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Front Row Footage Of Lil Wayne & Drake Performing Live In Dallas, Texas

Wed, Sep 10, 2014 by

Front Row Footage Of Lil Wayne & Drake Performing Live In Dallas Texas

On September 7th, Lil Wayne and Drake brought their tour to the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, Texas. I’ve already posted photos from the show here, but you can also watch some front row footage from the concert that ended with Drizzy being victorious below.

The Young Money rappers can be seen performing “Believe Me“, “The Motto“, “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)“, “Trophies“, “Started From The Bottom“, and “Hold On, We’re Going Home” live together.

Weezy F Baby and Drizzy Drake will next be performing on their joint tour later tonight in Morrison, Colorado at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre!

Lil Wayne and Drake perform “Believe Me”.

Lil Wayne and Drake perform “The Motto”.

Lil Wayne and Drake perform “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)”.

Drake performs “Trophies” and “Started From The Bottom” with Lil Wayne on stage.

Drake and Lil Wayne perform “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.

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    • David D


  • Giraffe Boy





      Shit got old awhile ago

    • Jay weezle

      Sign this for me real quick

    • fun

      weezy wednesday on the way
      fingers crossed

    • ThaCarterV

      Ya nigga it’s your fault tez

  • Noooo

    I miss weezy Wednesdays

    • CV

      Weezy Wednesday has turned into westcoastwednesdays with Chanel. Seriously though go to the YMHQ. Fuckin wack!!!!

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        smfh what a joke

        • CV

          Tell me about it….

        • zach leslie

          I know you have heard this a million times but im 13 and lookin to get into the rap game and was wonderin if i could get into young money. Im from dallas texas

          • jwade2144

            No. No you can’t.

          • Patrick H

            Lmao that ain’t the real gudda.

            • zach leslie

              Why does it say original

          • CV(Wayne)

            Lmfao this kid really think that’s gudda. That makes me Wayne lol

  • ya diggggg

    cool videos, I know the boy wayne gonna win tonight

  • David D

    that black security guy need to move out the fuckin way smfh

  • Mo Fire

    Waiting for a new single like..

  • CarterBoy

    Moment is Wayne’s best song since being released from jail

    • Euro

      We alright

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        lol his verse was dope but thats it

      • Patrick H

        Again thats a verse not a song.

    • triggacity_813

      That or think I’m lyin

      • Patrick H

        But that’s a verse not a song.

    • xgoblin

      I agree, moment should of been a single it’s sooo much better than krazy

      • Tune Up ©

        This nigga said “since being released from jail” so he just scratching out C4 D5 D4 IANAHB2 S4TW all his singles, hits, EVERYTHING FROM 11-14 and saying moment tops it all…hang yourself

    • mortimerr2014

      Nah levels d5 is

      • Patrick H

        That’s a verse not a song.

    • Khosta

      nah 6 foot, president carter, damn the whoel C4

  • SeattleAtHome



    • Signme

      “I Feel Like Dying”

  • that kush

    Kinda hoping c5 gets pushed back , but in a good way. It needs more promotion and singles

    • mortimerr2014

      Promoting yes with a mixtape but I don’t want anymore singles wouldn’t you rather it just be mostly unheard shit??

      • Patrick H

        Those songs we heard i don’t think will even be on c5.

  • Guess

    I can’t wait until the tour is over, but mostly I can’t wait til da drought is over.

  • triggacity_813

    Tweet this nigga all the reasons he wrong

    • Runnli carter v

      wayne > everybody

    • Saster M. Plinter

      Both washed up
      But fab sucks more

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      why? who gives a fuck what he thinks? he is a nobody

      • Shaquan James

        Stfu u sound gay bruh

        • WeezyDaGOAT

          Gtfo Shaquan, gudda be my nigga

      • Shaquan James

        You get sensative over everything and u be on this site 24/7 u aint no real gudda nigga u a dick riding wayne stan with no life

    • Lil tornado

      “I’m in the ocean getting shark pussy”

      Yeah wayne really good you dumbassthis is fuckibg terrible

      • triggacity_813

        He’s also said since you’ve been gone, I’ve been all alone but alone is steroids cause it made me strong

        • Beezy F Waby

          Well for 1 steroids dont make you strong
          Second they fill your muscles with water but you dont become stronger

          Try again dumbdumb

          • WeezyDaGOAT

            You’re thinking of creatine, steroids boosts your testosterone

      • disqus_kn7ePTwspl

        Lol awww you that butthurt you visit the forum and hate on wayne. What, your favorite rapper doesnt have a website ?

