Rick Ross – Thug Cry (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ]

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Rick Ross Thug Cry Feat Lil Wayne

Rick Ross collaborates with Lil Wayne on the outro song off his upcoming album, Mastermind, due to be released in stores on March 4th. The track, which is titled “Thug Cry“, was produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and samples Souls Of Mischief’s “93 Til Infinity” for the beat.

You can listen to the CDQ version of “Thug Cry” below and pre-order Rozay‘s Mastermind album on iTunes here!

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  • Tunethebossbitch

    First wayne killed it

  • St3v3n


    • sAiiivi

      Danny I need the CDQ it won’t let me play it

      • haden

        Cray Cray!!

  • Time

    Wayne ain’t done a bad verse in 2014 so far

    • true! c5 gonna be a classic

      • Northside 4 life

        Dam wayne commin back forreal, 2014 been all fire verses from him so far. I think wayne is gonna shut the world down with C5

        • share bare

          Yea I agree and I am so proud of waynes improvement, just look at how far he has come since ianahb2. 2011-2013 were some pretty hard times for wayne. He nearly lost his life, he lost fans, and he had one of the worst rap albums of the year. Im glad that wayne was able to stand back up on his feet and get back to how he was before rikers. 2014 is a wayne year believe me when I say this.

          • T.D.E

            Yea now that I think about it he actually has came a long way since then

          • Don_Hooper19


          • nfs444

            If you are talking about Tha Carter IV as being “one of his worst rap albums” then die.

            • nfs444

              And if you are talking about IANAHB2 then still go die, that shit wasn’t bad. Dedication 4 & 5 were the fuck ups!

              • share bare

                How tf was d5 a fuck up??? nigga that was a come back so please stfu

              • blahhh

                D5 is better than ianahb 2 by far

              • Zane Kirkwood

                D4 was pretty bad. D5 was amazing. IANAHB2 wasn’t too bad. A few good songs not many horrible ones.

                • Young Stunna Young Wayne

                  D4 wasnt THAT bad. I really liked Amen.

                • nfs444

                  The cover art was the worst part

                • Riz90s

                  How the fuck was d4 bad

              • Buckin65

                Lol IANAHB2 sucked

        • Dope Shit

          Yea he got the bars back, now all we need is his 07 raspy, weedy, god flow back

        • Drizzy

          MMM where u live big papi??

        • Comin’ Back, Where Did He Go?

        • dre

          he never fell off…your all wrong. he never had a bad mixtape or album in the last few years

      • t-raww

        Why yall all on wayne dick now hmm??? fake ass fans!!!!! Just a couple of months ago yall was all on here talkin shit about him and how he fell off and everything. Smh, even yesterday yall was on here talkin shit about senile, and im not gonna put any names but some of yall who was talkin shit about senile and said he feel off, came on here today and all over his dick now. I think Wayne got some of the fakest fans in the industry. BANDWAGONERS!!!

        • Milli Tune

          Man Lil Wayne is my favourite rapper but I have head on my neck and I can reconize when Lil Wayne doing good and when Lil Wayne doing bad songs… I think u are Waynes dick rider if u say everything what he does is god made… it’s like everybody sells shit, than u start buy shit… I ain’t Im trune Lil wayne fun but for example when I listened to INAHB 2 once, I said it’s shit and I dont even remember one track from it (except trigger finger) and I think u are fake ass fun if u can’t see any differentses in his flow from 2008 and now. And im with Weezy on bad and good days but I truly say Weezy fell of 2012-2013 but now he is on good way to come back 🙂 preach

    • Cocaine Biceps

      the nigga weezy is jus on some other flow these days.. gone are the pussy-rapping days


      Wasn’t his verse recorded in 2012 tho?

      • yeaaa

        it was recorded in late 2013

    • Manes

      except for cenile

      • Mike

        His verse wasn’t bad

        • Dave

          Verse was good, beat was not that great.

          • Mike

            So it wasn’t bad

      • stryder

        You tripping, his bars on senile were crazy.

    • Weezyf.

      Love for old Lil Wayne… He is come back!!!

    • Jaydee

      Yea had to stop fuckin with wayne for a minute, his pussy lyrics were getting way outta control but after hearing him lately, it looks and sounds like he trynna come back but………………….you never know

      • Come Back, Where Did Ge Go ?

