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Lil Wayne’s “She Will” & “Love Me” Singles Both Go Double Platinum!

Thu, Dec 19, 2013 by

Lil Wayne She Will & Love Me Singles Both Go Double Platinum

A day after finding outRich As Fuck” went Platinum, two more singles from Lil Wayne have reached double Platinum status. These two songs that have sold over 2 million copies since they were released are “She Will” featuring Drake and “Bitches Love Me” featuring Drake and Future.

Both of the tracks have been confirmed to be double Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) this month. “She Will” took 2 years and 4 months to sell over 2 million digital copies, and “Bitches Love Me” took just 11 months to sell over 2 million digital copies.

Congratulations once again to Weezy F Baby!

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  • zzzz


  • flowflow

    Lol he a genius

  • Don

    Wow Wayne

  • Legooo

    Every single from Wayne that gets released will sell and thats a fact.

  • They hate on Wayne and say he fell off but I don’t see Kendrick or ASAP selling millions of their singles….

    • corbin wells

      yeah but they are making better music… so is danny brown lil wayne should make a song with danny brown.

      • Mike

        Beter nah
        But that danny Brown song sounds oke

        • corbin wells

          yes they are better rating kendrick and a$ap sold more on thier albums as well. and danny brown is underground so idk but he and lil wayne would be dope on a song hahahaha! i love weezy still but i cant fuck with IANAHB II or d4.

          • Mike

            Kendrick and rocky did not make it as far as weezy

            • corbin wells

              not yet bruh.

          • cheeseburger eddy

            They did not sell more on their albums. Neither even hit 500,000 copies their first week of sales. Wayne nearly hit a mil so..

            • corbin wells

              on tha carter iv you dumb ass ianahb II was his last album it barley went gold…

              • cheeseburger eddy

                Yea no shit sherlock. The Carter series are his more popular albums. These were their first albums.(, and A$ AP). Don’t you think they should have sold a little better?? Wayne’s first album had similar first week sales what like 14 or 15 years ago??

      • dontae’

        foh nigga fuck you and danny brown.

        • Mike

          Nah man danny Brown is cool

      • lmao at corbin

        hollup clown did you just say asap makes better music? lol lmfao im not bias so i wont say no to kendrick but asap? fashion killa lol

        • corbin wells

          since 2010 A$ap has a better resume.

          • sharyel

            Get off this site cuz you obviously can’t read wayne dosnt rap about the same fucking subject its faggots like you who just need to shut up your telling me the subjects of “God bless amerika” and lets say “trippy kit” are the same

            • corbin wells

              yes in the song god bless amerika he talks about weed and pussy. i like real wayne not this homo that is around right now. IANAHB II was ranked as the worst album by several websites…

        • corbin wells

          A$ap got way better rating and more sales on his album.

          • Patrick H

            More sales? The only song he has platinum is Fuckin Problems and that is because who was featured on it

            Better ratings? Those are just the opinion from who did the article on whatever site you read it on.

            • corbin wells

              bruh ianahb II was ranked the worst album of 2013 by like 15 websites. there is a couple okay songs. there is no way you think it is better then kendricks or a$aps album. smh old wayne smashes them but IANAHB II wayne is trash pure garbage so is D5 wayne. that aint the wayne we all know you just riding a nigga dick now.

              • Lani. #FreeFlow

                Show me these 15 websites

      • RELL


        • corbin wells

          no cause he hasnt made any good music in 3 years it just doesnt come back im sorry your not getting c2 or c3 wayne back. so ill listen to his old good music and new good rappers and you can follow this nigga while he makes more stupid club songs that repeat the same subject 🙂

          • wayne69

            If you havent liked wayne in three years why the fuck you still on here?

            • corbin wells

              i still like him. i dont fuck with his new shit. i was tryna see if he is ever gonna drop like father like son 2 but i guess he isnt

            • corbin wells

              i like pre 2011 wayne after carter IV he sucked.

      • brandon

        well seeing as how kendrick and rocky both said theirselves they were musically influenced by wayne . i guess you can say they had a great teacher sto show them how to do! HA

        • corbin wells

          they were influnced by weezy in his prime not weezy in 2012 bruh bruh.

          • milli

            the point is whether it was 2012 weezy or 2013 weezy it still d same weezy u dumb piece of shit..! n unlike most rappers..he is still relevant in the game n even tho ppl say he fell off those same ppl go his shows or want to go his shows so stfu

      • Patrick H


  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Weezy stay winning

  • Trizzy

    That was quick for the “Bitches love me”…
    Who the fuck is Pusha T! If you do know, you muhfucken stupid niggah

  • jjdestructs

    the plaques keep comin

    • jjdestructs

      and so do the haters haha

  • michael

    congrats to weey f baby

  • John Osco

    wayne is the best



    • time

      who is pusha t?

