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Feature Friday #5: Q-Tip – Renaissance Rap (Feat Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes & Raekwon)

Fri, Dec 13, 2013 by

Q-Tip Renaissance Rap Remix Feat Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes & Raekwon

Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip dropped their collaborative mixtape title The Abstract & The Dragon online yesterday, so it’s only right for this week’s “Feature Friday” edition to be their “Renaissance Rap” remix featuring Lil Wayne and Raekwon.

Even though this Q-Tip track was first released in 2009, it was recorded in the year 2008.

“Though they call me Weezy F, you gon’ let me pass”

You can stream and download the “Renaissance Rap” remix after the jump below!

Download: Q-Tip – Renaissance Rap (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes & Raekwon)

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  • 1017Twone

    wayne dont do much lately but skating, kinda frustrating for the ones who arent interrested in skate. . .. . . .

  • coupe-boy

    everyone thought this song was new yesterday…..smfh fake ass wayne fans

    • dopeboydreams

      lol why you mad? they prolly never heard it smh

    • Baneezy

      lol I was one of them.. but that doesn’t make me fake fam. Weezy has way too many features that I can’t know all of them



    WAYNE’S FLOW >>>>

  • Patrick H

    I’m still getting used to seeing him with short dreads

    • YMCorey

      Damn you must didn’t listen to wayne in 2001-2006

      • Patrick H

        I did but it’s different when he went from short dreads to long dreads back to short dreads…..like why??

        • YMCorey

          Dreads get irritating after they get so long it’s hard to sleep with em..

  • wayne97

    I love Listen to these songs again brings back memories


    Damn, I wish he would return to this flow like wtf happened man :/

    • Sean Smith

      I don’t get how it changed

      • Shew Andkicks

        his voice, flow, rhyme patterns, hunger, overall quality and choice of beats, but only real wayne fans know and sense these things.

  • lilmt

    this weezy not tunchi who only since about pussy and cant flow no more

    • Idiot

      Wayne was calling himself before tunechi you fake ass fan

      • lilmt

        are u a bitch nigga im lil wayne fan since 2004 , not like u since lolipop come u fake ass fan beside who doesnt know that tunchi is wayne but wa wayne is tunchi too and the same thing with weezy u son of a bith

        • jordancccccc

          read a book

    • Kev Loco

      I hope you know more rappers “since” about pussy

  • Sean Smith

    I don’t get how he sounds so different now, what could’ve happened

    • Lionel

      He stopped drinking syrup

      • Young Kobrah

        No i sip syrup and i rap the same with it or with out it

        • u think u sip syrup, i bet u be drinking fruit juice and UOENO

          • Young Kobrah

            Ok i guess lol

    • Ciuciu Bogdan

      he is paid now. he ain`t hungry no more

  • YMCorey

    Put ya hands in the air if ya pussy don’t stank

  • JayHighAss

    Lol, I don’t really see how his flow changed .. One person say wayne fell off then everybody say wayne fell off monkey see Monkey do type of shit smh the only thing that has changed is his hunger & he’s older wayne is in his 30’s with a whole ass family baby mommas everywhere & he has Young Money he’s fucking set for life his kids kids are set for life so why would he wanna keep tryin & I know wayne is tired he’s been doing this shit since fckn 8 he’s 31 now let that man chill & live his life quite saying he fell off sick of hearing that shit .. Next muthafucka say he Fell off gimme yo address so I can come beat yo ass

    • ignore them haters, they just trying to fit in with everyone else online

      the internet rules are “you are not cool if you dont say wayne fell off”

      • Patrick H

        True story

    • regge

      He fell off….

      • JayHighAss

        Since he “Fell Off” then bitch don’t come back to site… Sick of people like you Matter of fact Danny Try to Block this Muthafucka from this site he don’t belong here

        • volcomnukka

          Wow…. emotional?

  • Don

    Where is that Riff Raff song it’s been a week

    • Kidd

      Im waiting as well

    • time

      anything to do with wayne never drops on time lmfao

  • time

    if you are wondering what harry potter will look like in the future then just look at the guy in the picture with wayne lmfao

  • Tunechi

    Where’s that riff raff joint? They said it’d be here this week

  • jimmy bond

    2013 was a bad year of wayne cuz he dident get no nominations this year and i just look at rolling stone the best mixtapes this year n he not even on this year i think the reason y he not givings award cuz the emmit till shit got me mad n i hope 2014 he come back on top

  • Patrice Tsogbe


  • Guest

    doesnt work :/

  • Larry

    Why is Wayne with J.J. Abrams (movie director) ? Is he planning on coming out in Star Wars in 2015??

    • Patrick H


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