Soulja Boy Talks Working On “Tha Carter V” With Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber

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Soulja Boy Talks Working On Tha Carter 5 With Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber

During a recent interview with The FADER, Soulja Boy confirms that he is currently working on Lil Wayne‘s upcoming Tha Carter V album and says he has already done two beats for the project.

Soulja mentions that when he was down in Miami last month he hit up the studio with Tune and Justin Bieber to work on C5, as well explains what the vibe was like as they were all trying to come up with the best sound for the summer. Could this mean that the album will be released in the summer?

Hit the jump to read what Soulja Boy said about working with Weezy F Baby and Bieber on Tha Carter V!

We saw you were in the studio recently with Justin Bieber. What were y’all working on?
We was working on his new album and doing some stuff for the Carter V. We was down in Miami for a couple nights. Every night we was in the studio doing different stuff.

How were those sessions? What was Bieber’s vibe like?
It was just me, Bieber and Wayne. Bieber played me his album, I played him some stuff that I had, then we came up with this one record that was crazy. The vibe was cool, everybody was in their creative zone. We all were pushing each other to come up with the best sound for Carter V and the best sound of summer.

It sounded like you were in the studio earlier. What are you working on currently?
I’m working on Diddy’s project right now. He’s doing his last album right now, it’s called Money Making Mitch. That’s been taking up a lot of my focus. So is the Carter V. When I was in Miami I did like two beats for CV, and I just been tryna go back in on them beats and make them the best for Tune. And Nicki’s joint, The Pink Print is dropping. Her new song “Yasss Bish,” I produced that and wrote the hook. I think that record is gonna be so big for her.

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