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Trailer #2 For The “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” Tour [Video]

Thu, Jul 24, 2014 by

Trailer 2 For The Drake vs Lil Wayne Tour

Check out this week’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” installment, which is another trailer for the upcoming “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour that is set to begin on August 8th at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center in New York.

Click here to watch episode 21 of “Weezy Wednesday’s” and here to view a list of dates and locations for the tour!

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  • 1st

    • Khosta

      you just a guest

  • Carter five? 🙁

    • Khosta

      its Tunchileonches

    • Time

      Hype completely went

  • Darius

    really, this is what’s passing for a Weezy Wednesdays

    • Khosta

      What did you expect? to see Lil Wayne fucking Christina Millian ?

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        c5 updates
        a preview of a new song
        krazy behind the scenes

      • Tunechi_LEEL

        Lmao…probably that would’ve been more doper than this sh! T smh.

  • boy

    Third wack episode in a week now

  • DJ suit

    we need c5 updates, not a trailer similar to something we already saw

  • Tony Montana

    the real episode is coming later on!!!

    • kizz

      how you know?

      • Khosta

        imagine if you married Alicia Keys and took her surname, you would be Kizz Keys

        • kizz

          yes i would be

  • DuffleBagBoy

    This is bullshit. Fuck Dj ScoobDoo, lazy ass nigga.

    • FuckUNigga

      Hahaha exactly what I was thinking

  • Ryan17

    I wouldn’t care if a weezy wed was 30 seconds long with a new song, release date and track list.. Carter V SEASON lets build up that hype again!!!

  • Khosta

    told y’all in the previous post, I was the first to watch it

    • ha

      bullshit nigga you lying

      • Khosta

        check it

        • ha


  • Miikeey

    Lmao damn… gotta wait till next week i gues haha

  • Zeus

    This definitely took first for worst Weezy Wednesday…c’mon scoob


    . He should’ve did a “TUNECHI VS WEEZY” tour by himself. That way he can perform all of the annoying pussy raps he’s been doing, and then the nice lyrical songs he had when he called himself WEEZY F BABY. That’ll give him a reality check on what C5 NEEDS to sound like.

    • TwizzieTwitch

      hes the same fuckin person!!!!

    • JayHighAss

      What Pussy raps he’s been doin lately ?

    • Truth

      Thing is Wayne called himself Tune back on C2 when he was dope so that wouldn’t work…

      • xavier


  • Sfundo Gumede

    Nah this is lame

  • ℓιℓ ¢няιֆֆֆу ∂α ℓιgнт$кιηηє∂

    This is pitiful

  • ℓιℓ ¢няιֆֆֆу ∂α ℓιgнт$кιηηє∂

    I want another leak or date or cover or snippet


    Fuck this man scoob i stayed away when i had krazy and now this? Fuck weezy we need carter 5 or a single not da Crap was playing in the car

    • Gghh

      Hopefully the crap played from the car was for a mixtape like D6 or something cause it sounded like utter shit although we of course haven’t heard the whole thing yet.

  • triggacity_813

    Dedication 6 coming soon

  • YRfromthetown

    The beat sounds like something on C5 tho guys. I could see my nigga wayne snapping on this. Can’t wait for more music.

  • St3v3n

    Scooby dew- fuh nukkaa

  • Drilon_G

    WTF man that’s terrible. Should of just not posted anything instead of this bullshit

  • Mayneeee

    This sucks

  • justicefortrayvon

    on the 6 foot 7 video why was wayne sitting by a tub an how did he just fall in the world will never know

    • Rico

      Are u dumb

    • Khosta

      you must be retarded

    • Time

      Watch the movie Inception

  • The Future

    We waited over a week for this???


  • derrick_m

    cant wait for this tour. i bet the set up on stage is going to be crazy!!!


    We still wait for a similar episode like the first one! The same way we wait for weezy f baby to return it just not gonna happen we gotta accept shit like it is

    • Time

      Or the Tina Turn Up episode

  • kingT

    looks like the hype for carter 5 is going away…amount of comments getting lower and lower

    • Khosta

      are you the comment coordinator?

  • Eshall Flawless

    That was meh. Still stoked for the tour though!

  • LuvCoolJ

    Niggas mad

    • Khosta


  • Khosta

    can someone please explain this line to me “I can’t trust my iPhone, I think Siri the feds”

    • Travis

      Really? ? Think about it

      • Khosta

        please, I don’t get it

        • Prince_Academics

          Go on Rap Genious

          • Khosta

            their explanation ain’t good

            • duh

              Bro you’re an idiot. When you talk to Siri the software uses voice recognition to process your request. Essentially the feds could tap into your iPhone and listen to what you have said to Siri. So Wayne is saying that the feds could be tapping into his iPhone and everything he says to Siri could be recorded. Hence he doesn’t trust his iPhone since the Siri software could be controlled or tapped into by the feds.