        • Pickledickjuice

          Please dont pick on my imaginery boyfriend who has no idea i even excist

          Ballerina bitchboy

    • Niggacity_812

      After that thank the nigga for finding this picture

      • triggacity_813

        Lmao your name really made me laugh

    • disqus_kn7ePTwspl

      Jus got in that ass fam lmao

  • Toung yhug

    Man i always see the same fuck nigga posting the some useless bullshit on here

    I think this song was the best of this cd
    This verse or line was his best ever

    The way wayne is breathing is so carter2

    Lemme quote a entire wayne verse
    We get it bitches
    We all heard the songs

    Suck a dick allready you trapped in closet fruitbasket fairy homos

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      you spelt young thug wrong buddy 🙂

      • Madonnas frondoor

        Damn those reading lessons wayne got you are really starting to pay off

  • Namdrib

    Lil wayne be like
    Eat feet for breakfast, Call it toejam

  • Namdrib

    Lil wayne be like
    I wear bright red like a girl toe
    No homo

    This is the best rapper alive

  • Treetrunktoby

    Some of wayne best lyrics

    Had a dream that my dick turned to Megatron/But my girl was sleeping with Decepticons”

    Niggas try to bite my style, but my style a jalapeno

    She swallow so many nuts, you fuck around find a squirrel in her throat”

    Buying Haterade by the 12 pack…like two stomachs”

    Best rapper ever

  • K D0T

    This Chris Brown Kendrick Lamar track too . Kendrick gives good messages. He don’t really do that bar for bar punchline shit.

  • Kizz

    I sent the track list to Mack on Instagram, he has seen it but hasn’t replied

    • kizz


      • xgoblin

        What tracklist?

        • kizz

          the seattle at home one and it had the webpage (lilwayne hq) above it so every start talking about what you want so when he sees it they choose BETTER songs for the cut,it doesnt let me post photos its stupid

          • triggacity_813

            Did he ever reply back?

      • TukwilaBound

        Have he replied back?

      • Patrick H

        When does instagram say who saw your picture or not?

        • kizz

          It was a direct message

    • master v

      Is it possible 4 u to send u mack main on intstagram de resurrection of lil wayne I don’t no they call it the prophacy I saw it on lil wayne forum talkin abt ghost legend visitin lil wayne?

  • ThaCarterV

    Does it come on Thursdays

    • Patrick H

      Comment of the year lmao.

  • Weezy Da God

    The time will come when the mixtapes and album singles will start dropping. Wayne is a living legend despite what anyone has to say. The music this man is about to put out is going to be his best ever bar none.. He said it himself this album will be about his lyrical growth, and Mannie fresh said it’s going to have a carter 1 sound. The mans been working on this so hard I feel ya’ll with this drought shit but the wait will be worth it.

    #beleive me

    • mortimerr2014

      Exactly everyone’s so impatient shit even I am. I hope he don’t drop no more singles tho and just drops a mixtape I what Carter v to be all unheard music besides krazy and believe me. But yeah bro I’m guessin this will be his best project by far

  • zach leslie

    I know you have heard this a million times but im 13 and lookin to get into the rap game and was wonderin if i could get into young money

    • Patrick H

      Pay me $100 to my PayPal and I got you.

    • Davegrigger

      Dont believe patrick H thats way too cheap

      For $1000 i will introduce you to lil wayne personally

  • zach leslie

    I know you have heard this a million times but im 13 and lookin to get into the rap game and was wonderin if i could get into young money and im from dallas texas

    • Khosta

      nah Young Money is only short of one artist now and that is Khosta

  • REAL NIGGA 100%

    Getting paid, show money for walkthroughs
    Lettin’ all these hoes ride my dick, car pools
    My bars passed the bar exam, no law school
    Cash Money Army, veteran with my war wounds – IANAHB 2 Slept on

    • Khosta


    • Assmasster

      Thet car pool line weak as fuck

      • Khosta


  • Yeezus

    “1 2 3 way, 4 4 makes 8
    9 times outta 10 it’s an 11 or 12 gauge
    Friday the 13th, that’s the day that hell raise
    But y’all boys too weak, like 14 days

    • SeattleAtHome


    • triggacity_813

      I be with Ben frank so much he startin to look like mw

    • Patrick H


  • LilCarterJ .

    what’s the lil wayne’s shoes ?