        • Milli Tune

          He went to the place where skateboards are above hip hop, where pussy world is repeaded 1983409824 times and where sex is above errthing. Where autotune is rip and where his voice changed from gangsta to high pitched shit. But he is truly back <3 More songs like CARTER 3 like It's good from CARTER 4 and like My Nigga remix!!!

    • Sami girl

      Wayne ain’t done a bad verse EVER lol

      • Time


  • Harry

    Need that CDQ Danny

  • Paul Pastor

    Yess!!! Finally!

  • i got chills from weezy’s verse

  • Don_Hooper19

    Smh wow

  • wiseman91

    damn he went in

  • Hammer

    not working for me,,,,

  • Hammer

    the link… it won’t play. Not that the song is bad lol

  • young_Scottie

    this joint jihh tuff shout out to that man weezy… he on that hot streak. hopefully he can keep it longer than my player in 2k

  • tre_soswavey

    Oh i love it. I just cant wait till CV. I missed this wayne. Soon as his verse ended i litterally said “thank you jesus” lol smh. Im so hype to hear my favorite rappers final edition to the Carter series. Next is the Moment single!!

  • Sheena

    His flow is too dope and I really love Lil Wayne. I can’t imagine my life after he retires.

    • Jack Hoff

      You have a sad life

  • fewcha

    dope but will need a better version to judge first. it does sound dope

  • Big Nipples

    Welcome back Weezy.

  • WEEZY F’s Angel

    Bang. Bang. Delizioso.

  • mortimerr2014

    I wish it would work for me…you guys are sayin how dope waynes verse was but i cant even listen to it! lol. I was almost there on the album stream and i accidentally restarted it and cant skip 😐

  • tre_soswavey

    Its weezy yall… Its fuccin weezy. I litterally said “thank you jesus” after his verse lol smh. Im even more hype for CV. Cant wait to hear the final addition to my favorite rapper’s Carter Series. Hasnt dissappointed since D5. The Moment single is next! Cant wait man. So happy. I love music. Weezy music at that.

  • Ken Cunningham

    Weezy a monster. Haters gonna learn when c5 drops.

  • dagawdtho

    abover average but nothing exceptional

    • Lethu

      Nthng exceptional ma ass

    • mortimerr2014

      theres always that guy thats gotta kill the vibe…weezy straight murked this quit haitin

      • haden

        @mortimerr2014:disqus totally agree with u bruv, y the hell is the person here if he’s just going to say shit. its really annoying

    • Nathan Bryant

      I agree. It was nice. It was real nice, but don’t over hype. I like it was on point and consistent with content. Not just words that rhyme. I’ve heard better then this from him in the past, that’s why I agree it’s not “exceptional”. Still it was nice. I like this.

      And if you hating on the comment, then you don’t know how to take criticism. It’s like if you say it was a 9 out of 10 you get hate on here and not realizing 9 out of 10 was nice.

      • marc hare

        Yall only down grade what he brings out because yall keep comparing it to his old music..go listen to his old music if thats wat u like best..domt even check to see how his verses or songs is now days if u gonn say it aint better than c2 wayne..or drought 3 wayne, or dedication wayne smh thats annoying

        • 7ward hard head

          THISSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2unechi

    I’ve been rockin with wayne for the longest and i’ll admit he went thru a lull for a while but when he said he gonna try harder in his music it became a nightmare for these other rappers. straight killin these verse!!! Moment and C5 next

    • Don_Hooper19

      Yes sir

    • Ineye Gabriel

      Hahaha ! I swear . he still eats rappers for dinner.

  • wiseman91

    you can tell this shit was gettin to him and he was spittin that shit

  • Comeback

    Coming at my neck, like the best a man can get.. FIRE


      I don’t understand this line. can you explain?

      • Comeback

        “the best a man can get” is Gillette razor blades motto. Hence the “coming at my neck” line

        • Don_Hooper19

          Smh the dude too damn cold man

    • hiphopfan

      That was a nasty ass line

    • hiphopfan

      Waynes doing good right now but some ppl on this site just hate to say they don’t like something from Wayne

      • 7ward hard head

        no, it’s people like YOU that always have to have something negative to say about EVERY-LITTLE -THING WAYNE DOES / SAYS!!!. therefore when a fan likes something you and people like you always say it’s “dick riding” (kind like you did on the senile post)

        • hiphopfan

          Look at my comment on this song before you try to talk shit. I’m a fucking Wayne fan yall Wayne dick riders yall think everything Wayne does is absolutely amazing when its not. Senile he didn’t even have the best verse Nicki did, but being the “Wayne fan” u are lol you’ll deny that and say he had the best verse lol… Smh yall niggas don’t even know the good Wayne music from the bad Wayne music.

