Why He Is Been Quiet #TeamTunechi

  • Ym

    2014 will be the return of weezy f baby c5 will be album of the year hands Down he been killing thees featurs the past few months I hope that c5 single is a fast past song like 6foot7 but he needs to use his deep voice flow not that high pitch shit but any way can’t Waite to hear some new weezy

  • it looks lyk haters now they have nothin 2 hate abt the r askin them watsapp with wayne,carter5 will exclude drake nd whole ym bt i smell jayz will be on the carter5 nd also myb 50cent.

  • lee

    still bumping dat kush dat kush

  • G’d up

    Wayne should take part of sway saying clap for lil wayne and make into a song that’d be pretty dope.. Chance seems like a cool guy tho might have to give some of his music a listening

  • I don’t know how muffukaz can say c4 and d4 wasn’t good, I get they weren’t up to his past works… But wtf, how can u fuckin say c4 aint shit with tracks like john, 6foot7foot, she will, it’s good, nightmares @ d bottom, abortion, i like d view, megaman, how to love, mirrors, intro, blunt blowin and d4 with tracks like burn, cashed out, wish you would, etc… Y’all haters here are crazy and fucked… So fuck off…. I bleed reality, I should cut myself and the F is for fuck yourself.

  • Ooz

    Lil wayne be like
    Open her legs while i sleep call it bedspread
    Paid extra for fly lessons call it wingtip
    Watch the clock with a shirt on call t-team

  • Sizzora

    Tunchi da best>>>>>>

  • I agree, 2014-2016 is bout to be a repeat of 2008-2010. He’s off probation and he been quiet lately!!!!

  • sydney

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed wayne’s silence lately.

  • Ooz

    Lil wayne be like
    I eat corn with the grim reaper call it popsicle
    I got a male cow and a k9 call it bulldog
    Take my homey on a boattrip call it tom cruise

  • Ooz

    Lil wayne be like
    I divide my watch in two call it timeshare
    I poop on the spot call it shitstain

  • iyke

    he sure gon kill 2014…yall gon remember this post lyk a stamp on ur memory

  • EDEM

    yeah dats true

  • danny can u plz kick out ooz or kdln coz sh/he ruinin de page,let me gess again sh/he a thick white skin.a white person want everythn look at eminem in the hiphop culture,how cum eminem won artist of the year without an album in 2years?

  • Ooz

    Lil wayne be like
    Dont bug me in church call it praying mantis

    Dont be mad cause my lines better than lil wayne

  • Oozo

    @diamond twizler

    Cause eminem the best ever dumbfuck, are you really that stupid to not know that?
    you racist bottomfeeder black dumbfuck !!!

  • Alissa

    I want wayne to do a remix for let me find out.

    #No ceilings 2

  • Tyler

    @Alissa yea that would be damn good but first he should remix rick ross-no games

  • realtunefan


  • Look, im not gonna disagree that wayne is a Legend, thats obvious he is. I’m also not gonna argue about how he’s been rapping (c4 thru ianahb2 not his best) BUT i will say d5 is a slight step in the right direction.

    but fuck that. what I’m here to say is: Its really funny how you super stans work. If a rapper (no matter how good) doesn’t LOVE wayne yall all say that rapper is a hater/wack rapper. Its funny how many of you talk shit on Jay-Z on here when thats waynes favorite rapper. wayne uses Jay-Z lines all the time (ever heard Mr. Carter) and plenty more. wayne has Lucky Me tatted on his neck (which he admitted was a nod to the song title from Jay-z Vol. 2 album) he ALSO has a WHOLE jay-z VERSE tatted on his leg. yet yall wanna act like Jay-Z is trash and isnt arguably the G.O.A.T. its just funny how you guys work because you look silly. If Chance said he didnt fuck with waynes music anymore you ALL woulda talked shit on him. even tho Chance is undeniably dope as fuck

    all im saying is next time you wanna call someone a hater make sure YOU arent a dickeater. (a REAL fan admits wayne is having his worst chunk of his career, BUT a real fan will also stick by him hoping he gets better, a dickeater pretends everything he does is pure gold which is the REASON he fell off in the first place yes men/dickeaters are BAD for your favorite artist) luckily wayne is young and has time to get back on top! and i think he will!!

    God Bless

  • wat de fuck guys?eminem artist of their wow i must be dreamin can sumbody explain 2 me wat made eminem 2 be the artist of the year without singles or album in 2 years?

