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August Alsina Talks Nearly Signing To Cash Money & Wanting To Work With Lil Wayne

Tue, May 13, 2014 by

August Alsina, who is currently signed to Def Jam, recently sat down with Vlad TV to chat about how he nearly signed to Cash Money Records and wanting to work with Lil Wayne.

The 21-year-old music artist explained that he was going to join CMB at first, because he is from the same place as the bosses, New Orleans, but after four meetings in a year with Birdman and Slim, he felt like they weren’t ready to promote him at the current moment.

When asked if he wants to work with any of the YMCMB artists, Alsina mentioned that he hopes to bump into Weezy F Baby at some point of his career, as well as discussing how the label is an influence to every upcoming artist out of the N.O.

Thanks to Abubakar for the heads up! Would you like to see a August Alsina and Tunechi collaboration?

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  • Tune Up

    Who is this guy?

    • Because

      Go listen to his debut album, he is dope

    • Jae Millz

      Some wannabe. Not as good as Jae Millz tho! #MillzburryDoughboy

  • ucla

    definitely want to see tune and august work on a song together and make a New Orleans classic like he did with lloyd on ‘you’

    • YoungJT1092

      That’s why Im pro-Lloyd Carter 5. Him and Wayne flowed on a couple beats in the past, and given Lloyd is more experienced they could make a super NOLA hit, possibly throw Boosie on the track too, and that’s a automatic banger for the 504.

      • Guest

        Boosie from BR not the NO

        • YoungJT1092

          Oops, no disrespect to any body, but I do mean the super Lousiana collab.

    • god

      I cant find the song you. Can you help me I can only find the live version and I like that one

      • David D

        you’ve never head lloyd – you ft. wayne?

        • god

          Not that I know, where can I find him

  • New Orlean$ East

    If there was a song on C5 featuring both August Alsina and Jay Electronica I would be a very happy guy…..

    • LilPunjabi

      Danny/Tuneian/Weezian/anyone got any idea who gave name “young money”?
      Also who invented “young moolah baby”?
      All by Tune or someone else; just show-up in mind while listening to mix-tape.
      Thanks in advance!

      • Wayne and Fee Banks came up with the name Young Money together. Wayne came up with “Young Mula baby”.

        • Daniel Mousdell [Mod]

          Wayne and Fee Banks came up with the name Young Money together. Wayne came up with “Young Mula baby”.

          • troll

            I always thought he was saying “Young Moonlight Baby” but that makes more sense tho!

            • Linoh Locc

              Lmfao ! , You would bro (x

    • nfs444

      Since nobody paid attention to it at the bottom of the page I’m going to post it as a reply so everybody can see it! #UnbanMePlz

      • nfs444

        It’s glitching and not letting me post a pic

        • nfs444

          Now I look like an idiot… So I’ll just copy and paste what I said Nfs444 • 13 hours ago

  • Don_Hooper19

    We need another mixtape

  • 2unechi

    August is dope but he’s lucky he didn’t sign wit ymcmb. His album would’ve never come out

  • If he did sign to Cash Money, then he would of been the next Jae Millz.

    • King Weezy Carter

      Or tha next Jay Sean

    • Jae Millz


      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        he aint even on the label tho

    • Dillon

      Millz is a very unlucky talented rapper

      • David D

        says no1 ever

        • nfs444

          You’re lucky i forgot the password to my jae millz account you troll

  • Time

    Anyone see his BET 106 & Park incident a few weeks back LOL???

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      yep but it was that thots fault

  • BJ

    He A Good Artist His Music Nice. hope Him And Wayne Work On A Few Tracks, Smart He Didn’t Signed To Cmb, It’s To Many People On That Label Already.

  • Falzy

    I wont mind.
    Long as i get more weezy music

  • Jae Millz

    Stop posting this boring ass shitty news @Danny M. Pull a mixtape out of your ass or something to make us happy.

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    why are they not shooting a video for believe me and why are they not putting it on itunes? is c5 even gonna drop this year?

    • Malik

      It’s not a real single it’s just something to get you hype.

    • crazykuan

      just listen to fresher than ever gudda killed that bitch

    • Young Hitta

      Because it’s just a promo single, it’s not even the official first single for C5. Believe me was just to get the hype up. They are about to drop the official first single soon, you can listen to the beat on the forums. And I would say C5 will probably be released sometime between August and September.