          • marc hare

            Fans always believe who they like are best, rap, sports, politics, they may be wrong sometimes but u can’t knock them that what fans suppose to do..

            • hiphopfan

              True I believe in Wayne, fans also be realistic and let there voices be heard so there opinion can make a difference, if ppl started being more honest with themselves and stopped following the crowd and say how they really feel about Wayne he might start actually trying hard like before

              • marc hare

                Me personally I honestly believe he turned down to let nicki drake tyga shine and make money..nd make money for him, whats the point of being a owner if everyone going to scream for your music and ignore the talent of his artist. ..I think if wayne stayed like 04 to 2010 wayne drake nicki and tyga would not have ever been this popular..what u think make sense?

                • hiphopfan

                  That makes sense personally I think when Drake and Nicki Blew up he became less lyrical and stopped caring as much about rap. Which isn’t right cuz if you doing something you love to do u should never stop caring and still take pride in your work.

                • marc hare

                  There was no competition and rappers wasn’t complaining when he called his self the best rapper alive, they wanted to do songs with him ..he cant compete with hisself forever even though jay know he can handle wayne Jay not into beefing no more. .so what’s next? Try to stay relevant and let your artist shine…if birdman was better than wayne then there’s no wayne, birdman can’t profit off wayne. …so if wayne stay better than drake, nicki, tyga there’s no YM to look forward to..idk I can be wrong just as a business man that’s wat makes sense to me

                • hiphopfan

                  Thats true but the competition part I feel there was always comp for Wayne, he had kanye, eminem, jay, and TI always competed with wayne. As far as mix tape wars, Fabolous and LloydBanks always competed with wayne as far as quality mixtapes.

                • marc hare

                  Not song for song and mixtape for mixtape but fab is a good argument….especially death come in 3s and soul tape 2

                • hiphopfan

                  And Lloyd Banks cold corner 2, V6, FNO.. Etc

            • hiphopfan

              Honestly the music Wayne put out this year is good in the right direction. But how u feel about Wayne lately? honestly

              • Milli Tune

                Yee I hate when I say constructive crytics about Wayne and those dick riders think im not a fan. Im with Weezy on bad and good days but I can reconize when he do shity work. I will not buy shit cuz errbody buy… bitch please… when Wayne have good new song I listen to it when lil wayne have weak song im listen to old songs

        • hiphopfan

          Lmao yall niggas try to defend anything somebody says about Wayne like yall married to that nigga lmao grab your pom poms u fucking cheerleader

  • Michael R

    Cause they coming at my neck like the best a man can get
    Best a man can get it is Gillettes slogan Gillette is a razor company
    Shits CRAZY!! Thank you @DannyM

  • Weezyfthekingakathegoat

    If there ever was an official comeback song for wayne this it C5 on deck let’s get it weezy!

  • Godo Zilla

    I been told yall i had this 3 days ago and now u all just getting this ? Lol all yall niggas late.

    • 7ward hard head

      YOU WANT A COOKIE? stfu we don’t care nigga

      • Godo Zilla

        Internet gangsta’s, lame nigga be quiet

  • Ed Smith

    I fuck with wayne heavy. I’m tweakin for C5. But yall niggas is gassin this verse up.

    • wiseman91

      nah not really it was great verse not his best but great nonetheless

      • marc hare

        You say great nonetheless like great is a bad word lol..just say its great no buts needed stop comparing everything to old wayne

  • Lil Diggs

    That verse was so on point, it only needed one listen!

  • hiphopfan

    I need a shoulder cuz the devil on one and the other im looking over… Good line with good meaning

  • Weezy

    08 all over again!! Letz go!

  • Weezy Fan

    Weed just solves everything

  • Guest

    this niggas wordplay is just incredible

  • xgoblin

    Why does Wayne always get these short ass verses all the time?…his verse was good tho, havnt heard him rap over a hip hop type beat like that in a while

    • wiseman91


    • C5Legend

      verse was not shorter than ross verses though

  • GBOY95s

    Killa verse From Weezy the killa man

  • paul

    Verse was average..

