Kidd Kidd Speaks On Trying To Bring Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Together At The X Games In Barcelona

Thu, Nov 7, 2013 by

Mikey T The Movie Star recently chopped it up with Kidd Kidd about how 50 Cent felt about his feature on Lil Wayne‘s Dedication 5 mixtape and how it was for him linking back up with Tunechi.

The Former Young Money and Sqad Up member also spoke about trying to bring Weezy F Baby and 50 together while he was at the X Games event in Barcelona, Spain back in May. You may remember Tune tweeting about this too:

“Shout out to my slime Kidd Kidd and da homies Fifty and nem out there in Barcelona at da X-Games!! Maaaannnn dats dat sh!t”

Be looking out for Kidd Kidd‘s “Ejected” single featuring Wayne to be released soon!

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  • Weezy

    This is great

  • lil james

    i gotta say this…I want 50 and wayne together on somethin timeless. on a real rap song. 50 really does have some memorable verses. everybody startin to act like wayne n 50 are washed up. it would be great to hear some of that grimy real rap on c5.

  • 3rd for the first time ever . I think kidd should add 50 cent too that ejection track

  • zeke

    As im listening to some old lil wayne music i still get amazed at some of the stuff he comes up with he used to go so hard dat nigga said

    ” touch my medallion and meet my berretta,leaving you lookin like a burger wit extrtra ketchup

  • fun

    wayne ft fifty DOPE

  • kush

    50 cent and lil wayne once ruled the world…..

  • Yoooooo

    Why reunite them at a fuckin skateboard competition? U should be reuniting them in the studio!!!!

  • wtf

    Wayne shouldn’t do no damn song 50

  • sam speed

    mayne i really hope lil wayne and fiddy collab on a record together

  • fun

    all this talk of fifty got me listing to him on you dont know

  • zeke

    Many men
    In da club
    21 questions

    ” 50 got them classics! “

  • Slim shady

    I hate wayne & you should to forget this worm head & listen to the g.o.a.t mmlp2

  • lilajrestnom

    what is the 50 feature that kidd was talkin about on d5?

  • weezy!!!

    Mmlp2 is not that great…and why should wayne collaborate with a business man? 50 aint no rapper no more,now he really fell off! He’s last good album was the Massacre and that was almost 10 years ago

  • Dayne

    Growing up with these two being my ALL-TIME favorites in the game it be crazy to hear these two on a track. More than likely be my favorite song of ALL-TIME. I see both these men as rap gods and are both responsible for my love in Rap & Hip-Hop. Im hoping Kidd Kidd can pull something off especially for some C5 magic! lol

  • K

    If I recall correctly, 50 wasn’t on D5

  • lee

    dat kush dat dat kush dat kush..shit goes hard but mmlp2 is like the police asking us quez nigga we dont know shit

  • patriots

    They’re talking bout kidd kidd’s verse on D5 “fucking problems” with Euro

  • pete

    “Damn homie high school you was the man homie the fuck happened to you”

  • Ym

    Mmlp2 only has 9 good songs the rest is country music

  • Slim shady

    Get the wax out of your ears mmlp2 is the best album of all time all fuckin time

  • trelly trell

    ^^ @slim shady LIES ALL LIES BITCH

  • Slim shady

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  • Slim shady

    @trelly trell lets stop fighting baby. The only reason why I said it was the best album was because eminem fucked me dead in the ass. It felt like fuckin heaven supreme. His long hard clip all im my ass hole going twards my anus. I was just hoping that you can do the same thing to me. That’s all. I don’t want harm.

    Anyway, if you say yes just call me at 407-663-1884

  • Big papi

    @trelly trell

  • Tony

    Man this site is falling off. SMFH Why the fuck are Em fans coming to a Wayne fan blog just to talk trash? Like Dafuq? Do people really have no lives or shit?

  • Kurrupt

    That would be some real shit there mehn. C5 might get platinum multiple times with fifty on board

  • zeke

    @tony i know right, this site will die soon if this shit continues

  • I have a feeling that wayne is gonna drop a solo that’ll be the hit of the year…

  • Gangstar Cheez

    Fuck it.. Been enjoyin “dat kush”.. N its been “dat kush”.. 50 cent n wayne in a song aint that bad

  • Gangstar Cheez

    Danny could u pls block that faggot slim shady??.. He’s spoiling d site.. He should be murdered… Oh.. Triple F for fuck fake fans.. Dey love wayne wen he put out some standard shit and hate’s hin wen he put out some shitty shit.. Ama tru wayne fan.. I wanna b like him wen i start ma rap career

  • @slim shady. Its so obvious dat u’re a eminem cum guzzeler. Mmlp2 is wack as fuck

  • Mmlp2 has lines lyk they say i rap lyk a robot so call me rapbot. Dats d wackest line of all time.

  • Shit, wish I had Flash!

