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Lil Wayne & Kevin Hart Will Appear On ESPN2’s “First Take” Show This Friday

Tue, Feb 11, 2014 by

Lil Wayne & Kevin Hart Will Appear On ESPN2 First Take Show On February 14th

This Friday (February 14th), Lil Wayne and Kevin Hart will be special guests on “First Take” as Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Cari Champion come to New Orleans, Louisiana.

If you don’t already know, “First Take” is a sports talk show in America that broadcasts on the channel ESPN2. The last time Weezy appeared on the program was in 2011 and you can watch that here!

Taping for “First Take” will start on Friday at 10AM from the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. If you want to attend, you can do so for free by entering at gate J between 7-7:30AM.

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  • Pete

    I hate it when weezy talks about sports……so boring *yawn*

    • tbh

      he’s a bandwagoner smh

      • Exposed101

        you a bitch …

    • yahia


  • there’s bound to be some jokes if hart is there

    • trevor

      yeah corny lame ones. that nigga aint funny at all bruh

      • Ry

        He’s hilarious bro what u talkin bout

      • fewcha

        he funny as fuck

  • Biggest tunechi fan

    Biggest tunechi fan ever. Nobody else. Just me

    • Lol surrreeeee

    • lilwayne#1fan

      I beg to differ

      • Biggest tunechi fan

        If u only knew

  • Fuck tha Fame

    haha def be watchin that ctfu it’s gone be a good week



    • Time

      Good cause that movie was awesome!

    • TheTruth

      boring long ass movie..

  • Biggest tunechi fan

    I promise I am

  • KingChuck

    waiting on we alright video and the new singLe SENILE

  • tbh

    They only have wayne on this show this much for ratings. nobody really takes wayne ssports conversations or debates serious becasue he’s a bandwagon fan for different teams and players every season. …. no hate cause im a fan of his music but when it comes to him & sports…….. i go deaf

    • Tune Up

      Just because you like more than one team doesn’t mean you “Bandwagon”

      • we tfyeah

        He said he liked the packers hust because they were going to the SB, the heat because they’re popular, etc. Hes a bandwagoner.

        • Spiderman

          Hes a laker fan tf you talking about

  • wig splitta

    mannnnnn fuck sports talk. give us info on c5

  • Time

    Definitely going to watch this, it will be jokes!

  • H

    Rebirth 2 bitches!!!

    • fewcha

      never happening bitch

  • Young Cuban

    Drake twitted that the Carter V will be out December 10.

    • Michael

      Liar, Dec 10 isn’t even on a Tuesday and everybody knows that Albums usually drop on a Tuesday

      • Young Cuban

        Bitch go check his twitter.

      • Malik

        That doesn’t mean it’s going to drop on Tuesday

  • zeke

    Sport fans dont take wayne serious when he’s talking about sports…..jus sayn

  • Dean


    • Shaquan James

      It’s Espn 2 dummy

  • Lethu

    Let’s hope the swag will be on point

  • triggacity_813

    Does anyone know if @lilweezyonline is official? They got some official weezy pics..he’s gettin his swag back

    • nessa

      i think his only one is @liltunechi the rest are fake

  • Pyper6

    I want to see Shrimp daddy #17

  • TheTruth

    Skip bayless annoying as hell!

  • JustAGuy234

    nicki just dropped some HEAT off the new YMCMB album!! look up “Nicki Minaj – Lookin Ass Niggas”

    • Nessa

      im sorry the constant repetition of that slave terminology “nigga” running through her greasy ass lips was painful too watch & even the acception of ass couldn’t save that no lyrical content

  • Nessa

    aww wayne why did you cut your long locks 🙁 why yall announce this all the hood hoes in new orleans gon repeat ti video shoot in hanes her way bra & panties ass clapping at the conventention center gate please dont allow them hoes through the gate without casual attire these classless muthafuckers already make nola look bad damn i cant wait to graduate & gtf

  • Who outside the convention center right now to see Wayne & Kevin Hart