    • Weezy

      Everyone dislike that comment ^

      • paul

        Nigga quit being lame

        • Weezy

          Cmon dawg
          It cant be lamer than ur comment

  • Efren Morales

    Is he backkkkk?!?!?!?!


    Weezy flow tho he finally changing that boring flow he had c5 looks like it will be promising

  • KingLabe

    Weezy will be arrested this year…for murdering the rap game. Damn what a dope ass song

  • Weezy

    Smoke weed and gets his tokes up
    While he gets our hopes up

  • jj


  • xgoblin

    Man I hope Wayne drops a mixtape before C5, I would love to see a No Ceilings 2 happen

    • Don_Hooper19

      me too but it wont be a No Ceilings 2 birdman son already said there wont be one

  • Ian Coates

    Well first off wayne killed it. He isn’t talking about getting women or anything like that. He is starting to sound like he used to back with tha Carter 1 and 2 and all of his old mixtapes. Loving the new Wayne. Can’t wait for C5

  • Weezy

    “They don’t know what i been through, don’t know what i’m going long as i get through, that’s what i’m lookin forward to”


  • St3v3n

    The best rapper alive Back BIAAAATCHHEEEZZ!!!

  • The God

    My head stay in the clouds, i feel like a giant…. fireee

  • The God

    I need a shoulder, one shoulder the devil on, the other devil im looking over…. fireeeeee

  • Tune Up

    Reminds me of “I’m so paid”…hope Wayne makes another track like No Quitter Go Getta..

    • tre_soswavey

      Id shit myself. No quitter go getta is my most favorite motivational song of all time including other rappers

  • weezyfan

    carter 5 is in 5 gear #weezyfan

  • Deontre Lewis

    We missed u weezy…whats it been 4 years? We hated this quadruple….

  • Gee Gee

    Look me in the eye and tell me have you ever seen thug cry !

  • Countin’AllDay

    I didnt know Drake was on the Hook! Weezy went in, woke up and acted like he didnt even know rozay’s shitty album !!

    • Dj

      DumbAss !

  • Kushy Kush


    • Kushy Kush


  • Kushy Kush

    We all know wha Weezy is capable of he’s gon real hard soo much in his previous mixtapes/albums I got faith he gonna stunt on us all this year! We gon learn wha Weezy is capable of doinn #WeezDaWurl #May5thShudBeAHoliday #DopestRapperALIVE #WeezyWednesday2dayYEAHYEAH! #IWantHim2DisJay-zAgainLol #lilwaynehqDannyUDope

    My bad I woke up in fifth gear today -.-

  • Chuck_Brazy

    Wow. Wayne’s flow tho…Killin’ It

  • LongLiveTune

    I fuxx with wayne… Haters keep hatin but you can’t deny weezy’s hype

  • @Official_X_

    Weezy’s verse is outstanding

  • Noble


  • Cedric Jeannin

    So much better than SENILE !

  • Kushy Kush

    We all know wha Weezy is capable of he’s gon real hard soo much in his previous mixtapes/albums I got faith he gonna stunt on us all this year! We gon learn wha Weezy is capable of doinn #WeezDaWurl #May5thShudBeAHoliday #DopestRapperALIVE #WeezyWednesday2dayYEAHYEAH! #IWantHim2DisJay-zAgainLol #lilwaynehqDannyUDope

    My bad I woke up in fifth gear today -.-

  • 7ward hard head


    • bran(done)

      lmao me too, i’ll NEVER BUY a ross album I only wanted to hear Wayne’s verse. lol

    • ym100%

      Damn niggas is sleeping on Ross hard Wayne versus was way better but Ross was killing this shit to juss listen to what he was sayin Ross got some bars Lil Wayne my favorite rapper to and I listen to him more den anybody eles but I still listen to other ppl I’m not on Wayne’s dick like sum fans

    • wiseman91

      dog you to support good music and this album is incredible all the way around

  • 5/5 carter 5

    1letter & 1 number = C5 lets fucking gooooo

  • John Osco

    wayne had a good verse
    Danny i got the CDQ version Link Up

  • hiphopfan

    A Lil Wayne and ASAP Rocky song on C5 will be nice!!

