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Episode 11 Of Lil Wayne’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” Series [Video]

Wed, May 7, 2014 by

Episode 11 Of Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays Series

In this post, you can watch episode 11 of Lil Wayne‘s “Weezy Wednesday’s” series.

I wasn’t going to post this week’s video, because it’s only 12 seconds long and there is no new footage of Tune. However, there is a dope beat that is played which could possibly be the instrumental for the next single off Tha Carter V.

Wayniacs what are your thoughts on the beat and could you see Weezy F Baby rapping over it?

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  • @weezy

    wtf but first

  • mortimerr2014

    Wayne would MURDER that beat. Pretty fucked up tho how two weeks in a row all we get for WEezy wednesdays is like 15 seconds of nothing..

    • fewcha

      fuckin scooby doo

    • YoungJT1092

      Hell yea, Me and My Drink and Moment are clear evidence that piano beats are Tune’s element!

    • gavinr927

      Hopefully it means the song dropping soon, like last time..

  • Vukani Mavura

    First in this bitch 🙂

    • @weezy

      u late but i wonder wtf is they planning

  • Party

    Scoob Doo with a fail ass episode once again

  • Tha Carter 5 Season bitchesss

  • Hulo

    Holy fuck that beat was flames

  • BlackMamba

    What if they drop another song this friday….would be dope

    • fewcha

      i doubt it but it would be crazy

      • BlackMamba

        its a possibility since they did something similar last week…why else would they randomly let us hear a snippet of a new beat

        • fewcha

          its too soon thats why

          • BlackMamba

            maybe this is their plan tho..kinda like what kanye did

  • mula

    please use that beat for the next song off c5…… when it drops its so hard

  • shhh_theylistening

    Hey everybody and Danny here’s a photo of the possible single for c5! but I got more info about the song it will feature → Christina Millian ft. Lil twist yes and here’s the picture of them recently in the studio and Christina uploaded the pic earlier today on her ig!!!! Me personally I think it will be a banger but no doubt wayne will murdered this track! I will upload a new pic right now check the comments

    • wizzle f

      Smh her ass dont even know its “Tha Carter V” not “The”.. worse than calling him Little Wayne.

      • shhh_theylistening

        I feel ya.

      • Nathan Bryant

        So it’s wrong to to spell correctly?

        • gavinr927

          Actually she spelled it wrong, it is “Tha”. But it ain’t nothing to trip on

    • MrNinoBrown

      Honestly they can be on the album it doesn’t matter but not the next single pleeaaaasse. The next single should be a solo weezy song please.

      • shhh_theylistening

        Yea i hope so too

      • YoungJT1092

        Or the Mannie Fresh track. Im really curious to hear that one..

    • fewcha

      christina milian would not be on this beat in the video LOL

      • fewcha

        and they wouldn’t waste a beat like this with a lil twist verse

  • LUKE



    • MrNinoBrown


  • Jay weezle

    This beat is raw as fuck

  • wizzle f

    Yall think that might be the album cover? Or one of the oics insidr the disk?

  • shhh_theylistening

    What do you guys think about christina and twist being on c5 … personally it might sucky be because of them not tune don’t get me wrong wayne will murdered the whole album

    • fewcha

      no one wants christina milian and lil twist on carter 5

    • Patman

      Hope they wont be on it ! Cause when they are on it wont be a legendary album

  • There’s A Reason They Keep Giving Us “Snippets”. Think Of A Bigger Picture

    • fewcha


  • WayneGoHard

    Its just a sneak peak!

    • Zay

      Looks like cartoon Weezy
      Boondocks ep maybe??

  • @weezy

    they said episode coming soon

    • Jay weezle

      Who said that?

  • & That Pic Kinda Look Like Some Boondocks Type Shit

  • Fiyah

    Woah, I will truely be dissapointed if this beat isn’t used on C5

  • Linoh Locc

    Dawm da beat sound dope af !! Weezy Wednesday’s !!!! Carter 5 coming soon Yeeaaahhhh !!!

  • Linoh Locc

    Tha Carter 5 season hooeeee !!!

    • tune

      It has to be the mixtape cover, he always drops a mixtape after his first single is dropped each album. But we will learn in time what he decides to do with this. Possibly Friday

      • Skenny

        You wrong
        He always drops a mixtape after dropping an album

        • Nukey

          Sorry 4 The Wait came out before Carter 4, the suffix came out before carter 2 and dedication 4 came out before IANAHB 2 etc…. so he doesn’t always drop the mix tape after an album…..

          • LiL BuZZ

            Do does what the fuck he wants fam

          • Nathaniel Diaz

            No ceilings before “we are young money” n “rebirth” if you even wanna count those lol

            • Nukey

              haha why I said etc…. lol 🙂

          • Slateer

            Yeah but D4 came out before IANAHB2, so whats different about D5 dropping before Carter 5?