              • Khosta

                was that hard?

          • [Original] Gudda Gudda

            that site be full of wayne haters doing his lyrics

    • Time

      Please don’t be stupid

  • Shaquan James

    Drake wins this battle easily he’s on fire right now

    • blahhh

      It’s all time hits not just right now

      • Shaquan James

        Like I said he wins this battle

        • JayHighAss

          I see u don’t know your History if you think that

        • blahhh

          If you think drake has more all time hits your retarded

    • Khosta


  • Time

    How many times are they going to keep disappointing us?

    • Khosta

      how many times are you going to keep complaining?

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        until they deliver something decent

  • Lil Tunechi

    Maybe it’s a C5 beat

  • TwizzieTwitch

    yo i’m not usually a complainer but damn this shit was terrible. at least a song snippet. like we dont care about no tour. we didn’t even see weezy or nothing like that it was jsut a promo that was 54 seconds. cmon scoob doo

  • Ddatwee

    Fuck this shiit.

  • ThaCarterV

    My absolute dream is to be able to work with wayne recording his life, and this fuck nigga scoob…

    • Khosta

      well you better start chasing your dream not sleep walking lol

      • ThaCarterV

        Once I finally meet Wayne I’m going to show him my work and tell him what the fans want. The day 1’s and what we’re looking for. That’s all it takes is the right hype.

  • MrGoHarder

    Dj Scoob Doo sucks

    • Khosta

      he sucks your dick

      • MrGoHarder

        That makes total sense

  • JayHighAss

    Smh, So the next two Weezy Wednesdays will be About the Tour Just watch !

    • Khosta

      you must be stupid, this one is about the Tour so it will most definitely be something else next week

      • JayHighAss


      • Tunechi_LEEL

        Yhu never know…

  • TAKA

    Are we getting d6 this year?

    • Khosta

      do you get jokes every year?

      • TAKA

        Answer my question first

        • Khosta

          I don’t have to

          • TAKA

            Then no one told you to reply to this the first time

            • Khosta

              I didn’t need your permission fuck face

          • BEE

            You’re stupid, and ur not funny.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      i bet he records it when the tour starts

      • TAKA

        Yea you right and I thought L.A.T was Gudda and flow mixtape

  • Khosta

    Shout out my nigga Dassler back in Umlazi in South Africa

  • Cant wait til wayne makes it real and drops real platnum hits from the cv.

  • Ricardo

    Talk about ANTICIPATION!

  • Slimmy Slim

    Seems fappable

  • Lageon

    At least we got to hear a C5 beat

  • Liltunechris

    Got my tickets for Austin TX already

  • Flow

    That beat is sick

  • Ayanda Mili

    The whole rap game againts lil wayne…i mean every nikker that used to fuck with wayne back in the day are againts him they dnt fuck wit wayne anymore even his y.m members…He is the only one that can change the situation by using this hate shit on him to prove a point on dat C5 ulbum…

  • Lets Go Buffalo

    I’ll be at Darien Lake PAC. Come visit me, I’ll be doing security at the Boxoffice/willcall

  • Alex_DallasTX

    Fuck you scoob!!! Pinche perro culero

  • Angry

    For God’s sake, these shouldn’t even be called Weezy Wednesdays. Just call these shits Tunechi Thursday’s. But even if it was expected to drop Thursday, it wouldn’t come til Friday. This video is horrible. These videos are for real fans and even people who don’t listen to them know about the tour… why wouldn’t we?? Lazy ass muhfuckas. All I know is Carter 5 better go stupid or I quit

    • ibfndwarfs

      Been sayin that tunechi thursdays shit for minute now lol scoobs needs some scooby snacks 4feal tho.

  • savage813

    5.6 niggas was disappointed lol

  • Godo Zilla

    Y’all all who mad gon’ be right back riding his dick soon he releases another leak or a new wayne feat comes out smh y’all some “suck your momma titties male groupies” lol get a life and go get some pussy muthafucka’z like damn let a nigga do him

  • Khosta

    yo Danny Christiano Ronaldo has teamed up with Lil Wayne with Young Money

  • Khosta


  • Jon Royal

    (sighs) I love Nicki Minaj

  • Jon Royal

    Do you have any idea how huge this tour is going to be??!!! Wayne and Drake???!!!! Not just one or the other. This is going to fuckin’ greatness.

  • PSN – iiAtex

    Oh my…

  • PSN – iiAtex

    The Carter V? I’ve never heard of such a thing…

  • KheyKheyLuvTunechi


  • TheWrongOne

    lil wayne bogus as fuck for not coming to minnesota with that drake vs lil wayne tour… hurt like a mf

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