  • jjdestructs

    yea mmlp disappointed hardcore even alot of ems fans say so he to ft with Wayne for some rejuvenation lol, why is there so many gays on this site tho

  • Dboy

    Fuck em fuck his new album nobody cares on a lil wayne fansite what this faggot make so just leave

    • nigga

      what ar u talkin’ about u mother fucker. Fuck u, fuck u and all your belongings

  • zeke

    Why is eminem being talked about on a wayne site??, eminem and wayne are freinds so its pointless comparing them yall act like they beefing with each other or sumtin

  • Ikdn

    Lil wayne be like
    i say goodday to a sausage call it halloween
    Paint my grill blue call it bluetooth
    Keep baby locked up call it birdcage
    Phone my eagle up call it birdcall
    Eating chocolates with M’s while recordig with my white boy, call it eminem

  • truth

    This website will die soon due to the comment section? Ahahahaha these 12 year olds need to get off the internet. If anyone were a REAL Tune fan yall would know the Eminem haters been here the whole time. No, not on every post but yes going back to 2009 (which was the year this site opened, for you fake fans) but going back to 2009/2010 up to now there really hasn’t been a change in the comments except a little more hating of course, whining, and also that 1st bullshit. lol. Anyways back to the comments and Em thing, if you think a website or anything were going to “fall off” or “shutdown” due to the comment section go read a book and get off the internet. sheesh. The haters aint going no where thats obvious but for anybody to get so caught up in this comment bullshit and waste your time to something that is nothing but a waste of time, yeah this comment is for you and you oh and you too. haha

  • HotBoyzWayne

    Maaaaaaan um still on dat KUSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! man dat song is goin to be banging everywhere jst gve it a week, um tellin ur’ll. N fuck fiddy dat ni55a z a sellout he only rapped 2 get’off the street.

  • Ikdn

    Lil wayne be like
    I eat nuts with homer simpson call it donuts
    Driving a car with nas call it nascar
    I eat candy while picking cotton, call it cotton candy
    I cut myself upon in the bathroom, call it bloodbath
    I smoke with 2 fingers up, call it greenpeace
    Put draids in my visor, call it crosshair
    I cut my dog open, call it bloodhound
    I fill my balls with corn, call it cornball
    I have so many exes, call it X MAS

    by Gdk on Nov 8, 2013 at 1:40 pm

  • Patriots

    @ikdn just stop, that was wack as hell. Wayne definetly wouldnt say no dumb shit like that

  • Ikdn

    @patriots I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say all that stuff. What I really meant to say was that I love big dicks. I love sucking big dicks. I just can’t help it. I’ll suck yours if you want.

  • @Ikdn but none of those are about pussy

  • Ikdn


    Aah man you right

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  • Weedy

    You should come to doca concert here in australia because you have alot of fans here and i have always wanted to see one of your concerts

  • Ikdn

    Lil wayne be like

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    I kiss my sons on the lips, call it incest
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  • Dat loud

    Lil wayne be like I’m the king of donkey kong call me King Kong

  • Ikdn

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    Wear a skeleton on my head, call it skullcap

  • realtunefan


  • Toolip

    And And And I fucked @Slim shady’s wife and mother at the same damn time

  • Trizzy

    @Slim Shady… Em’s new album is not that great… Eminem is/was good… Ironically RapGod is as wack as a job… Berzerk, and Love Game is shit… K. Dot murdered him on his own song… Now pull back your tits you embarassing yourself… check them reviews

  • Slim shady

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  • Slim shady

    I eat alot of dicks. I tried to suck eminem dick but I got chased off by a security guard.

  • Trey

    Mmlp2 is not that good. It’s not garbage but it’s not good either. There is only like 2 good songs. I bought the album at Walmart yesterday and I sat in the parking lot bumping it in my truk and the first 2 songs were ok but the rest of the album sucks dick and that’s comming from a real eminem fan. So all of you wayne/wminem dickriders can go suck a dick for sum trukfit.

  • Slim shady


  • Kidd

    If you think kendrick out did eminem on love game your psychotic kendrick recycled some of D12s bars in his verse and eminem went in story mode kendrick went hard but shady went harder

  • zeke

    There was some weird ass western cowboy type of soundingsong on mmlp i was like wtf?

  • Don

    Man it makes no sense how GREAT No Ceilings is smh

  • Don

    Lol Wayne just tweeted this “@LilTunechi: Stacy’s mom has got it goin on! Fountains of Wayne….drink up”

  • Lol,i had to google this shit coz i didn’t know what wayne was saying on twitter…fountains of wayne is an american band that released a song called ”stacy’s mom” which was a hit.

  • weezy is the best bt now he is been looks lyk history will repeat it self.

  • I know when weezy is quiet he is working on something great!

  • linda im also 4rm south africa east of jozi tembisa carter1 2 3 are classic in a row 4 was gd bt not classic

    • Derik Clayton

      4 was trash.. these ppl are retarded

  • For me,carter 4 is still better than any other album out now…6foot,she will,blunt blowing,the intro,its good,nightmares of the bottom,how to hate,how to,i like the view,john,megamen,president carter,abortion…infact,i don’t even have a favourite,they all bangers for me

  • But i’m pissed at drake…nigga said ”i’m as famous as my mentor”he is obviously refering to wayne.he in other words means that he is on waynes level..drake had the odecity to ft jay z but not wayne…i know its his album and he can do what he wants to do but him not ft wayne was stupid.

    • Learn to spell


  • He also hasn’t been skating lately wich is also proof that he is proably in the studio

  • Ikdn

    Lil wayne be like
    I have a conversation with my garbage call it trashtalk
    I ball when im based call it baseball

  • Slim shady

    Mmlp fuckin 2

  • drake will fall nd beggin mercy 2 wayne 2 help him lyk de sqad up group nd hotboys

  • Hey check out our rap group album droppin this summer

  • Slim shady

    Mmlp 2

  • realtuneg

    @Danny M is there any updates on the richgang documentary???

  • Slimshady

    Mmlp 2

  • @Linda weezy drake is so soft. His album was like elevator music

  • can’t forget my nigga {tunechi}

  • Derik Clayton

    dafuq.. kidd kidd is fuckin garbage why did wayne bring this bum ass nigga back..

  • Derik Clayton

    tyga da illest in YM.. errbody stuck on Drake and Wayne… dafuq for.. tyga da best 1