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Lil Wayne Raps Along To Young Thug’s “Danny Glover” At LIV Nightclub [Video]

Mon, Jun 9, 2014 by

In the video above, Lil Wayne can be seen chilling and performing at LIV nightclub in Miami, Florida for “LIV on Sundays” with Floyd Mayweather Jr., Jamie Foxx, DJ Stevie J, Gudda Gudda, and Mack Maine.

Click here to view some pictures of Weezy F Baby at LIV nightclub!

Footage credit: Ava ReJouis, Candy, DJ Milkshake, and Kelly Alison

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  • merey

    first! showing luv to weezy!

  • Willy

    Lmao weezy just getting high while karate chop plays… know he thinking about that emmett till line

  • Davidson Lumas

    Man I need NFL 2k15

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    ok who saw ma nigga gudda turning up?

    • J

      Chiraq remix was tight

    • He was gone LOL.

    • fewcha

      he knew that song what was playing word for word

    • Realshitboiboi

      Gudda wussup bro?

  • i like this video

  • What was up with that white guy hugging Wayne for 10 mins?


      He a faaaaag bitch !

      • Realshitboiboi

        Stfu bitvh -weezyjr

      • Weezy Da God

        Dick in da booty lookin ass nigguh

    • fewcha

      i seen it, i wanna know who he is

    • Tune Up

      Look like the nigga who saved him when he shot himself.

      • Looked nothing like him lmfaoooo, that dude had hair and is 30 years older

    • j

      he hugged for 3 seconds lmao

      • It was longer than a normal hug, more of a family hug

  • L!lWeezy



    Yo, check – my flow is unknown to man yet Damnit – keep runnin’ ’round like an annua banquet

    Made a withdrawal with your broad, she lef the bank wet Rub her like a condom, contemplating dangerous sex

    I’m unimpressed with your talent, skills stil appeal A maestro on the mic, though, I’m almost as ill as Camille, for real Ain’t never runnin’ from nothin’, I’m fit to tread mills Name another movement making time stand still…

    High-powered to the third degree Murder, we emerged, and it was an emergency It’s closed curtains for you worthless earthling Hurtin’ ’cause I rise like mercury in the burning heat

    Words on the streets, Solo done done it again Look at me, I used to match a dub sack with my friends Now we smokin’ by the O, like the letters P and N Ain’t have to start watching CNN for you to see an end It’s coming quicker than you think, don’t mean to rub it in Like Lubriderm, but you should learn that you could never fuck with him

    Soulo Ho3 !!

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy F Baby !!!

  • Weezy

    You dumb niggas trying to get recognition on a weezy fansite with these dead lyrics smh , Make a youtube account or soundcloud dawg ,gtfoh wit that shit

  • Creg

    Danny glover is one of the dumbest songs i have ever heard in my entire life…

    • fewcha

      catchy as fuck tho

    • Time

      I was surprised when Nicki Minaj jumped on it

  • Godo Zilla

    Dedication 6 Drama is in the works little do y’all know

    • fewcha

      we actually all know

  • TuneUp

    That new Mortal Kombat X trailer tho

  • Lageon

    If you’re bored, here’s a video of Wayne in the studio

  • YMCorey

    Fucked up part is wayne don’t even fuck with thug like that

    • fewcha

      wat u mean?

  • T.D.E

    Yo wayne needs to chill on his dreads, he just making them look 100000000000x worse frfr

  • greendelic

    shout out to tip allday then fuck with mayweather like nothing happened love tune but this is so hypocrite (da rap game im talkin bout).

    • fewcha


    • Tune Up

      He’s cool with them both, just because T.I beef with Mayweather, don’t mean he beef’s with them.

    • youngtune410

      Well its kinda like how meek mill cool wit 50 cent and signed to ross……..

  • fewcha

    looked fun

  • The Young Bull

    Yall in for a surprise. Tune finna kill em. #DannyGlover #D6

  • Time

    Where the C5 news?

  • C5 bitch

    I need some more Wayne music I’m glad to see he’s having fun But I don’t want to see you anymore skate videos or him at the club I atleast want to hear a new verse or something

  • LuvTunechi

    MMMMMMMMMMMUAHZZZ TUNEY!!!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • shrugs

    Let me guess.. “he killed it”

    • JayHighAss

      Wtf is you talking bout !??


    Somebody about to die

    • Linoh Locc

      Nigga , Nobody give a fuck about you fool ! .


        King Kendrick.

        Buy The World

        • Linoh Locc

          But den agian, mike will said Weezy verse is dat best of the Year .

          • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

            I been checking his twitter almost everyday since he mentioned buy the world .. Never seen him say that. Somebody asked who killed it.. He responded they both did.

        • Dorian X

          If you were trying to make a point, you probably should have made sure ‘retarded’ was spelled right. Dismissed.

          • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

            It’s called making fun of Birdman. Dismissed

            • Dorian X

              Looks more like a blind-ass mistake you’re trynna cover up. Pathetic.

              • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

                Your a fucking lame. Everybody knows Birdman can’t talk. . Wanna be cyber bully

                • Dorian X

                  How the fuck is that anywhere near an attempt to “cyber-bully”? The only nigga talkin’ that kind of shit around here is you.

                • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

                  i’m not with this personal internet beef back and forth shit. If I can’t meet up with you aint no point of us continuing this. Let it go. I’m done. So are you.

