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Lil Wayne Attends The 2014 ESPY Awards With Christina Milian To Watch Stuart Scott Receive The Jimmy V Award

Fri, Jul 18, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Attends The 2014 ESPY Awards With Christina Milian To Watch Stuart Scott Receive The Jimmy V Award

A couple of nights ago, the 2014 ESPY awards took place in Los Angeles, California. Lil Wayne attended the sports awards show with Christina Milian, who were holding hands with each other, and Mack Maine.

Even though he was probably there to support Drake a little bit too, Weezy F Baby tweeted that he only attended the ESPYs to watch ESPN anchor Stuart Scott get honored with the Jimmy V Perseverance Award in person after he lost someone close to him because of cancer.

“I only went to see Stuart get the Jimmy V award and I did and it was very fitting. Lost my 2nd mom to cancer this yr & I miss her…fight!”

If you missed it, you can watch Stuart‘s full inspirational acceptance speech below. Click here to watch Drizzy hosting, performing and taking part in various skits at the ESPY awards!

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  • Erick


  • It all makes sense now

    Well we all know how she got signed to YM

    • How awkward will it be for when they split up because you know that will happen LOL.

    • YMCorey

      He’s been chasing her since 2003

  • CMB

    how do you break up with someone and then go out with someone else the next day?

    Tina always wants relationships with people in the music industry to try and save her washed up career

    • fewcha

      she a certified thot and its even worse she is a parent to a daughter who will probably grow up the same way as her mother

    • CMB_

      You stole my name nigga!

      • President Carter

        Goes to show how crappy it is

  • Guest

    no friday feature ???

    • Mr carter

      There probably won’t be, Danny m is in hospital right now I think. Check his FB

      • guest


      • fewcha

        damn whats up with him?

      • Khosta

        I hope he recovers

      • Joan Wayne

        What is his FB ?

  • James

    Drizzy killed it just shows how he’s a way better overall artist and way talented than his boss. Wayne’s good but drake surpassed him crazy

    • fewcha

      ok but more importantly y r u so ugly?

      • James

        How do u know this is really me lol like bro u don’t even know me
        It’s a fansite u come to comment on the way a nigga look bro get a life I don’t do this back and forth shit but u kinda like a fly all in a nigga ear get the fuck outta here foreal I don’t do this replying back and forth shit so do me a favor and don’t reply to my comment with that pointless shit

        • fewcha

          oh so u just went to google and typed in ‘ugly black dude’ and used a pic?

          • Guest

            Judging a dude on a fansite that u obviously don’t know or have never seen just proves u really feel comfortable behind your cumputer screen and u obviously gets no ass and u have no life like y’all really live for this social media shit grow the fuck up

            • dwayne carter


          • Khosta

            You killed him right there, nigga you sick lmao

        • Khosta

          you’re a fag

      • Khosta

        lol nigga you just cracked me up

    • Jay weezle

      How does him hosting a show mean he’s a better artist then Wayne? You dumb as hell

    • Nemisa

      Go to a drake fan page and ride his dick over there but just get the fuck outta here

    • Drilon_G

      Log out nigga nobody is better than wayne NOBODY NIGGA

      • Khosta

        Best reply ever

    • tony_montana

      Well to be fair, Wayne’s ALWAYS wanted drake to be bigger than him, he’s been preaching that from the begining tbh. We all know that lyrically Wayne’s better, he’s a a better rapper yeah, but we know that Drake’s a better overall artist. Which just pretty much proves how much of a visionary wayne is. When he let curren$y & ’em leave & started signing new artists He saw how big drake and nicki could be & how big YM could be look at ’em now. Wayne’s a genius bruh. Believe that!

      • Salder

        Come on… Drake is so far compare to Wayne. Only with lights out and Tha Carter wayne kill Drake’s career. Drake, an artist ? Hum… i don’t know what he do except music and movie but that’s not because he do this than you can say his an artist. He’s just an rnb/pop singer who had the chance to be take under wayne’s wing. I don’t say he is trash, but Drake and Nicki have just turn YM to a pop label, which is maybe what Wayne want, because pop music make a lot of money.

    • Khosta

      No he didn’t surpass him and he never will, Wayne don’t like to be a host or any of that shit

  • fewcha

    “Yeah I got game like Stuart Scott”

    • CV

      Fresh outta the ESPN shop

      • BEE

        and when sport center poppin’ , everythin stoppin’

        • CV

          But you can’t fool me I know who you watchin you watch me cause I be weezy must see tv and nigga that’s me I’m me times 3 so retreat or suffer defeat im back 3 peat C3!!!!

          after reading and writing this I had to go back and bump C3 such a classic album

    • MrGoHarder

      Any of you hear The Ill Mind of Hopsin 7?

