Is Lil Wayne Going To Be On The Remix Of MAKONNEN’s “Club Goin’ Up On A Tuesday”?

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Is Lil Wayne Going To Be On The Remix Of ILOVEMAKONNEN Club Goin Up On A Tuesday

ILOVEMAKONNEN, who is a 25-year-old artist from Atlanta, recently chopped it up with Noisey for an interview, which you can read below.

During their conversation, MAKONNEN talked about how Drake jumping on his “Club Goin’ Up On A Tuesday” song came about, OVO reaching out to him, how close we are to hearing Tune on the official remix, maybe being an opening act on the “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour when it gets down to the south, and more.

If you have not yet heard Drizzy Drake on “Club Goin’ Up On A Tuesday“, you can check it out here. Would you like to hear Weezy F Baby spit on this track? I certainly would!

How did the remix happen?
OVO reached out to me about ten days ago and were like, “Yo, we like your music, we like that “Wrist” song.” This was OVO Brian. I don’t remember if he mentioned Drake, but he said something like, “We’re fucking with your shit. We’re going to holler at you soon.” So I was like, “Cool.” So two nights ago, everybody is blowing my phone up, people from Warner and shit, and they’re like, “Yo, send me that ‘Club Goin’ Up’ so we can get a remix—we’re trying to do a big play and do something for you.”

Who was this?
Just A&R’s at Warner Music. Trying to get them my song, and I’m like, “Nah. I got something in the works,” I said jokingly. They were like, “What do you have in the works? You don’t have anything bigger than what we’re going to get.” And I was like, “Please. I got Drake and Lil Wayne on the remix,” and they were like, “Oh! That’s what we’re trying to do.” And I was like, “Yeah, whatever.” And I was really jumping, because I was just talking shit. But then Sonny Digital called me and he was like, “Yo, Drake wants to get on the ‘Club Goin Up’ remix.” And I was like, “Whoa, fuck yeah. Send him the song. Let’s do it.” So Sonny was like, “Yeah, okay, I’ll send him the song now because he’s on the bus and wants to record it real quick.” So I was like, cool, and sent it.

Then we didn’t hear anything and I was just going about my day, just working in the studio and shit. And then I saw on Instagram he captioned something “Goin’ Up on a Tuesday” and people started tagging me. And I was like, “Oh shit, Drake, he likes the song.” And then a few hours later, somebody was like, “Oh man, this new Drake and ILOVEMAKONNEN track is so dope.” And I was like, “What? What do they mean? That would be dope if we made a track together.” And then somebody linked me to the OctobersVeryOwn SoundCloud and I was like, “No way. There’s no way this is real. No way. Who the fuck did this? They probably just put an old Drake verse on the song.” And then it was official, and I heard him start rapping and I was like, “What the fuck!”

What’s your favorite Drake song?
My favorite Drake song… Hmm. That’s hard. It’s probably the one with Lil Wayne, “Miss Me.”

Best Drake album?
I really liked Nothing Was the Same. I think he gets better every time. That’s an artist—I don’t even try to rub shoulders with those types of artists. I let them live out there, but it’s great he saw me and threw down. Hopefully I’ll be opening up for Lil Wayne vs. Drake on the tour once they get down to the south, definitely in Atlanta.

Do you think you’ll get Lil Wayne on this remix?
Ahh, it’s like 75 percent happening. [Laughs.] Especially with all this going on right now, it’s a whirlwind.

If you had to pick Drake or Lil Wayne, who would you pick?
Obviously Drake.

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  • jhg


  • Weezy F

    Tuesday is probably the best song of this year


    • Godo Zilla

      Lil Wayne he got a new joint out right now called “Going Away” with some random artist it’s a club banger

      • Linoh Locc

        Wheres da link at ?

        • TRIPPY_94

          He a troll bro don’t listen to this nigga…

          • Linoh Locc

            I know bro, good looking out

  • Pills N Potions

    Lil Wayne won the battle against Drake last night so we 3-1 niggas

    • WeezyF

      That shit was krazy when amilli came on place was roxking

    • dave

      Ive got nothin against drake i listen to both equally but when it comes to who i want to win this tour its most definatly wayne even though its probably already setto whos gonna win

  • Tony Montana

    Mixtape Mixtape Mixtape!!!