  • Exclusive!

    CV tracklist leaked!!!

    Bang ft kanye 2 chainz snippet is out

    1.Back 2 Tha Block
    2.New Era ft. Euro, Flow
    3.Ready ft. Juelz Santana
    4.Grindin ft Drake
    5.FiVe ft. Birdman
    6.Tears Of A Gangster
    7.Rolls Royce
    8.Professor Carter
    9.Interlude #1 ft Los, Chance the Rapper, Cory Gunz, Kendrick Lamar, Wale
    10.Cash Money Bros. (Nino Brown) Ft Birdman
    11.Side Bitch
    13.Ink in My Veins
    14.Tune In skit
    15.Interlude #2 Euro, Big Sean, J Cole, Meek Mill, Tyga
    16.Believe Me ft Drake
    17.A Lesson Learned
    18.Mama Told Me
    19.Highway Robbery ft. Eminem
    20.A Hustlers Woman ft Mannie Fresh
    21.YM Cypher ft. Gudda Gudda, Lil Twist, Euro, Mack Maine, Jae Millz
    22.Kameras…Lights…Ash It
    23.Waynes World
    24.1 7
    25.Undefeated ft Nicki Minaj
    26.Interlude #3 ft. Royce Da 5’9, Nas, N.O.R.E., Ma$e
    27.Bang ft. Kanye West, 2 Chainz

    ITunes Bonus:
    30.One Chance
    31.Red Bottoms and Tats
    32.Krazy (extended version)

    Preorder Special
    33.Rapper Eater ft Swizz Beatz
    34.Genetics ft Drake

    Walmart Bonus
    35.Tina Turn Up ft Christina Millian


      That bang song will never drop 2 chainz verse is already on one of his old songs

    • triggacity_813

      We already got 1 fake tracklist we don’t need another

    • SeattleAtHome

      They Cant Fit that many songs on a 80 minute CD Capacity..
      so the 28 tracks single disc has Got to be a fake..

      But some of the tracks are strikingly similar to mine…hm

    • Runnli carter v

      don’t really belive you either.. but I like this tracklist more than the guy seattleathome.. but I really don’t get why you guys tryin’ to say you have the legit tracklist.. when we all know that is just bullshit..

  • Josh

    Lil Wayne’s Grindin is now on iTunes !!!!!! Buy to support and follow me @CarterVseason

  • Patrick H

    Need some new Wayne music.

    • K D0T

      K Dot got like 3 dope new features out. let that hold you over.

      Flying Lotus ft Kendrick Lamar “Never Catch Me”

      Holy Ghost Remix ft Kendrick

      Autumn Leaves – Chris Brown ft Kendrick.

      That’s,probably more real content in those 3 features than an entire Wayne album

      • e dogg

        you probaly didnt know his album leaked today lol

        • SeattleAtHome

          who is this?? ^^

          • SeattleAtHome

            oh dude its showin my name as yours agian.. ha

        • e dogg

          k dot lol but not really

      • e dogg

        when does kendricks album even come out?

      • Khosta

        when don’t wana listen to K dot, we want new WAYNE music

      • Kidd

        That flying lotus beat messed kendrick up but wayne still the best he just has to prove it

        • FruitFaggotFlock

          Just the fact that wayne doesnt have a flying lotus production is a clear example that he doesnt know what the fuck hes doing

          This nigga always safe with 808 beats that everyone else also uses

          Step out your fucking box for once nigga

          • Kidd

            I am prolly the most diverse hip hop listener on this site wayne is only my secpnd fav rapper i like starlito chance eminem king los slaughterhouse don trip kendrick matter of fact the whole tde and nas in my opinion as far as song making abilities wayne is the best now with the lyrics eminem and nas are the best you cant tell me that gay ass lotus beat is even good enough for nas or em eminem might rap to it but thats because em is so competitive

