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Artwork & Release Date For Young Money’s “Senile” Single

Mon, Feb 10, 2014 by

Artwork For Young Money Senile Single

Tyga went on Instagram today to show off the artwork for Young Money‘s next single, “Senile“, off their upcoming album titled Young Money: Rise Of An Empire, due to drop on March 11th.

You can view the cover for “Senile” above, which as you can see includes a Photoshopped photo of Albert Einstein that has “YMCMB” text going down his tongue. The release date for the David D.A. Doman-produced song will be on Monday February 24th!

Don’t forget Young Moneyians, the official music video for “We Alright” will premiere later this week. Click here to read what the producer of “Senile” said about the track itself and the verses from Lil Wayne, T-Raww, and Nicki Minaj.

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  • 2unechi

    Can’t wait for wayne to kill this shit! 2014 wayne!! Ymcmb

  • Nexoduss

    Idk the artwork is kind of making me not too excited and I never get pumped for a track based on what others say. Gotta hear it for myself first.

    • devin

      so basically you’re judging a song {you haven’t heard yet} based off the artwork? -___- …’re a dumass

      • Nexoduss

        No I’m just saying that the artwork itself doesn’t get me excited for a song and neither does what other people say about it. Dumbass

        • JayHighAss

          You Stupid

  • Wayne


  • Cedric Jeannin

    Wayne is the better ! ♥

  • that cover sucks ass… sure the song won’t tho

  • Alicia


  • brice

    but wtf he ( albert einstine) have to do with the song?

    • Guest

      Wait the lyrics … 😉

    • Cedric Jeannin

      “If old people become senile, they become confused, can no longer remember things, and are unable to look after themselves.”

  • Tune over the best pussy

    One week? I can’t wait that long, I’ve already overplayed we alright….

  • Weezy4evr

    Wayne bout to smash this shit and show whose the best again

    Fuck u other rappers

  • Shawn_504

    it never fuckin’ fails with some of you wannabe ass music critic’s / fans of wayne.This post has been up for a few mins and already niggas doubting the song because they dont like the artwor for it. smh i swear wayne fans grow more and more unloyal and unsupportive as the years go by. fuck yall

    • T.D.E

      Smh idk what yall talkin bout, the cover is super dope, yall just mad cuz yall know yall couldnt think of sum as creative and dope as this. Thats the main reason why people hate on wayne cuz they know that they can never be as creative as he is, why u think they allways talkin shit bout his punchlines?? Its cuz they know they wouldnt be able to think that dope

    • LongLiveTune

      They pro’ly madd cause young Money styling on they favorite Rap groups fucken fakes

  • josh_66

    who gives uh fuck about the single cover? im only waiting on the music

  • Mase

    Swear all the lil wayne fans a dumb little kids that have no education look up about Albert Einstein with the word senile, on more technical terms dementia, learn your shit before commenting you might even understand the lyrics for once and understand what these rappers are talking about. Jesus Christ this site ceases to amaze me with the comments sometimes.

    • josh_66


      • Mase

        Please elaborate on how I’m dick riding? Smh

        • TruTh

          First of you are not dick riding nothing, second why are you here? why do you take time just to argue with these people. They have their opinions you have yours, you expressed yourself but your not gaining anything by doing this. So you dont like Lil Wayne big deal you dont know how it is support a man that is hated by the 2/3’s of the world, but i do i feel left out sometimes, and sometimes i feel like why i support Lil Wayne, and you know what? Its cause its my MUSIC and i’ll support it till i die. So like Lil Wayne said Fuck you and anyone like you.

          • Trizzy

            Dude, you just embarassed yourself in front of 2/3’s of the world. That nigga never said non bout hating on Wayne… Smfh

          • Mase

            Are you full on tripping dude? I never mentioned hating on wayne at all in my comments, he’s my favourite rapper, PERIOD. my comment was aimed at the people who doubt the song because of the artwork, basically my point was for anyone wondering, there is always a reason for the artwork they pick/make for there singles and albums, you just have to look beyond the picture that is there, Don’t judge a book by its cover because over half the people on this site seem to hate the fuck out his songs before they even drop and then when its out your all on his dick, and to the idiot who said someone did there research, its called and education, you might want to go out and get one.

            Lil wayne is always fire and always will be no one tops that nigger he’ll be making it to number one on the charts even when he’s dead.

            Rant over, I’m out.

    • Nexoduss

      Lol I’m sure you’re a rocket scientist bro. Everyone knows that Einstein suffered from this, but that doesn’t make the cover any better.

      • Mase

        The comment was mainly directed at the comments doubting the song because of the cover and all the future comments about all the little kids having no clue.

      • TheTruth

        funny cuz I’m actually majoring in rocket science (aerospace engineer)

    • Time

      Lol someone did their research

  • Tunethefuking

    I can’t wait till wayne shuts all these “old wayne fans” and people saying he “fell off” the hell up don’t fucking doubt the greates rapper alive

    • Time

      Fuck those people anyway, don’t worry about what they think is good or not in music

  • Kleiven

    Cool that they are trying something different, and dare do it. Personally I do not think it was very nicely done but still very cool

  • H

    Rebirth 2 bitches!!

  • YoungTune

    Dope artwork. Jus like Einstein Wayne is a mastermind. Gonna drop ROAE to put new ym artist on and advertise C5. Genius

  • Nathan Bryant

    If you know what the word Senile means, then this picture makes sense.

  • xgoblin

    When the my nigga rmx video coming out?

  • Sophie Hammond


  • DavyK1994

    The two verses hes done this year do get me excited for this single. Weezy F Baby and the F is for fuck da haters

  • Don

    The guy that got to listen to D5 just tweeted that he talked to Tez

  • Don

    He also tweeted Carter 5 2015

  • Don

    Mybad I meant to say the guy that listened to D5 before everyone else tweeted it

  • Don

    Man I hope Wayne does do a interview for the HQ Danny

  • josh_66


  • Ken JR Lopez

    Lil wayne is sexyyyy

  • golee

    cant wait for dhs shit
    wayne plz dont kill it too much

  • Eric Toomer

    Albert Einstein fuck with YM!!!

  • stephanie

    I swear this shits gonna be dope

  • Best

    Funny cover, I can’t wait to hear the song!



  • Shane Flowbain Pete

    Trippppyyyy shiiiiiiit

  • prodigy

    everybody dumb on here
    even the haters that
    try to hate u can’t get a stage haters
    so only thang we can do is laugh
    this song is name because of wayne
    This older person in my life has a good memory but has gone to behaving differently…just strange (new) outlooks/attitudes.

  • Chris Vs Christopher

    Do this shit for-rizzel

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  • marcus

    Any updates?

  • marcus556

    any updates?

  • Amber Waddleton

    I’ve been searching for this song on iTunes but still haven’t seen it.

  • LongLiveTune

    I told al y’all nukkas that this year’s the ‘TAKEOVER’ the mother niggas sleather blee dat #YMSHIT#SENILE

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