  • PSona

    Wayne hasn’t disappointed me once this whole year. This nigga going hard idk what’s he’s on but he needs to stay on it”

    ————-“Get a bad bitch that post up like comments”————-

  • Skenny

    Weezy Wednesday’s episode 2 drops today

    • Simone12

      I hope so…

      • Wayne

        It’s not going to

  • Deweyne Robinson

    I feel if you dont like an artist, unless your getting paid to try to judge there work you shouldnt be on there blog page talking shit. If you dont like them why are you even making time to say fuck them you like so and so. when you could have just went to so and so blog and made a good (+) statement on there blog. Thats just like a mimia heat fan sitting on the lakers side during the game wearing heat’s colors talking shit. Stay in your lane all that bullshit (-) statements matter to who nobody we just know you dont know who side to sit on stop looking if you dont like what you see. Shit im not a hova fan do you see me talking shit on his any of his bolgs …… !

  • ym100%

    Damn niggas is sleeping on Ross hard Wayne versus was way better but Ross was killing this shit to juss listen to what he was sayin Ross got some bars Lil Wayne my favorite rapper to and I listen to him more den anybody eles but I still listen to other ppl I’m not on Wayne’s dick like sum fans.

  • Mar

    His verse can make everybody regret there doubt the best rapper alive

  • Khosta

    weezy wednesday!!!!!!!!!

  • C-3 the BOSS

    This song is FIRE… but I expected a wayne verse like he did on that Generation track with damian marley. MasterMind is a MasterPiece

  • TunechiLee

    Straight fire!! Its been a lot of songs that ppl say weezys back. But this song right here really has that carter flow to it. Something I can ride and blow it down to. #YM

  • The Truth

    I don’t know what y’all are talkin’ about but IANAHB2 was dope! Gave us a different, more edgy wayne that those albums are known for. His bars & verses were on point, not to say they were hits or singles, but he did his thing. Maybe y’all need to delisted to that album…. Curtains, Days & Days, Shit Stains, Back To You, Gunwalk, Trigger Finger, & Romance to say a few. There were a few throwaways but for the most part, his flow & lyrics were hard!

    • The Truth

      Delisted ? *relisten

  • Kushy Kush

    We all know wha Weezy is capable of he’s gon real hard soo much in his previous mixtapes/albums I got faith he gonna stunt on us all this year! We gon learn wha Weezy is capable of doinn #WeezDaWurl #May5thShudBeAHoliday #DopestRapperALIVE #WeezyWednesday2dayYEAHYEAH! #IWantHim2DisJay-zAgainLol #lilwaynehqDannyUDope

    My bad I woke up in fifth gear today -.-

  • C5Legend

    Rarely we see a guy like Wayne. STILL ass relevant as in 2008-09. This verse did it for me, this is a power demonstration wayne is going all out for 2014 best verse i have heard so far.

  • Dae_View

    You can just hear in wayne voice that he on some different shit 2014 gone be a good year for wayne he aint playing any games

  • ymcmb

    Man this is dope AFFFFFFFFF Weezy is backkkkkkkkk

    • slizzle

      My computer always messin up the audio. sounds like weezy and rozay are in a box!! Does it do this for you too??

      • Danny Says Its A Rip, Like Recorded From a Phone At The Listening Session, Maybe ? Idk ..

        • slizzle

          Oh ok because it sounded he was under water or somethin’. Thanks though

      • Countin’AllDay

        Its on youtube already. Way better quality

  • cespo2430

    this just proves for me that beats are almost as important as the verses. I know wayne hasnt been killing it since recently. But that could be because of the beats hes been going over lately. This beat is extremely sick to go along with his verse. so sick

  • Drek8
  • simone12

    yes! wayne 2014

  • zuckzess
  • tune

    “the best a man can get” seemed like he sayin they comin at him but how much better can he do , almost like he sayin how can he do any better when y’all don’t appreciate his best shit already

    • T@

      The best a man can get is the slogan for Gillette the razor company so he says they coming at my neck like the best a man can get

  • Let me light one for my problems
    Smoking on that loud, pumping up that volume
    Get it cracking like an eggshell in this motherfucker make omelettes
    Get a bad bitch that posts up like comments
    They don’t know what I been through, don’t know what I’m going through
    As long as I get through that’s what I look forward to
    Richer than a bitch but still I can’t afford to
    Let these niggas play with me need to be remorseful
    I swear I got that silencer on that Mac 9 and I kill these niggas with silence
    My head stay in the clouds, I really feel like a giant
    Can’t trust none of these niggas, I murk one of these niggas
    Then bury one of these niggas, still got dirt under my fingers, that
    Ain’t a threat that’s a bet cause they coming at my neck like the best a man can get
    To make a long story short I need a shoulder because the devil on one
    The other one I’m looking over

  • nfs444

    Do y’all really think he’s going to stop with CV?!??! It’ll keep going. Believe dat.