                • 3Peat

                  Hahahaha bruh you come on another artists fansite to talk about kendrick! I hope you realise how sad and pathetic this is.

                • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

                  Not as pathetic as ya’ll being a fan of a 31 year old man covered in tatts and has lip piercings, that has kissed birdman twice in public and more,than likely do it in privacy.. And that has worn women pants.. Says,shit like he will kill your grandmother and newborn and or kidnap your newborn.. Been under birdman since 9 years old and is a,wanna be blood,rockstar, martian, skater.. Says,shit like Weezy F baby the F is for a thousand different things.. And says shit like.. I play geetar oops I meant guitar.

  • Anti

    knock knock hello there go several fellows with clips to the elbows

  • Drilon_G

    Drop dead gorgeous but the bitch ain’t dying for a nigga

    • Linoh Locc

      Where my real queens at, Shout out to capone nd noriega lol


    Rappers be like…


    Weezy and Drizzy ! The best

    • fuck tde

      Who eva mad this pic gay who wastes there time making gay ass Photoshop pics unless they gay


        But… Wayne kissed birdman twice in public.. Do it public.. They damn sure do it privately.. The same man that wore women clothing for a,period of time.. This fake wanna be blood, rockstar, skater fortunate nobody hasn’t beat his ass

        • fuck tde

          U must be gay the fact u keep bringing that old ass gay shit up u proly enjoyed it when it happened obviously we Wayne fans agree that that was gay af for Wayne to do but we over it its been ova 15 years and Wayne has shows us everyday he loves pussy now do u I don’t think so the way you on k dot dick on a Weezy site

          • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

            He gets it from gold diggers.. This is ab soul’s Baby Momma.. He hardly ever talks,about pussy..

            Plus,that pornstar 2 years ago on worldstar put Wayne and Lil Twist on blast for having pencil dicks… Then that tranny Sydney Star said she/He fucked her once and was just friends after that.. And he knew it was,a tranny.. Wayne talks about pussy so much because he has a guilty conscious or something.

            • fuck tde

              First off I don’t care how big this nigga dick is that’s supergay and there was never a article about Lil Wayne and no damn tranny now u making up shit and trust me I kno I Google Lil Wayne name everyday at least once or twice to find some new shit and I have been since I became a fan since them hot boy dayz u a wack bitch with no life on this site juss to hate

              • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

                Hahaha it’s on youtube . Just type in is,lil wayne gay

                • Lil Wayne fan

                  Dang yo, Wayne was right , people do be sippen haterade by the 12 pack… Lil Wayne Turn on the lights remix . “Im straight no frank ocean” … Hes not gay .. Are you deaf?

              • GO SPURS GO! WE GONE!

                Oh yeah the youtube video is the one that’s 7:09 minutes titled” “You be the judge is lil wayne Gay”

              • Ben Byrnes

                There are starving kids in Africa and the Rich keep getting richer and the poor……poorer but guess what I have a bigger dick than Lil Weezy! Where do you think he got the name Truck Fit! I have inspired many people….Google that, although I don’t get as much recognition as I should. Don’t use condoms, drop out of school ASAP! Use drugs etc

        • JT

          Bruh, how the fuck you gonna diss Wayne on his fan site?All y’all who dissing Wayne, why are y’all on this site? Don’t make no sense, you can talk about what songs you do and don’t like, argue about his albums and shit but don’t diss the artist you dumbasses. And the birdman kiss is such a dead subject, get over yourself dude.

        • true

  • Chuck_Brazy

    comparing lil wayne and kendrick is like comparing michael jordan to kevin durant. they’re from different eras in the rap game. drake more like lebron james. kendrick always gonna be second to the king. ya dig? how is kendrick gonna box with tha god when he can’t take down the king. silly kendrick fans.


      After that bet cypher Drake didn’t mess with kendrick no more lmao.. He moved to Jay Z..

      Oh yeah last Week why was Drake rapping along to Kendrick’s,old song “cut you off” from 2010 on his Overly Dedicated tape. Lmao kendrick said himself two days ago.. He has along way to go he trying to get everybody to believe he is,the one.. He know everybody don’t like him. He gonna,have everybody switch up after September

      • Chuck_Brazy

        who cares if drake listens to kendricks music? drake still better lol & drake never responded to kendrick because he’s not worth his time.

  • Shaquan James

    Look at this tho

  • CV

    Ok I’m tired of the k dot and Wayne comparison none of you know music. You can’t compare a rapper and a lyricist there’re two totally different styles. Kdot ain’t seeing Wayne in rapping and that’s final.



  • David D

    next tuesday the mike will song drops

  • For real though

    Seriously, people who like Kendrick so much, please go make a kendricklamarhq website. That would be greatly appreciated by kdot fans and yall can share your love for TDE music on there. But this is lilwaynehq, for Lil Wayne fans. Don’t come talking shit on this fan site for attention. We like different types of rap. Just stop posting hate comments to the Lil Wayne fans because they like Wayne’s music.

  • Julieann Bain

    I lov me sum lil wayne to all I listen to is lil wayne he’s really a hard core rapper for life an he all so inspireing

  • bludyhands

    U all confused the 1 person was right if they do it n public they deff gonna do it private also wtf about a year ago they captured vid of wayne lip lockin with stevie j therefore comes the ?? Wayne likes to ask WHO THE F IS STEVIE J he gay as fuck wishing he could bust to a woman!!!!