      • BEE

        yup, deep stuff.

      • corbin wells

        horrible song

        • MrGoHarder

          You sound a bit biased to me

  • Weezy in a black tshirt for a change is dope.

    • Me

      Him wearing a black shirt is dope? Damn dick riding to the MAX

      • YMCorey

        Lol exactly

    • kizz

      americans wear black after someone has died and he had a mom that passed away thats why he is wearing black

      • President Carter


    • corbin wells


  • James

    That speech nearly made me cry



    • fewcha

      i think its a bit different

    • Dope Shit


      • TERRENCE

        Man that ain’t funny, it’s disrespectful

        • Guest


    • Khosta


  • Ayanda Mili

    Lol itx carter 5 season….i mean no boddy realy makin good musik accept for wayne he killed 2014 wit jxt few dope verses…lol but damn this nikkr luks ugly az fuck no homo i wish i culd be his stylist for a month or a year i can turn dis nikker to be next biggest thing..coz really if u luk it wif a clear eye the only thing missing is swagg just for good image

    • Khosta

      You sound gay

  • Tokologo Mosiane

    mack maine and lil twist spuge off wayne for real tho…

    • corbin wells

      mack maine has a net worth of 10 million tho….

  • CMB_

    I miss Dhea ;(

    • No flex zone

      U don’t even know her

      • CMB_

        I miss seeing her with Wayne…I’m not sure if they’re together or what…

    • Godo Zilla

      ;( I hope wayne don’t get Christina Preg I use to fuck wit her back in high school

      • Khosta

        UOENO her

  • Aye

    Y’all hear that she working on a mixtape..Tina Turnup Needs A Tuneup

  • Skenny

    In our religion ..
    If we lose someone because of death
    We wear black
    And that what wayne did
    I see wayne really doing arab traditions a lot
    And that’s amazing for me !!

  • Flow

    Tina turn up need a tune up

    • Dope Shit

      He already tuned it up………………….

  • Free

    Tina nothing more than a desperate thot

  • Kai Balduin

    Just read Christina Millian is set to release new mixtape “Tina Turn Up” SOON!
    You know what that means .. “TINA TURN UP NEED A TUNE UP” !

    • Skenny

      Source bro

  • Kai Balduin

    Christina Milian is dating Lil Wayne, set to release new mixtape “Tina Turn Up” SOON!
    “TINA Turn Up Needs A TUNE Up” = INTRO = DOPE !

  • Tony Montana

    Thot he was with Dhea and her fam on the 4th?!!!

    • Khosta

      I’m as confused as you are right now

  • savage813

    Lol Wayne Gon Blow Ha Ass Up!!!

  • Khosta

    Lil Wayne take your hands off Christina Millian and go back to your future wife Dhea, this is so wrong man Drake needs to talk to him cause he’s a type of nigga. Honestly I loved Dhea

  • Weezy

    Jump on the track like Michael Jeffery
    Even the referee said i need an espy

  • purp and lean


    • Dope Shit

      FUCKIN LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^

  • Weezy

    Weezy F Baby

  • President Carter

    1) Wake up to “Rubberband Man” alarm

    2) Throw on a wife beater

    3) Put in $25 grill without brushing teeth

    4) Search Ebay for fresh wife beaters

    5) Change wheel on quad

    6) Drive to liquor store doing a wheely the whole way there

    7) Spend wellfare check on weekly supply of 40oz Old Englishes

    8) Go to drunk uncles house and fight him on the dirt in the front yard because he owes him $3

    9) Does a wheely all the way back to the crib

    10) Listens to scratched T.I CD on CD player

    11) Drinks Old English 40oz for lunch

    12) Watches ATL on VHS

    13) Rewinds and watches ATL again

    14) Invites his niggas over to play 2k3 on Sega Dreamcast

    15) Takes his niggas to the movie theater because they’re still playing ATL

    16) Cries with his niggas during the credits in a group hug

    17) Him and his squad drive to go pick up wellfare checks, all doing wheelys on the way there

    18) Drops off $5 at his baby mama’s house for his 6 kids

    19) Does a wheely home and puts in T.I cassette into cassette player and finds out its broken

    20) Throws empty Old English bottle at his Ludacris poster

    21) Cries because he ruined his poster

    22) Goes outside to bond his the family donkey and feed him carrots

    23) Decides he wants to improve his life

    24) Spends life savings on 6 blank cassettes

    25) Records himself grunting over a trap beat for a mixtape

    26) Rides off doing a wheely into the sunset on his way to the north hoping to strike it rich

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