  • Godo Zilla

    Aye yo that’s my nigga DOUBLE A I went to school wit dat nigga oh shxt!!! I’m bout to go over his moms crib and get his number lmao I swear to god

    • fewcha

      do it

    • Giraffe Boy

      Post photos of him mom

    • nfs444

      Why don’t you go find the man bear pig while you’re at it… smh

  • Skenny

    I don’t even know him …. smh

  • lustu

    Who doesn’t want to work with Lil Wayne ?

    • David D

      jay z

      • Tune

        He already did

  • Linoh Locc

    Need more C5 news ..


    Do you guys remember some of these tweets?1.Lu©k happens wen preparation meets
    opportunity…love happens wen I meet u. 2.welkome to my department store of love,where 1 size fits all. is a road without signs yet we still drive bekuz we kan only imagine whats ahead.

    • David D

      what about them?

  • Malik

    Miami Heat Bitch

    • Young Hitta

      Fuck y’all, it’s all bout the clippers

      • Malik

        Y’all had a good comeback. CP3 somehow shutdown KD. But you know damn well they fucking with Miami.

        • Young Hitta

          Yea that shit was crazy cuz Durant is way taller. But anyway, the heat need to get smashed again, I hate lebron fucked up hairline and they suck without Wade just like the Lakers suck without The black Mamba

  • fewcha

    are we entering another weezy drought again?

    • nfs444

      Tha Carter V doesn’t even seem real anymore. I mean nobody even knows about Believe Me in the mainstream Hip-Hop/Rap consumer market cuz it ain’t on iTunes… It’s literally going to be Cortez Bryanted until 2015 probably

      • Giraffe Boy

        The hype for C5 went from maximum overload to low in just a week

        • nfs444

          I know it’s like all of these big time athletes push it and now it’s disappeared… This is some Shutter Island type shit

        • Young Hitta

          Don’t go by believe me cuz Believe Me isn’t even the first official single, it was just a promo single, It was just supposed to hype up the fans for the first single, that’s why they not going to shoot a video for it or release it to itunes and you probably won’t even hear it on the radio. The official first single is coming soon, the beat is on the forums.

      • Believe Me Was Posted On a Every Gossip/Music/Hip Hop Site, It Plays In NY Hot97 Rosenberg & Ebro Was Speaking Upon It, Power 106 (LA) Has A Segment Called “Leak Of The Week” Only The Hottest Songs. Carter V Wasn’t Confirmed This Year Believe Me Wasn’t Confirmed As A Single. You Guys Are Hallucinating, Tha Carter V Is Coming Out Doesn’t Matter When.

        • nfs444

          You stole your name from me because I used to make my name Tunechi F. Baby in the comments and then you made this account so I can’t do it anymore… I guarantee you won’t admit it but whatever FUCK YOu!!!1

  • mortimerr2014

    Idk who August Alsina is but yeah id
    like to see him and weezy collab if that means we can hear some new wayne

  • David D

    if wayne had his old work ethic these two would of done a few records by now

  • Giraffe Boy

    C5 release date = 14th January, 2019 🙂

  • Young Hitta

    This nigga needs to be on C5, that would be fuckin godly. He has good music

  • Chuck_Brazy

    hahaha C5 is coming out in 2015! let’s admit it guys.. there’s no way C5 is dropping this summer. no one gives a shit about lil wayne besides the people on this fansite.. there is not enough buzz. believe me in not appealing to the masses like white girls & mainstream rap fans.

    • jpeewee bond

      o really u sound stupid

  • Nfs444


  • rigo

    I have a feeling C5 will be a 2 disc album

  • weezydrought

    The carter V official trackist
    1. Classified feat. Mannie fresh
    2. 5 lighters
    3. I’m carter
    4. Off probation feat. Gudda Gudda
    5. Moment
    6. Walk with me feat. Drake, nicki minaj
    7. Black feat. Euro, Young thug
    8. Watch me
    9. R. A. P feat Mack Maine, Birdman
    10. Perfection feat. Mannie fresh
    11. Murder case
    12. Redo ft. Drake, 2 chains
    13. Retirement
    14. I. P. Feat.Euro
    15. My last
    16. Over night feat. Mannie fresh, The Game, 50 cent, Souja boy, and lloyd

    • Lloyd Banks

      Game And 50 on the Same Track ? Yea seems legit……

      • nfs444

        50 and Little Wanye on the same track ? YEA SEEMS LEGIT….

  • Omer

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  • MrArielDubon

    Yo Daniel you heard any noise about the Trukfit carter 5 shirts yet?