    • wiseman91

      he already said no

  • B

    Where’s wheezy Wednesdays Danny?

  • @Official_X_

    Just heard a news, Carter V might have a lil raggae ,shits gon be classic

    • Michael

      Where’d you hear that ?

      • Str8


  • Mikaelov

    wayne KIlled Rick ross on this like he always does whenever Rick Ross features him, but i dont really like his verse on senile although above average but not dope. patiently waiting for more music from him, what do you all think about weezy wednesday’s??

  • inewwiththis .

    the song wont play

  • Countin’AllDay

    Haters awfully quiet… “I got these haters like when will he stop? Maybe a minute after never, so set your clocks” WEEZY F.

  • Wendy Babyb Carson


  • MrNinoBrown

    Classic Song… Got chills on Wayne verse he killed it… Where is Weezy Wenesday???

  • Dave

    This is another classic song. Great chill beat, good hook, not too bad of verses from Ross, and to top it off Wayne KILLED it.

  • Fareeeeeeal Doe

    Look hear guys,we tlkin bout a artist who once
    Claimed to be the best rapper alive at one point
    so why not through a couple reminders ya dig
    shit everybody done dropped a album recently
    Wanye know wat tyme it iz,,WATX POPPIN SLIM!!!


  • lookoutnigger the klans gettin


  • lookoutnigger the klans gettin

    Lil wayne is wack

    • BARRY B.


  • Frank

    Wheres weezy wednesday

  • Little Boss

    Where is Weezy Wednesday??? I been waiting all week long

  • Don_Hooper19

    Mack just tweeted Weezy Wednesday I think it’s bout to drop

  • hiphopfan

    CDQ sounds way better!

  • Don_Hooper19

    watching episode 2

    • mortimerr2014


      • Don_Hooper19

        I watched it on twitter but you can google it tho mybad I don’t remember the link

  • BlowenMoneyFast

    Weezy WEEEEEEEE (D) he backkk!

  • Weezy

    Weezy wednesday is out..check it out on the young money site

  • Dre

    Fuck what y’all talkin about wayne was always that nigga and never had a bad year with that rap shit just made bad choices he is and still the best rapper alive

  • JustAGuy234

    this is his best verse since You Song its ON TOPIC, its deep, clever, it doesnt ruin the vibe of the song and its not just some trash radio song (my nigga he did well but thats still a shittty radio hit) This is a nice song on a great album im very impressed with wayne and this is Ross’s best album of his career

  • Eriico $caarfaze

    where can i download this ?

  • Best

    Nice song, Wayne killed his verse

  • gavinr927

    I like the ’93 till infinity’ sample tho!


  • wiseman91

    wayne aint went this hard since the carter 4

  • Felicia

    Love this track!

  • weezy4

    Not gonna say I love every Wayne song, But i’ve always stuck up for him. Dis verse isn’t his best, Carter 5 is coming and you all better be ready. Weezy fan for life, I don’t care what music he has made in the past couple years, I remember him for what he has accomplished, And still got hope he will deliver.

  • KING

    Wayne killed Ross on his song…I can’t even feel Ross,Wayne’s verse is the only one makin the title relevant…#Carter5

  • nfs444

    Picture is from If I Die Today

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  • lajt

    there was no great wayne since no ceilings. he was either good, average or really bad, can’t argue that, let’s just hope we get to hear something great in this and years to come

    • Countin’AllDay

      Greatness is in the eye of the beholder. People are so quick to jump off because of public perception.. smh

  • Ken JR Lopez

    Go weezy fuckin baby .

  • LuvTunechi


  • Lan Gaius

    Best Wayne verse so far this year

  • davido bugatti

    I can’t wait 4 C5

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  • calebbaloyi c

    Love it weezy.

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