  • Ooz

    Dont respond to diamond twizzler

    Hes a racist who hates white people

  • Don

    @Just Honest Opinions I agree with everything you said exept you and other people keep making it seem like C4 was bad it’s not the best Carter album but it was good tho now I’am not a human being 2 is a different story that’s where he went wrong. D4 and that was not Wayne being he know him to be but you are right he is coming back D5 ain’t the best but it’s the best since sorry for the wait in my opinion

  • Don

    *we know*

  • Lkdn

    I hate racists

    Diamond twizzler be like
    Professial nigger call it pro black
    My mom send me spam call it blackmail
    Paint my apple dark call it blacbook
    I eat candy while picking cotton call it cottoncandy
    My swimming pool black call it darkwater

    What a racist black bastard bronze twizzler is

  • Strome

    @Don I agree D5 was the best since sorry 4 the wait

    Top 5 songs on D5:

    1. Levels ft (Vado)

    2. C.r.e.a.m ft (Euro)

    3. Pure columbia

    4. Still got the rock

    5. Don’t kill

  • Patriots

    Waynes favorite artist wasnt jay z it was 2pac wayne most def has more lyrics and tattoos dedicated to 2pac than jay z. The fuck is u talking bout he always felt that he was over jay z thats he’s been murdering his beats since sqad up days

  • ooz explain how eminem won the artist of the year,wat dd he do to deseve dat?

  • Kenny


  • Kenny

    @RazLawAKAJustHonest Nigga we all like jay music but he a fuck nigga as a person and Fat Joe and TerrorSqad rolled up on him in a night club and smacked a bottle over his head then he got stomped out by 30 fat niggas and If you listen to Lucky Me you’ll see why that verse is tatted on waynes leg. Its literally about a “Carter” Dying They share the same last name. Fuck off @TheNiggaAgreeingWithHim Nigga I am Not a Human Being 2 was fire, minus the songs for bitches (females) I’m not a bitch so I don’t count those songs. He rapped better and more consistent then he has since he 1st got out of Jail. D4 wasn’t bad, people just don’t like him talking about Pussy as much as he did on there which was ALOT. But then again most rappers are coming out of the Closet talking about gay marriage these days, so it doesn’t really bother me. All you fake ass fans were the same people hating on Wayne quietly from the side lines before he went to jail. If we want to talk about Rappers having a bad chunk of their careers then Kendrick Lamar is out rapping everyone Outside of Drake and Rick Ross. And Drake won’t just go all out MC and kill Kendrick or these other rappers on his album he keeps staying in his Singing Rapper lane and its not holding up any more because his haters are starting to outweigh his fans (online that is) Eminem is using punches when he records (Like Wayne does) except with Em’s flow punches don’t work for him at all no matter how many dick riders of his try to convince you he’s still A1, Em does his BEST when he raps in 1 take. Wayne is 50/50 he can do 1 take and punch his verses in. Wayne’s problem from C4 to 2012 is he hasn’t cared about rap he said it in his 2011 interview for XXL that him going to jail made him realize he wants to spend time with his kids and not rap as much. Thats why on 90% of his 2012 features he didn’t even TRY to sound dope, and the reason C4 was subpar is because his style on there was completely different from his Prejail style with his off the wall punchlines and his raspy voice and his drugged out flow. His punchlines on Good songs threw the songs off slightly but enough to give the haters a reason to hate. songs like Abortion “Called Makaveli, he said he was gravy, I said I was Jelly” TERRIBLE CORNY CHEESY line but the song was over all great but not to the haters and this is LIL WAYNE we’re talking about he had the BIGGEST BUZZ/HYPE since Eminem and possibly BIGGER, he made freakin TIME MAGAZINE over OPRAH and OBAMA in 2008 and he’s on the cover and it says BEST RAPPER ALIVE. AND THE PEOPLE VOTED IT. That hasn’t happened for JAY, EM, OR ANY OTHER RAPPER THATS LYRICAL….EVER. He constantly gets hate for LITTLE TO NO REASON AT ALL. If we wanna talk about Peoples low points in their Career we can bring up the fact that JAY Z put out a trash album called herrrmmm KINGDOM COME, his WORST album ever, You can’t say anything negative not even the slightest about Jay Z even tho He got killed on RENEGADE by EMINEM, you can’t bring up the fact that Waynes few bars on HELLO BROOKLYN MADE THE SONG BETTER, you can’t bring up the fact that JAY SAID HE LIKED WAYNES DISS TO HIM ON C4 OR THE FACT THAT HE KILLED JAY ON MR CARTER. OR THE FACT THAT IF YOU COMPARE JAYS NEW MUSIC TO ANYTHING BEFORE BP3 AND KINGDOM COME HE’S NOT EVEN TOP 5 ANYMORE. Or the simple fact that Jay Z took beyonces last name xD and basically Jay Z’s fans put him on a higher level with out judging his music or the fact that Kanye Killed Jay on Watch The Throne and basically every song they’ve been on since 2010.

  • tinaphoo

    Omg wish that was me he lucky

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