            • Nukey

              that’s what I said? there’s no difference, I was just proving a point to @disqus_pelbOhs7RS:disqus that Wayne drops most of his mix tapes before an album and not after 🙂

            • He had got bored.. Thats why he dropped D5 before C5.

              • Slateer

                No. He released D5 before C5 beause its his tradition, and Lil Wayne mixtapes are easily the biggest Mixtape releases of the year. Even people who dont fuck with Wayne gets his mixtapes

        • Don_Hooper19

          It’s actually before

    • LilTunechiOrYoungTunaFish

      Is it me or does that look like a perfect ‘sorry 4 the wait 2’ cover?

      • Linoh Locc

        It does look like a Sorry 4 tha wait 2 cover bro !!!!

  • lol @ u

    damn how many feat.’s is CV going to fucking have? smh random ass nobodies posting that they’re “in the studio with wayne #carter5” smfh this is NOT what i want to see after getting a dope song like “believe me” just brings my excitement down

    • MrNinoBrown

      feel you man feel you

    • J

      Don’t mean they’ll make the cut lol

    • Tyler

      Wayne always records shit tons of songs for albums but half of them don’t make the cut. But just think too, this is Wayne’s last solo album and the last carter album… What if they include every song they recorded for c5 on the album instead of making cuts

      • Don_Hooper19

        That would really be dope

    • Jbadd504

      Yea bro..I hope twist isn’t on it..I dont mind soulja boy doing production though.. Christina milian can do a hook..but thats it !!! Nothing more

  • MrNinoBrown

    The beat sounds crazy hope it’s on CV and it will be the next single. I really want a solo weezy song for the next single I mean it’s CarterV and it’s Wayne we should have at least two solo songs for singles and then some features songs. The thing is that wayne need to push himself without too much help like Drake for example He put out Started from the bottom, Hold on, Worst all singles all solo and all of those was hits.

  • fewcha

    weezy wednesdays fell off after episode 1

    • Khosta


  • shhh_theylistening

    This is epic bro!!!!!!! Check This photo I got got me turned up for c5 lil tunechi rapping with some candles on now you know that c5 is going to be out of this world…. this is some exclusive shit right here…. Danny ain’t even got the news yet I got and here’s the pics for the wayniacs….. your welcome 🙂

    • LilPunjabi

      tune rollin’ hard

    • khosta

      got me hyped as fuck

      • shhh_theylistening


    • Hola MEgustas

      It’s not exlucisve cause it’s on IG and danny doesnt post about it…theres tons of info and like 3 snippets of jae millz nex project on his IG yet danny never posts.

      Youre better off following all the artists on IG then waiting to see if Danny posts it on here.

    • lilxjxpiru

      Summoning demons to help him rap. ILLUMINATI TYPE SHIT!

      • Frank

        Nigga shut the fuck up

  • The Future

    This beat is crazy!
    Hopefully its just Wayne rapping over it, similar to the Megaman track.

  • corbin wells

    waccckkkk not beat but 12 seconds after non last week???

  • King Weezy Carter

    Bet the next single gon be that Manny Fresh song or Bang ft. Kanye and 2 Chainz

  • thanx for posting something tho!!!!!!! REAL FANS APPRECIATE TRULY

  • Zay

    Best 12 secs of my life lol jk
    Dat beat go ham breh

  • Tune Up

    Cover my tracks like butter so where the bread be?

    • The735Truth .

      That’s the espn freestyle right?

      • Numbah1boi

        Yep, Sportscenter off D2 😀

  • KING

    the 1st single ain’t on itunes,yet!

  • bigsean

    Is believe me even the single? Not even on Itunes yet…..

  • Skenny

    I hope that one is solo

  • YoungJT1092

    As far as Im concerned, its not a matter of him being able to rap over it, Da Drought 3, No Ceilings, and Dedications all proved he can rap over anything given to him. He’s the best rapper alive. Straight up.

  • King Weezy Carter

    #CarterVSeason nigga, Weezy F Baby, the muthafuckin greatest that ever lived. Look out 4 dat album Wayniacs, whether its released Yonce style or not keep a lookout for it cuz this gon be some legendary shit bitch

  • dave

    I need a towel after hearing that beat.