  • SeattleAtHome


    1) The Anticipation (Skit- Extended “Skit” for Deluxe Edition) :54 – 2:25
    2) D.M.C. 6:31
    3) Waynes’ World 4:30
    4) No Brakes 5:45
    5) Fifth Gear 6:30
    6) Flat Tire ( Interlude ) 1:54
    7) Believe Me ft. Drake 5:37
    8) Ghosts ft. Boo 3:57
    9) Throwback ft. Reel, Mannie Fresh, N.O.R.E. 4:31
    10) Full of Ink 3:49
    11) High as Fuck 4:52
    12) DAMU ft. Drake 4:47
    13) Grindin’ 4:41
    14) Tunechileoncious 4:36
    15) One Finger 6:00

    Itunes bonus tracks :
    -Easy Money ft. YG, Young Thug 5:12
    -Tina Turn Up ft. Euro, Lil Twist 6:30

    Target exclusive bonus tracks :
    -He v.s. Me ft. Drake 5:02
    – Side-Bitch ft. Nicki Minaj 5:46

    **Jeremih – is uncredited for contributions to track #6 (Interlude)

    Deluxe Edition Album added disc:

    1) My Legacy? (Extended Skit) 3:50
    2) Next Man Up 4:03
    3) Weezy on the future.. (Skit) 2:31
    4) Get ’em Next Year 5:32
    5) Unforgettable ft. Drake 5:40
    6) Miss ‘Cita ft. Jacita 4:52
    7) Never Goin’ Back ft. Turk 4:34
    8) Krazy 6:50 (Extended)
    9) 35 Million 6:21

    • K D0T

      No Cole or Dot?

      • SeattleAtHome

        not that iv been informed..

        • K D0T

          Who has informed you? Gudda Gudda ?

          • SeattleAtHome

            I got informed by a friend who may know marely g

            • triggacity_813

              Nothing gonna drop tomorrow & u know it

      • e dogg

        nobody wants k dot

        • SeattleAtHome

          thats not me^^


        • K D0T

          No… One last Wayne/Kendrick colab for C5 would be epic. Theirva,perfect combo.

          • e dogg

            im just messing man but yeah itd be hard buy the world was.. when does his album come out?

            • K D0T

              Either Halloween or anytime between november-december ..

              He described it saying it’s going to be event.

              The goal is to win everybody’s heart & make em understand..

              But he has a battle rap contest coming up in October vs Daylyt .. He destroyed Ab-soul so kendrick taking a shot at him

          • e dogg

            is there even a single or anything for it?

          • Khosta

            nah we don’t want on C5 he is always off topic and ruins every song

            • K D0T

              What an insane and ignorant comment

            • Kidd

              Kendrick stays on topic nigga you the same one that said young thug was dope foh

              • Khosta

                I prefer listening to Young Thug than Kendrick, Listen to 100 favours and Fragile to see what I mean, Kendrick ruins every song he is in

    • Smack maine

      Off course

      A blood related song featuring drake

      That disney nigga becoming more and more gangsta by the day

      • SeattleAtHome

        DAMU will prolly be about dem bloods and red bone bitches lol

  • Wayne

    The drought will be over soon CV!!!


    Ethan mortons a fag

    • bob

      how you know my name lol


        R u the seattleathome dude

        • SeattleAtHome

          no SeattleAtHome is just SeattleAtHome…?

          I Dont Change Names FIreman….


            Ur prolly the exclusive guy to huh

  • edogg


  • Rook

    Anyone else fucking tired of tour uploads

    • Runnli carter v


    • triggacity_813

      Yup I only really wanted to see him perform d’usse

  • triggacity_813

    I knew young thug was thw truth when he said “feeling like Wayne cause I love my mamacita”

  • Khosta

    Flow finally released a video for my favourite song on Withdrawals, Exclusive…

  • ScopeMount

    This tour has become an annoyance!!!!

    • Runnli carter v

      indeed.. but would been the best day in my life if I had a tricket tho..

      • Khosta