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    “If you had to pick Drake or Lil Wayne, who would you pick?
    Obviously Drake.”

    what does he mean obviously????

    wayne aint gonna remix his song if he saying shit like that

    • jpeewee bond

      foreal tho

    • Guhodlee

      It was in the moment and it’s just cause Drake put him on and shit

    • CV

      Na he gonna freestyle that shit and kill his own song haha

    • Kizz

      I tell you what WAYNES probably gonna do now is not have that nigga on he’s own song and WEEZY go in on the hole thing….karma is a bitch well just make sure that bitch is beautiful

  • Gee

    I knew it
    As soon as a tour starts weezy always begins to record a mixtape

  • fewcha

    the song is chill

    dedication 6 coming soon

    • Godo Zilla

      Yep Drama said it last week but he said right around Jan

      • triggacity_813

        Where ??

      • TRIPPY_94


    • Guest

      wayne a blood come on now ….

    • DopeDealerForReal

      Where’s the source at my dude? I mean he is on tour and definitely a tape coming. But who said it!!!!!

  • KingAnt313

    Tuesday trash

  • Are we getting a Weezy Wednesdays today?

    • dave

      If we do its usually later like 10-12 o clock eastern or afternoon thirsday

  • Don_Hooper19

    Tbh Drake didn’t just say amazing shit on the song it was ok and I like Drake but if Wayne get on it lol yal know how that goes.

  • Arod

    Danny lil wayne vs drake got their own air jordan 3. U should post it

    • ¥oung_Guapo

      Them thangs look real asf tho. Imma cop me a pair

  • Alex_DallasTX

    Wayne the best at killing other niggas song man. We been through this many times. I fucking hate how quickly people forget. I mean everyone EVERYONE was on Wayne’s dick 2004-2010. He made everyone want to sip syrup get tattoos and wear vans. He is the inventor of many shit like he said. He obviously passed his prime but he is still by far better than all these wanna bes.

  • Tune

    Good music video coming soon!

  • ¥oung_Guapo

    Best night of my fuckin life bruh…

  • BJizzle

    Tuesday a horrible song , drake made it 10x better and hopefully Lil wayne make it a 100x better

    • triggacity_813

      Hell no the original better drake ruined it & I’m a drake fan

      • kfreshh

        the song is garbage either way but drake DEFINITELY made that shit better than the original…..MOST people only listened to this song because drake hopped on it

  • Trey


    • ItsTuNecHiBiTcH

      How is it over?

  • savage813

    Drake did what he needed to on the beat dis bih jammin..wayne wea ya at nigga!!

  • triggacity_813

    Club going up on d6

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy Wednesdays tonight !!!!!
    HOPEFULLY its sum video footage of Wayne recording a new song… Sumthing like 30 minutes to New Orleans lol



    • dave

      Yeah like on his bus recording. if hes on the bus for this tour idk. That would be so sick though

  • TRIPPY_94

    So is this song gon be on d6 or nah?!?

    • triggacity_813

      Hopefully he do like he did wit turn on the lights..official remix then a whole freestyle

      • TRIPPY_94

        True and he did that for wasted tooo, then he put the full freestyle on no ceilings

        • triggacity_813

          That’d be dope af

  • Niño Brown 3 ?

    • TRIPPY_94

      Dat shit never commin out…… I mean NEVER

      • ItsTuNecHiBiTcH

        Foreal takes him more than a week to make a 13 sec vid

    • Linoh Locc

      Its probably another Carter Documentry…

    • CV

      I was in buffalo. I wonder if that dude walkin with the cam was a part of it. Don’t think it was scoob tho but I be damned if it was.



  • That song aint my vibe
    ill pass on tha remix….

  • Tunechi_fan

    Umm..what do you mean obviously drake

  • LeTerance Corbitt

    i’m sorry but the song isn’t good at all and when I heard drake on it, I just smh.. I like his part but at the same I didn’t like it. Overall this song is wanna them songs that isn’t good but it can be tuck in yo head.

  • Linoh Locc

    Aye, Wtf ever happend to Lil Chuckee !? Is he still from YoungMoney ? Does he still rap ?

    • PhilWeezy

      Lil Chuckee ain’t ym no more and I don’t know what he doing now

      • Linoh Locc

        Fr ? Why isnt he ym nomore ?…Sucks for him lol . I think hes CM now, not YM anymore if im right…




  • Unknown

    “liv on Sundays, kod Mondays
    Ym is a navy and nigga this is doomsday
    I got the club goin up on a mothafuckin Tuesday”



  • jaleel bell

    Aye real shitt I don’t like dat song. Too much autotune smh

    • dave

      Wayne will make it better on his remix