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Artwork For Lil Wayne’s “Believe Me” Single Featuring Drake

Wed, Apr 30, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Believe Me Feat Drake

The official artwork for Lil Wayne‘s first single off his forthcoming Tha Carter V album, “Believe Me“, has been released online! Weezy‘s Young Money artist Drake will be featured on the song, which was produced by Vinylz.

There is no official release date just yet for “Believe Me“, but it is rumored to premiere early next week. Maybe we will see some more sports stars promoting Tha Carter V season until the track drops?

In other news, the “Weezy Wednesday’s” episode for this week is basically the exact same 15-second clip that Floyd Mayweather shared on his Instagram page earlier today, so that is why I have not posted it up.

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  • Shaquan James

    Oh wow

  • WayneGoHard


  • David D

    i bet you all my money it drops may 5th

    • H

      What money?

  • wizzle f

    If yall type in “believe me 1st part” on soundcloud you can hear drizzys part but its bad quality.

    • I heard it, the verse sounded tough and the beat sounded dope.

      • Love Me

        Heard it too,drake sounded pretty hard

    • Shaquan James

      I heard it too the quality is bad but drake was goin in

    • Dank33x

      you can hear the beat in better quality here but its a lil snippet

      • Rich gang tunche

        fuck you littel bitch

  • Scoob Doo stay sucking at his Weezy Wednesdays job. How hard was it to upload longer footage or add more details on the single?

    • Love Me

      Tune prolly told him NOT to

      • Fuckboy

        Probly not

        • Love Me

          Why you think soWhy you think so
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          • Fuckboy

            Cuz why would it matter if anything it would help promote it more

  • Linoh Locc

    Hell yeah !!! But im mad that Weezy Wednesdays was just this lil as 15 second clip !!!

    • Tez need to fire Scoob Doo, then Wayne need to fire Tez.

      • Linoh Locc

        For real !! They just did us bro.. SMh -.-

        • TRUKFIT

          THEY TROLLED US SMFH -_-

          • Linoh Locc

            Dude im so fckn pissed da fuck off bro !! t-____-t that goes for tez nd scoob doo lol

  • g

    Fuckin right




    • fbg_jonesy

      may 5th is monday, chilllll

      • Chief Keef

        Fagget alert

        • fbg_jonesy

          i’ll fuk you up

  • 5*$tunna

    Its goin sound badass single drops the 5th

  • weezyftunechi

    Maybe this is what drizzy meant when he said carter 5 may 5th?? He was saying just a single…niggas gotta stop playing games lol

    • Love Me

      Lol…I knew it could never be the album,that single is gonna leak before may 5th…

    • MrNinoBrown

      Yeah they are playing with our mind I’m sure that Drizzy said this date for something. He knew good and well that it wasn’t the release date of the album so it was for something else that he is apart and now I’m 100% sure that is about the single feat him. Believe me.

  • pimp

    Shit is getting real be patient niggas!!

  • Love Me

    I need that fucking single….

  • Deontre Lewis

    Fuck..scoooby boo

  • JakobJDLY

    Looks like Believe me is droppin tonight! I really hope so!

    • fewcha

      that tweet got deleted so that means it aint dropping tonight
      be patient until may 5th

    • lilpunjbai


    • Frank

      It’s a bad idea on Wayne’s part to drop a song with a slower beat. The upbeat songs like go dj, fireman, lollipop, got money, a milli, 6’7 were the best way to hype the carter albums. Even on ianahb he had right above it and rebirth had drop the world.

      • MrNinoBrown

        What are you talking about man?! This song is everything but slow! It sounds like Started From The Bottom didn’t you hear the 42sec snippet on sound cloud? Believe me man it will be platinum in less than a month

        • LiL BuZZ

          Copy and paste link from soundcloud…..

        • Frank

          Started from the bottom was slow too dumbass

          • MrNinoBrown

            you stupid point blank.

            • Frank

              You can’t even tell an upbeat song from a slowed song

      • LP

        I was thinking the exact same thing when I heard the beat, but I’m sure it will pick up at some point in the song. Honestly I’m not worried about Wayne making a classic, but I am worried the production won’t be top of the line. Hopefully he gets Kanye West and Kane Beatz to throw him some classic beats

  • Weezy

    Let’s go Weezy! Let’s go weezy! Let’s go weezy! Let’s go weezy! Let’s go weezy!

  • fewcha

    what other beats has Vinylz done?
    is he a good producer?

    • Lilwayne bitch

      Dude futures album was trash

      • fewcha

        naw it was dope
        album of the year so far

        • blahhh

          It was a good album but mastermind was better and yg album was a little better

        • Lilwayne

          Lol future sucks


          naw it was dope
          album of the year so far

      • Love Me

        Why people sayin its trash

        • dave

          I mean most of the singles blew like “shit” and “covered in money” but when it came out i bought some of the good ones like move that dope, never satisfied, my momma. It was dope.

    • Dad

      Vinylz produced that FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt! C5 is going to be crazy! Will be his BEST most LYRICAL album.