  • LuvCoolJ

    Since Believe Me isn’t on itunes yet i really hope that was just a teaser for Tha Carter V and not a single, cuz that shit was ass anyway. Also, i hope the true single is an actual song and not just wayne spittin over a beat. Y’all say y’all want a megaman type song? Man helllll no, that’s why wayne be dropping them wack ass songs, because of y’all “fans”. That’s what the dedications are for, c’mon Wayne! O_o

  • LuvCoolJ

    If we can get a track like hustler musik or money on my mind on C5 i’ll be happy, but i know that’s just wishful thinking smh. Every single track will sound like a mixtape and just have Wayne rapping over a random ass beat, saying random ass shit. Smh

    • Christian

      Wayne has changed. Grew. This is not new. I doubt you will get what you want. Moment seems to be like the Hustler Musik of C5. And that’s a leftover, so better will come. But I assure you, if you go looking for Tha Carter 2 Part 2, you will most likely be disappointed.

      • LuvCoolJ

        Oh yeah fa sho, i’m definitely not looking forward to it lmao trust me, I’ve been disappointed too many times before. Lol even though these are things he SHOULD do for a final album, i know he’s still gonna do what he wants. He really doesn’t listen to the fans

        • Christian

          Well, sometimes you got to show the people what they want.

    • master v

      That carter v snippet with mannie fresh sound lyk hustler musiz/be me

  • master v

    Dope beat let’s hope he tells a story wen rydin De beat.

  • Guest

    I just use music download on my iPhone,I was able to download believe me the second day it came out

    • President Carter

      WOO HOO BRAVO!!!!

  • Ernesto

    Think about it you guys. They keep saying ” CarterV season ” I think that they are going to be releasing songs that were during the recording of the cater V. Cause Wayne probably recorded like 30+ songs an not all of them are gonna make it to the album. So what I think is that he is giving us some songs like every week. They use weezy Wednesdays to preview the beat an then Friday they give us the song. But idk that’s my guess. It would be cool if it was true. We’ll find out

    • Sherwyn Chichester

      that is so true, because believe me single is not on itunes

      • President Carter

        Ill cry if thats not on C5

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      Trippy theory kidd

      • Slateer

        That’ll be like when the original IANAHB came out. There were a ton of songs that were released during that time but did not get on the album(Like Alphabet bitches, etc)

        • Numbah1boi

          Alphabet Bitches was a C2 Session. It didn’t drop in 2010 for IANAHB man lol. IANAHB was a compliation of sessions originally intended for C4.

  • Don_Hooper19

    Ok it’s CV season what’s next? Eventhough I’m still bumping Believe Me lol

  • Guest


    • Patman

      Fuck youtube had that problem too

  • Dillon

    sounds like a beat Weezy will go crazy on

  • oh shiit

    i knew he wouldnt be able to keep up with weezy wednesday. he too busy puttin work on C5.. But at the end of the day thtas what matters. #CarterVSeason

  • French

    ayo Danny that Ocho Cinco by French Montana’s beat not a beat off CV

  • Norman Sweat

    Shut the fuck up

  • apla24

    Could be an intro!!

  • Killers

    damn it had me bopping my head to it

  • DanMdv

    That beat goes hard, I started feeling out some words for it already! #MDV

  • John

    Believe Me is still not on iTunes or released to radios and we talking about the next single already !!? Lol

    • Corey Boss

      its not on itunes cuz its not on the album

  • Khosta

    lol ey weezy wednesdays are starting to get out of my system tf is 12 seconds bro? anyway I hope that beat an intro and he’ll spit something like Tha Mobb

  • waynedaGOAT

    dam honestly these lil weezy wednsdays get u a million times more hyped in 12 secs ..rather c this then gabage as euro spitting

    • President Carter

      so tru

  • YoungMoneyhandgun

    Yeah, sounds like maybe an intro, outro or an interlude piece..Either way, C5 season, is as slow as it was 2 months ago…

    • President Carter

      Not slow he just released a song btw that is definitely gonna be a single.

  • crack bars

    If u look at the bottom right it looks like a timer for something maybe when this song drops??

    • Sherwyn Chichester

      what date does that say? july 8 thats way too long

  • Anthony = Campeón

    Just heard believe me on the Radio !


    I don’t want a bunch of Nobodies on C5. NO YOUNG MONEY!!, ( Drake is an exception)Like I want this to be all Weezy, and a couple of legends to top it off. Basically I want another Lil Wayne and Jay Z song like “Mr.Carter” and I want him to get Nas, Andre 3000 and Eminem, MAYBE kanye on an intro or outro just like Carter 4.

  • This beat is outrageous

  • dave

    Beat is so cold

  • Billy R

    The haters died, flat lined. Game over pussiies, it’s cash money’s time.

  • Kleiven

    We all are supposed to listen to D5 at the moment, right? 🙂

  • wiseman91

    so is he spittin on this beat?

  • Lil CHRI$$$Y

    The beat sound ight got to here more tho

  • Ricardo

    sounds like that could be the intro to carter v

  • LuvTunechi

    I hope it is on his C5!!! I luv da beat, n my Boo alwayz killed any beat!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡TUNE♡♡♡♡♡

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