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Lil Wayne Celebrated CIAA Weekend At CAMEO Nightclub In Charlotte

Tue, Mar 4, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Celebrated CIAA Weekend At CAMEO Nightclub In Miami

On February 28th, Lil Wayne attended CAMEO nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina to kick off CIAA Weekend. Also joining Tunechi at the club was Mack Maine and DJ Drama.

You can view some more photos and a short clip of Weezy F Baby at the club below!

Lil Wayne Celebrated CIAA Weekend At CAMEO Nightclub In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrated CIAA Weekend At CAMEO Nightclub In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrated CIAA Weekend At CAMEO Nightclub In Miami

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  • fewcha

    dat azz in bottom pic

  • Guest

    Back that azz up!

  • Weezy

    Double cup love u the one i lean on

  • Juggy

    Nigga sippin again OR. He want us the fans to think that so we think his music is bsck on point an we go buy his album.!!! They all had white cups at there table look at other dude!!

    • Weezy

      Ur gonna get to hear his music anyway
      So the choice is urs

  • chris_26

    0__o niggas getting excited about wayne cup and whats in it & how he dress & his hair yall niggas on here be gay as fuck bruh!!!!!
    get off the man dick damn

    • Godo Zilla

      Bruh only white people doin dat shit, cuz they wish they had what we had

    • Trae Easy

      Dont pay them niggas no mind, they just some gays probably jackin off to waynes pics on the post and typing their gay ass comments with they free hand smh. Im Tired of these gay ass niggas

  • Carter101

    Oooh the double cup is back :O

  • Lethu

    Heard he owes uncle sam $12 million

    • chris_26

      pay it for him then

      • slizzle

        but the thing is…. him and Rich As F**ck!!!!!!

  • Mustafa Dc SoulStar

    Free-form swag

  • JustAGuy234

    personally, considering that hes rich, i dont give a FUCK if wayne owes 12 mill or 40 mil or owes nothing….BUT to all the people on here telling other people “stfu why do u even care” or things of that nature you are hypocrites. most of you saying that are the ones commenting on waynes every other breath, but now because its bad news other people arent allowed to care?

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  • alex

    If the album doesn’t leak by Friday, I’m betting it got pushed back.

    • Godo Zilla

      It’s been leaked for 3 days now. Wayne song is a beast but not the best on tha ablum trust me euro and Cory took over dat bitch with a bang for da radio and it should had been a single. I hope you get it soon. Theres a link for the deluxe ablum on leakablums youtube channel

      • ym100%

        I been lookin on YouTube all day today and yesterday I didn’t see it yet and I juss looked up leakablums youtube channel and no results came up intill I See it ima nonbeliever

    • Mack Said They Already Sent The Masters In Last Month


    ah shit!!!!! my mnd is going crazy, i cant wait for that lil wayne moment track.that moment snippet on repeat!!!!!!

  • SwaggBoy

    This was actually here in Charlotte, North Carolina….. That where the CIAA is held!!!!

    • West

      fuck charlotte, them niggas aint real. its all about the code . used to live out there in charlotte back in 94 when i was a kid. I used to bang out there and all them niggaz is fake af down there. them niggas would never come out here to the code

      • real loc

        YEA same here, used to live out there too bruh back in 99-02, them niggas was false clamin C-block GD and the kingz. The only real hood out there is hidden valley. But have u heard of the 760’s on the blvd?? them niggas aint got shit but 1 glock. we got a hunnit glocks out here on the 4 block. Them niggas runnin dirty too and Matter fact we been talkin bout it and we been planin to go down there and get it crackin wit them niggas forreal just for false clamin us. But who was u bangin wit when u was out there? We might know some of the same niggas bruh

        • West

          Nah idk no Philly niggas, ion even fuck wit yall like that

          • T-Rawwwwww

            Wtf why are y’all talking bout this shit on a lil Wayne fansite??? Yall need to Take this shit somewhere elseelse. Gtfoh

      • Ti Ti

        Bitch dont talk about my city, these niggas ll fuck yo ass up frfr

        • real loc

          Bitch fuck u and yo city, its all about the C-block and the 4. like i said them niggas fake, i lived down there so i already know. reppin village in that 812 so fuck yall. an gtfoh, u probably like 12 byears old, u dont know nuttin about that grown boy life so stfu

          • Dope Shit

            yhu in west philli aint you?? if u is and if u talkin about 81200 village, them ni55as fake too. my brother used to do work wit them on C-block and they turned they back on him. lied to the feds when they got caught with the work, they lied and said it was all my brothers. thatr nigga in for 8 years on dsome bullshit so fuck yall. yall niggas aint even strapped, yall got a fuckin safe ass neighborhood. i can walk down C-block throwin up eastside and aint shit gon happen to me

            • real loc

              So u live out here too huh? But wtf u mean we a safe neighborhood???? Bitch come correct cuz 11 niggaz just got popped over here the other night. I bet u one of them lame ass bitches from 16 hunnit block. And u said u was gonna throw up east on the c-block???? Lmfao, I wanna see u try that shit bitch. Let’s see if u can make it 30 seconds before getting smoked. Well put them thangz in ya head real quick. What set u from bitch??

              • Dope Shit

                Nigga I’m from 8 hunnit and north Hudson blvd and I go to Caldwell high down on south side and century way. I be over on 5th blvd chillin and smokin over there or u can catch me in eastlake apartments with them OPG niggas I be on stone road wit my niggas on the weekends and we strapped like a mofucka so um…

                • real loc

                  Oh So u eastside. Lmfao, 8 hunnit????? Y’all niggas weeeeeeeak!!!! Yall wouldn’t have a chance wit the C. Them OPG niggas week AF too. We could wipe all y’all niggas out before the end of the night real nigga shit.Betta be glad we ain’t beef in right now. And u a girl, I bet you be suckin all them 8 hunnit niggas dicks u thot. You should be the last person talking about fake. You from 8 hunnit, the fakest niggas in the city lmao. I just might Go ova there and start something wit y’all niggas

                • Dope Shit

                  Okay if that’s what u wanna Think. Like I said we hella strapped and we can wipe all u c block niggaz out before midnight. So fuck all y’all westside niggas including, westlake, Swanson, 4 block, Jim st, kings blvd, cango, and ranson. We’ll bust all u niggas

  • King Weezy F

    Weezy looking good and happy, Great to see now waiting for Tha Carter V music!

  • THA CARTER V-May 5th

    Alright well before anyone get started and says that Wayne’s back on his syrup you can STFU! He made something very clear, HE DOES NOT DO SYRUP ANYMORE! He almost died from that shit! Why the fuck would he want to shorten his rich ass life by drinking fuckin syrup again. Weezy is drinking most likely liquor out of that double cup.

  • corbin wells

    nigga is lying when he says he in the studio 24/7 that’s why his music sucks now.

    • 100SChiraq

      is you stupid ? ya think he in te studio 24/7 .. by that he means that he’s spending mo time in te boot than all of them rapgameniggrs
      fucking white dude

    • KingLabe

      Nigga you dont know shit *tyga voice*

    • mortimerr2014

      he’s in the studio workin harder and been put out more music than your favorite rapper fuckboy

  • mortimerr2014

    “oh and btw this is my cup, man noel made it

  • Tune Up

    “Will somebody please please double cup me, and everybody please please don’t judge me” – Lil Wayne

    • mortimerr2014

      me an my drank

  • Weezy

    Weed and syrup till i die
    As a matter fact its gon kill me

  • LuvTunechi

    MMMMMM My Luv Weezy♡♡♡♡♡