  • Wayne24Kobe

    Motherfuck award shows and motherfuck the press Drizzzy

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      what was the line he said about ‘tune’

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    incoming song of the summer

    • [Real] Gudda Gudda


  • Chuck_Brazy

    Tha Carter V is gonna drop June 29th, 2014. It’s the 10 year anniversary of the first Carter album. That’s my guess..

    • LeTerance Corbitt

      If its on a Tuesday then yea probably


    So… artwork for a single…… Not a single fuck given

    • dave

      Its a single. Not the album. Chill.


    Over excited fan boys. Lmao.. I bet lil wayne and kendrick’s colab outlasts drake and wayne’s. #BuyTheWorld

    • thefntruth

      Just So You Know Kendrick Didn’t Troll Wayne On C4. He Tried His Hardest And Def Some Some Crazy Bars, But That ShIt Doesn’t Compare To C3. It’s Obvious On Mr. Carter 2 That K Dot And Wayne Were On Two Diff Levels. But Now Kendrick Is The Best Rapper, But Wayne Is Still The Best Entertainer


        ” I squeeze the juice out a,rapper and just squash his track.. People like wtf happened and where wayne be at? There’s a boy name k dot, he’s a maniac , I think his vocals is strapped, with a toolie in tact.. He just shot me in my back . Somebody pick up my back. I think that boy from Iraq”

        then he has wayne cosign something like that.. You can tell on that a,milli track he was bullshittin freestyling and at the end stopped playing and killed it.. He did that with just about the whole mixtape besides that song copton chemistry which is way better than dr. carter version.. .

        Also listen to kendrick’s songs fuck a hook and that “monster freestyle” and that song “Kurupted”

        Oh and give me 1 song berter than Kendrick’s “Rigamortis” … “Look out for detox” “Heart pt 1 and 2” “Jig is up” “Cartoons and cereal” his verse on “B Boyz” with birdman and mack maine .. His verse on “winner circle” his verse on “blessed” “ignorance is bliss” dumb it down” ..

        Really listen to those songs.. And if you can download That song “Nosetalgia” with kendrick and Pusha t because a real version no longer on youtube.. Listen to his verse on that song.. Nobody fucking with Kendricj.. And you’ll know that if you listen to those songs.. And he had the best song on take care to this day on drake’s,own album

    • LilTunehiSweden

      sza nobody here cares about ur opinions go fuck with kendrick and gtfo from here


        When wayne retire and kendrick drop his,album in september don’t switch up. Go listen to kendrick’s monter freestyle and his song “fuck a hook. Wayne,retiring at the right time and everybody in young money can go work at macy’s, k mart, a trukfit store when tde get through. Nobody in young money even better than Isaiah Rashad.. His cilvia demo blows drake’s album out of contention lyrically.and content wise and style

  • HippyWise
  • King Weezy Carter

    I bet CR7 gonna promote Carter V season next

    • nighty

      Dayum that wouldbe interesting .

  • Tray

    I can’t wait anymore 🙁

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    No video but at least we know the single is coming

  • Ye’

    That beat is nasty AF watch out for a million remixes

  • Shaquan James

    Omg the two snippets I heard are dope as a muthafucka yo

  • Skenny

    I just heard drake’s verse
    The beat is dope
    Daaamn this single is gonna be a hit !!

  • @truk_me

    damn cant wait….

  • CV

    First single to feature drizzy?!?! You already know the shits going platinum. CV better and I repeat better sell that mill in one week. We all should reach out to tune somehow and tell him if it sells a million first week us fans get to pick songs for him to freestyle over jus cause. I would say another carter but this is dedinetly the last one.

  • Asap Ekow

    d00pe! Sh!t

  • cv

    Idk if this is news but those fags we the future sued lil Wayne And ymcmb. For like 600 grand

  • Christian

    The single is gon kill everything out right now. That is why it is coming Cinco de Mayo 😉

  • Emmanuel Koffi

    “belive me” May 5th !!!

  • Mattttt
  • Saïf Aree Tugood


  • Best

    Wow I can’t wait to hear it 🙂

  • young mozie

    the whole c5 gonna be classic

  • Jony3

    check youtube there’s a new 40 second snippet release of this song in horrible quality, we gon hear the rest soon for sure wooohoooo!

  • MrNinoBrown

    Cuz she might say she love she don’t love like she say she love me!

  • Euro

    i cant wait !!!

  • Obvious King

    I can’t wait to hear this when there in the booth together it’s always magic ya digg

  • Omg!!! This shots gna murder all these nigga in DA game. ..go Weezy go!!!! Tare it up!!!!!

  • Countin’AllDay

    They gon’ learn on Cinco de Mayo! WEEZY and Drizzy always tear ish up and this won’t be any different.. Carter V #instantclassic

  • H

    DOPE AS FUCK!!!!!!!

  • Ye’

    Danny needs to post every celeb that promotes it

  • Guest

    That’s what Drake must have meant when he said “May 5th”. They’re dropping the single May 5, not the album.

  • joyce

    it’s been me n young tune up at LIV

  • Swift_TrukIt

    Praying for the best..

  • Don_Hooper19

    Mack just tweeted this

  • LuvTunechi