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Lil Wayne Appears On The Front Cover Of XXL Magazine’s Final Issue Of 2013

Tue, Dec 17, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Appears On The Front Cover Of XXL Magazine Final Issue Of 2013

To honor hip-hop’s 40-year-anniversary, XXL magazine are celebrating the achievement by releasing collector’s edition covers starring some of the biggest rappers including Lil Wayne.

Other rappers who XXL have chosen to feature on the cover for their last issue of 2013 are: Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, and LL Cool J. The issue will hit newsstands all over the world on December 31st.

You can view the XXL magazine cover for the four decades of hip-hop special edition issue that has Weezy F Baby on the front above!

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  • king


  • Patrick H

    Sqad up days?

    • Sean Smith

      That pic is right after Tha Block is Hot

  • dada


  • YMCMB TRukkeR


  • f. baby

    Weezy wee

    • brandy

      these bandwagon wayne fans dont know about that name lol

  • Kut-boy

    I’m going to buy this issue for sure. It looks interesting.

    • tunechi f baby

      hell yea


    Wayne staying on top. YMCMB Till the death of me!!

  • tunechi f baby

    look at that grill lol

  • ill tune

    That picture was around when his lights out album came out

  • zak

    I Wonder why they decided to put waynes old pic instead of shooting a new pic?

  • Back when Weezy was hungry to be the best

    • YMCorey

      Not at all.. He was still on some hot boy shit

  • ERIC J.


  • brandy

    this is a colletors item .they’ll never put cover out like this again!! if you say you a wayne fan and dont buy one with WAYNE on the cover, you crazy smh

  • you mad bro?

    lmfaoooooo where’s pusha t cover with them honoring him? or maybe hopsin’s? lmfao
    oh i forgot they’re not recording breaking/setting young vets. like weezy mothafuckaaaa

    • trelly trell

      LMAO hell yeah

    • King Alvarez

      Hopsin could take Wayne bar for bar tho

  • tbh

    notcie wayne is the ((youngest)) 1 that they’re honoring on the cover. thats says alot about him . dude been doing this music shit since he was a kid and still remains relevant and successful. other niggas fell off and are in jail, broke or on drugs and nobody looking for music from them . say what you want but my nigga wayne earned his stripes in the music game fa’sho

    • nighty

      Since 9

      • WeTrippyMain


        • Emmanuel Kesse

          actually 11

          • WeTrippyMain

            I don’t want to be beefin over some age thing but watch some interviews he said 8 himself lol

            • Dawn Bosley

              Ditto WeTripyMane great achievement wayne!

            • Emmanuel Kesse

              its true that he started rapping at 8 but he got his first deal with cash money records at 11 😉

    • Anti

      Since 12 b/c he said it himself that at age 11 he was writing in baby and slim office for a whole year and then he got signed at 12 so Ha!!!! to everyone below

  • mulah

    this cover is dope af!! makes me want to go listen to the block is hot album. matter fact thats what imma go do

  • trelly trell

    im only buying wayne cover fuck the rest lol

  • josh_66

    im coppin’ 2 wayne covers
    1 to read and
    1 still in the plastic.

  • George Baker

    He’s the GOAT hands down

  • XXx

    please make scan and upload it here Danny 🙂

  • Omari Mtibiro

    I wonder….what….made drake…say he same…level….wit…wayne….well no need to waste time….for da answer….coz he ain’t……may be….five….years later whem…..wayne….retire’s…n don’t think he will….retire….may be….juc….resting…..

  • Abu Abbas

    I still think “I’m good” ft meek mill is wayne’s best song for a Long time

  • Omari Mtibiro

    How much was lil wayne paid for his….america’s most wanted tour?……for both u.s and europe….tours…?…

  • ss

    lil wayne till i die,