  • Young Cuban

    Congrats Weezy F Baby

  • Trizzy

    Which one’s next from C4???

    • Manolis P

      I guess Blunt Blowin’, it’s Platinum already.

      • Trizzy

        Yeah most probably, but I doubt if people will still buy the song

    • Patrick H

      How To Love will probably go diamond lol

      • Trizzy

        Lol… Double black diamond

  • xgoblin

    Thanks to Drake…

    • Young Cuban

      Foh, Wayne was going platinum when Dake was on that lame ass tv show

    • jackie___

      bitch please !

    • MALLI_B 77


    • Patrick H

      Was Drake on Rich As fuck which went platinum yesterday?

      • xgoblin

        Cuz of 2chainz he had a huge buzz

        • Young Cuban

          Why the fuck or u on this site???

  • JayHighAss

    I feel like She Will should have been went 2x platinum
    She Will do it for the realist niggas in the game right now She Will maybe for the Money, Power, Fame right now She Will !!! I know She Will

    • Patrick H

      It probably would of done if it had a music video

      • time

        i dont know how a song like this didnt get a video

  • chuuuch

    This shit is basic for weezy everybody deep down inside knows that he’s the best rapper alive

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    “@LilTwist: Hit Factory w/ my family @euroneverlies @mrBrazyFLOW @WhoisChrisKing #YMCMB”

    • Name


      • Tune Knowledge

        You do realize that tweet had nothing to do with wayne right…

  • aaron_88

    can yall just imagine how many plaques wayne has around his crib? like really think back from the 90’s to now and still going

  • corbin wells

    sales arent everything. soulja boy has more sales then kendrick lamar Tyga ab-soul A$ap rocky pusha t. so i dont go by sales sorry. i look at ratings and wayne not getting good ratings or making good music. get over it. i love pre ’11 wayne but everything since c4 is garbage.

    • 3Peat

      Your dumb as fuck if you only like rappers by there ‘ratings’. You should have your own opinion not having to look at all these bullshit websites to like someone.

      • corbin wells

        well i know waynes music sucks now anyways. how do you go from a song as good as Hustler musik to MY bitches love me??????


    Weezy stay killin the game G.O.A.T!

  • #1stunnah

    Does anyone know if lil wayne is performing on the grammys just found out yesterday that kendrick lamar is

  • inewwiththis .

    Congratulations Weezy F Baby / Wayne/tunechi

  • time

    that picture is funny…..its like wayne is putting up the two fingers to say i have two singles gone double platinum lmao

  • happy

    weezy stacking plaques on plaques

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    Another, you have many other to receive, from my foreseeing for you.
    Keep your Rap’s excellent, for you’re the greatest I know, and would ever know,
    Last will she, testmentation I not human being, being away”

  • Wayne Is A Legend , Kendrick A$ap Or Any Of Them Young Niggas Shouldn’t Be Mentioned When It comes To Wayne
    Holla At Me In 16 Years If Kendrick Or A$ap Ever Surpass Everything That Wayne Did. No Matter What Wayne Is Making Now You Cant Discredit Him & Just Forget About What He Made Back Then. My Favorite Rapper Is Lil Wayne (AKA: The Best Rapper Alive)
    & With That Being Said

    My Favorite Rapper
    Is Your Favorite Rappers
    Favorite Rapper

    Get It ?
    Yuunggg Muuulaaa Baaabbby !

  • Lil Wayne In The Studio With FLOW , Lil Twist & €uro !

  • Eshall Flawless



    hahahaha they comparing niggas weezy schoolled 2 him now….n asap rocky is trash dnt believe the hype….my mum raps better than asap rocky #fact!!!!


    anyway is that dhea trash…..

  • Omari Mtibiro

    Hahaha….fuck pushat….imean really….even…ianhb2….sells more than… name is your name….shit……what a………



  • Guest

    Shout to the best rapper alive. Congrats Weezy!

  • Best

    Where is that fucking nigga Pusha T? :D. Wayne is still winning 🙂

  • nic456pmo

    A corbin need a dick n his mouth… shut da fuk up congratulate this nigga for what he doing real shit before wayne fans waynes jump yo ass

  • Carl Ferguson III

    Tunechi keeps going platinum the best rapper alive the greatest

  • gkunk

    Good job to the best rapper of all time!!! Weezy has not fallen off never has and never will simple and plain he is the best always will be. Congrats again weezy!!